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My Under Budget Hair Care Routine

Hello everybody.. I m back with a new post. I m writing this post just for you and for all the people out there who have been asking me about my hair. Many of you ask me that how do I take care of my hair? How are they so long and healthy? How they grow fast? Earlier I was not aware of anything but when you asked me so many questions I started paying attention on my hair and each & everything that I was doing just to know how these things are affecting my hair. So here is the answer for all the questions you asked me and m so excited and happy to reply all of them.


Honestly speaking I don’t like my hair and you must be thinking that m joking but this is the only truth; it becomes very difficult for a girl to take a proper care of her hair when they are long. My hair is up to hipline so you can guess how long they are. I personally don’t like them I want them to be a little shorter but my mum is completely against cutting hair. She loves my hair, she adores them so she never allows me to get a haircut but as a love my hair a bit I do visit parlours and get them trimmed after 7-8 months just to avoid split ends and rough hair. Now starting with my hair care routine. I will tell you each and everything from what I eat to how I wash my hair. So let’s get started. Starting with my every day eating routine. I take 3 proper meals. A healthy breakfast which includes a glass of mango juice and 2 egg breads. A fabulous lunch which includes 2 chapattis and a green veggie and a delicious dinner which includes 2 chapattis and anything that my mum cooks. She is an amazing cook. I only eat two chapattis as I have gained a lot of weight so m trying not to eat more than my appetite. If I feel hungry I prefer having fruit or a vegetables salad in the evening.


Lastly I never ever forget my green tea just because I cannot live without it. Every night before sleeping I Love having my favourite cup of green tea that is twining green tea. I personally love their earl gray green flavour. Drinking tones of water is always good for your health and I live by this thing. I drink lots of water every day because it helps providing strength to my hair and make my hair shinier and healthier. Have a proper meal, never skip any of your meal otherwise you will have to pay for it and you will start losing your hair. Last but not the least do take proper sleep. A human need to have a sleep of at least 8 hours. It is essential for us because if we do not get it, it starts reflecting on our health, face and hair. I have gone through this, during ramzan I was not able to get a proper sleep, I could easily see that I was losing my hair and I was not ready to take it. I paid attention on the problem I was going through and I m happy now as I m not losing my hair anymore. Now talking about the hair product that I use.


I wash my hair twice a week. I apply coconut oil because it is so good and it makes hair thick and bouncy. I prefer a hot oil champi because the hot oil open up your pores and it let your hair grow even faster. Before washing them I dip a towel in hot water and wrap it around my hair and wait for 20 minutes. This makes my hair smooth and silky. After doing this I wash my hair using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo. I wash my hair three times as they are so long and one wash does not help my hair to get rid of the dirt. After washing I rinse out excess water and apply TRESemmé conditioner to and leave them for 5 minutes. After that I rinse them with Luke warm water as I told you Luke warm water helps open up the pores. Then I towel dry them and avoid using blow dryer as it damages our hair. When my hair is still a bit wet I apply L’Oreal hair serum to it. I only apply at the ends and ignore the roots as it is the main reason behind the formation of dandruff in our scalp.


I dry my hair using flat comb in front of a table fan, a natural source to dry hair. A secret behind me doing this is that I get straight hair when I dry my hair like this. Hope this will help you get straight hair too. Stay healthy; eat healthy, drink lots of water and you will get beautiful and healthy hair that you have always dream of. I hope my tips would help you get your dream hair because they have helped me get mine.


These products work well on my hair so I m suggesting you all if you don’t feel comfortable while you are using them stop immediately. A product which suits my hair not necessarily may suit yours but there is no problem in giving a try. So work on these tips and tell me how you felt. Were these helpful to you or not? Comment below if you have any query I would love to reply, see you soon buhbyees…^_^

Picture Credit : (middle three) Pinterest

By : Shadab khan


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