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A Complete Beginners Guide to Bubble Bath

Hello sweets! get your own bubble bath this monsoon 🙂
What will you think if I give you a word – monsoon?
Rains, tracking, long drive, tea and pakora?
You know what do I think? – ‘STRESS’ 😦
And to come over that stress I take a hot shower bath but, wait that’s obviously not enough!!
You need something more and that something is a sweet simple D.I.Y 🙂
You have only got to have the following ingredients I am gonna tell all of them and you can make your own bubble bath …..YAY!!! 😛 😛
The next very important thing is to smooth away your dry hands! What I go through in monsoon is my skin renew itself. The upper most skin of my body shed away! (I have no clue why does that happen)
But ya! the things I’m going to mention is essential and helpful as well.

Mix together 120 ml (1/2 cup) of baby shampoo, you can use any shampoo i chose Johnson’s baby cause its easily available in nearby stores .


180 ml (3/4 cup) of water and few pinches of salt. heat water a bit so that the salt  you are mixing can dissolve easily.

stir in few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon or peppermint). i have been using lavender oil and it really works but if you don’t get one use olive oil but i would say to see the best result get a bottle of lavender oil.  ‘lemon’ because it contains citric acid which help to remove tan from our body.




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Smooth Away Dry Hand

  •  I use dove  refreshment nourishment and that thing is very much important to me. It smells hell as good as a new flower! (you can buy in different fragrances, I have 5 of them) keep a hand lotion beside you every time.
  • please give your hands a a bit of importance you wash your hands million times a day so why apply lotion only once? Not fair! apply your lotion morning and evening to keep your skin soft.


  • keep this thing going on, taking warm bath in monsoon is helpful. Your body feels stressed (with continuous rains that too cold) and warm water and a cup of green tea will help ya sustain yourself in this situation. run yourself a warm bath.
  • olive oil! You got to get this thing ASAP (go buy right now) because I don’t know how many times ill olive oil as the most important ingredient. 🙂 Cover hands in olive oil or almond oil take time to rub oil in nails too they will grow stronger.And almond oil I use (bajaj’s almond oil, it works for your hair as well I swear).



  • if you apply oil don’t forget to apply your favorite lotion over it cause it creates a barrier around the oil and let it sink into your skin.
  • go clean your tub its time! Now soak in the bath for 10 minutes, allow your hands to rest in warm water.
  • Come out from bath, gently rub your hands dry,apply few more drops of lotion now your hands will be soft.and you can keep doing this everyday or twice in a week well it will take nearly 15 minutes for each day, so I think u can take this much of time for yourself.

And don’t forget to  wear your best smile 🙂 🙂



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