You Loosing Money by not Using Ripped Jeans

Hallow sweets! My very first post. Excited for it… me too! Confused about how to be stylish all 365 days? I know how to help you be stylish this fall next summer’s and sequenced weathers. Hope yall doing well with your regular jeans but we need a little bit of twists to our clothes right? Why not buy a new pair of rugged jeans or make your own. Few days ago I went shopping and bought a pair of rugged jeans from being human and it really look beautiful with leather shoes. The jeans are so comfortable with an amazing fabric but the store really needs to change their minds with upper wears, I mean like really so boring t-shirts and the fabric would die If I wear them a week or more. As I was in search of rugged jeans and that was only available at being human stores so I bought one but I also watched if I am buying something worth and yes it was.




The second I am wearing is from local stores and is really cute of course because I chose it. By the time you’ll scroll this page down the ruggedness of jeans will grow! 😀 few patches in your jeans will make it look raw and beautify it with any shirt you choose but do remember it should not looks like your denims are hugging your thigh. I would not suggest buying any pair of jeans which is more than 1500 if you are buying it from a local store.




I am excited for this one because whatever you can see in this jeans is all done by me, all you need is a sharp pair of scissors and a plucker to get going. If you want to know how I did mine? Comment below and ill teach in my next post. While tearing your jeans apart don’t forget being comfortable is the most important thing. I have seen people turning their heads to me when I walk by and have seen appreciating.



This one is absolutely beautiful, very clean with knee cuts. Again! Buy one or make you own J the knees will expose while you sit or pose. Unlike your regular denim it will help yall sitting comfortably and go out for a cup of coffee. That’s all for this post I reviewed my experience with you guys please do share your views as well and do try one of these and send me your pictures wearing your own made rugged jeans. Love you all and don’t forget to wear your best smile.


                                                                        (Last Picture Credit : Pinterest)

 I F T E S H A M


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