Why I like my Lakme Kajal & Mascara…?

Hellow beauties.. this is my first post. M sooooo excited and nervous at the same time. I was so confused that what should me my first post about and then i thought of writing a review post about the product m using currently. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this. In this post i will share my view and experience about  LAKME KAJAL and MASCARA. I m using these products from so long and i m fully satisfied by there results. By far i have tried so many Kajals and let me say that this is the best – LAKME KAJAL. Its smudge proof and stays for so long, its dark and beautiful.The story behind me buying this KAJAL is that one of my friend gifted me this KAJAL on my birthday. I heard about this but never thought of buying one but she got it for me. I was quite confused while buying a kajal for myself. While gifting me this she said “try this out you will love this”. I used this KAJAL everywhere, from my daily college makeup routine to out for a party night with friends. One day i was out for 5-6 hours and i saw it was smudge proof, my eyes were looking gorgeous still and not a single shade was under my eyes. I lost it after few days and i was so upset about it. Then i decided to buy a new one because i was satisfied by its results. I got two for me in case one went out i can still have the other one running. Till this date m using this KAJAL and its really really amazing. I m not a big fan of using Kajal i wear liner more often just because of the dark circles i m having. I m so concerned about them. As this kajal is smudge proof my eyes never look too dark and i  manage to cover up my dark circles. We all are choosy when it comes to makeup and we only use those items which satisfies our expectations and make us look and feel gorgeous about ourselves. LAKME KAJAL and MASCARA is really really affordable any girl can buy it and can get beautiful eyes too. I have used it and i will advice you to use this product too because i said that i will only write review about the products i use so that i can share my opinions with you. I have tried many MASCARAS but they don’t make my eyelashes look fuller and elegant. The brush of mascara is little tilted downwards so it helps you to apply it properly.

54-154-Eyeconic-Kajal--Curling-MascaraMy lashes look dark and more intense when i use this mascara. This mascara make your eye look bigger and you can use this mascara with LAKME KAJAL to beautify your eyes. I m trying these two products from so long and i m really satisfied by their results. M not a big fan of mascaras too but i decided to give it a try finally because i wanted to try a good mascara. I m very choosy when it comes to makeup products and i buy them very cleverly cause i don’t want to harm my eyes and face by using any wrong stuff. Whenever i apply eye makeup i never forget to remove it because it may cause itching in your eyes that leads to redness. As i apply these two products daily i remove them properly with a good makeup remover, you can also use cleansing milk or whatever good for your eyes but do remember to apply an under eye cream before you sleep . I use petroleum jelly under my eyes because my eyes feel good with them. I apply a small amount to keep my eyes the way they are, beautiful. That’s all ladies all i want to say is do try LAKME KAJAL and MASCARA and tell me how it looked on your eyes. You can comment below for any queries i would love to help you all. Share your views with me. Waiting for your replies. See you soon buhbyeess…^_^

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By: Shadab Khan