10 Wardrobe Essentials : Add to Your Wardrobe Now


hello beautiful… here is a new post for you. I was thinking what should be my next post about, as I was watching some of my favourite YouTube videos from my favourite subscribers I found something for my blog. The video was really helpful so I decided to post it in my blog. This post will surely help many girls out there. It is something which every college going girl should know. it is a must know life hack from the millions that you don’t know. M a shopaholic and there is no confession to make about it because every girl is shopaholic. We love clothes because they give us happiness. in a spoiled mood one thing that we can do with happiness in our eyes and smile on our face is shopping yayee. girls love clothes and accessories I mean we breath clothes. We cannot live without buying clothes every other week. Every time we go shopping if something catch our eyes we want that thing to be right in our wardrobe. People say that clothes have spoiled girls I mean I love hearing this because we are not getting spoiled by a guy or something… Right? Okay now, have you ever thought of what can be wardrobe essentials? Does this question bothers you have it cross your mind ever. If yes then m here to help you. In this post I will tell you what your wardrobe should always have for you. What are college wardrobe essentials? These must have will really help you and will change your life for a good sake. These essentials enhance your wardrobe beauty and help you out when life starts throwing tantrums on you. These essentials help to fulfil your requirements in different situation. Sometimes we buy thing we love but we forget to buy things we need. If we only buy things because of their look and never use them after buying we should start shopping carefully. Before buying what you want think of what you actually need. From a casual college day to an outstanding night party you can wear them anywhere.  So let’s started and add some life to your wardrobe.

1) THE LBD (LITTLE BLACK DRESS): every girl loves black dress. It makes you look sexy and classy at the same time. You look gorgeous in black and a little black dress is perfect for a night party. You have so many options to shop. Now a day’s fashion is taking a big U turn and heading towards the 90’s so you can buy a hot black vintage dress for yourself.


2) WHITE BLOUSE: next wardrobe essential is a plain white blouse. OMG talking about white, is there anybody out there not in love with white. A plain white blouse looks so elegant and beautiful. It is not girly but is loved by every girl. A white blouse goes perfectly with every bottom. It can be a worn with a pair of jeans, shorts and even a skirt. It adds to a perfect work outfit.


3) DARK WASH JEANS: next wardrobe essential is a dark wash jean. Jeans = life. A girl can never ever live without a pair of jeans. More than any other clothing item in your wardrobe you will find tones of jeans because it makes you look casual and dressy. A pair of dark wash jeans is all you need when you are running out of time and cannot decide what to wear.


4) PLAIN WHITE TEE: next wardrobe essential is a plain white tee. A plain white tee is a life saver when you are not able to decide what to wear. It makes you feel so comfortable that you can wear it all day long. If someone asks me what would be that one outfit in which I can spend the rest of my life it would be a white tee and a pair of shorts. It’s your style canvas. Very simple and cute. Can be worn with any bottom.


5) PRINTED SCARF: next wardrobe essential is a printed scarf. I own tonnes of scarf still I feel incomplete if I don’t buy more. Scarves are available in many prints and patterns and they look classy with every outfit. It’s the staple accessory for your wardrobe. You can wear scarf anytime, from summers to winters. They look perfect. I’m addicted to scarves; I wear them with almost every outfit. It adds life to your outfit.


6) NUDE PUMPS: next wardrobe essential are nude pumps. Before buying pair of heels (any color) go get a pair of nude pump, because they go with every outfit. Whether you want go casual or sexy. It perfectly blends with any color and pattern and also adds an instant class to your outfit. Nude pumps help you go girly sometimes when you want to look different.


7) BLACK CLUTCH: next wardrobe essential is a black clutch. You can add it to any outfit. Every girl should own a black clutch as you know they go with every color and outfit. They are available in different patterns and sizes. So you have many options to choose from.


8) CASUAL LEATHER TOTE: next wardrobe essential is a casual leather tote. Totes are so in this season. We love carrying bags whenever we go out. A girl can never live without her bag. Big and useful totes look girly. They help you carry all the essential items that you want in your college tote. It’s a go-to bag. Available in different sizes and patterns.


9) FITTED BLACK BLAZER: next wardrobe essential is a fitted black blazer. Classy and chick. Can be worn at a party or a formal meeting. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or short skirt. They look classy with a dress too. Black goes with every outfit and every color.


10) OVER-SIZED SUNGLASSES: last but not the least a pair of over-sized sunglasses. A must have for every girl’s wardrobe. You carry them to protect your eyes whenever you go out. Buy a pair of sunglasses that has UV protection to fight against any kind of eye problem. Available in different shades to choose from. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but make you look more stylish. Grab your favorite pair of sunglasses now if you don’t own one.


Add these 10 essentials to your wardrobe now to complete it and add style and life to it. For any query comment below I would love to help you. See you soon in next post. buhbyeess…^_^

Picture Credit : Pinterest

By : Shadab Khan


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