A Bag Full of Joy : Part 1


Yes I m a shopper and as I perpetually say there’s no confession to create. I went looking for some stuff few weeks ago. I got several things however m diving this into three components this one is makeup haul next are going to be clothes then can be my accessories haul. Thus talking regarding makeup each woman loves makeup. I like sporting makeup too however I don’t like overdoing it. I prefer to travel additional casual then stylish. It’s arduous on behalf of me to search out one thing that appear additional natural. I don’t love sporting makeup that produces artificial look. In my regular life, like my college days I like doing stripped-down makeup. I m not thus keen on makeup however a bit makeup is often sensible and it makes me happy too. I like doing makeup that doesn’t look made-up. I used to be in would like of latest makeup thus I got one thing for myself and I m proud of the things that I got for myself. Of these merchandise area unit below budget and each woman will afford this. Thus be happy to shop for these makeup merchandise. Above is the image of the makeup stuff I got for myself.


I got everything from completely different brands and different places. The packaging was extremely superb. Principally I purchased from 3-4 brands and that they pretty unaccustomed me and that i was excited to undertake them out yayee. Thus ranging from left to right initial is a eye shadow palette from BR. It’s a decent complete and there area unit such a large amount of superb shades within the palette I even have tried a number of the shades and that they were pretty good. They need a little of shimmer in them that sparkles at nighttime however not day time. Thus it’s reasonably my issue. Moving on next I have 6 new lipstick shades and that they are utterly totally different from one another initial one is from Maybelline baby lips assortment it’s in orange shade. I even have never tried orange color in my entire life as I even have whitish complexion and that i wasn’t certain regarding making an attempt this although I got it and it’s pretty sensible on me. Next one is in carrot red shade and its from Maybelline too. Its little dark and intense color and that i love sporting this at nighttime. Next is beige brown from Maybelline once more i love this shade it suits my complexion and that i wear this each different day. Next is nude beige color from Elle18, it’s that butter filling within the center of it that heals your lips. It tastes thus sensible and also the color is ideal for an everyday routine. I used to be attracted by the feel, color, fragrance and style of this lipstick that I wear it daily. It’s thus light-weight that you just don’t even feel that you are wearing this on your lips. It’s all natural.


Future color is somewhat between a pink and purple I don’t understand what to decision this color specifically however the shade is pretty cool although. I got this one from M.A.C and also the packaging is totally different. I even have tried this shade and was happy by it. Last one is in a very nude purple shade I got this one from a Korean web site. I don’t understand that what shade thus this lipstick belong too however it’s light-weight and have wet that avoids your lips kind obtaining dry. Next one is my favorite among all the things it’s the M.A.C foundation it’s the most effective foundation that I have ever ever tried. It’s thus sensible and natural. I like using this foundation daily. Its light-weight and blends along with your skin thus superbly. It’s good for my skin tone. I m enamored with this product. This can be all I even have ever wished in my life. This foundation is value sporting all day. It create your skin glow and a tiny low quantity is all you wish I apply this victimization my Vega blush brush as a result of that brush mix this foundation dead. Next is my favorite makeup from Maybelline.


It’s for dark lashed its a concealer. It thus light-weight and natural that I wear this all the time. There have been many varieties of makeup offered in Maybelline however i made a decision to present this one a attempt to it’s what I expected. It makes your lashed dark and larger this can be what each woman ever needs. Next is that the dad of the complete product, my makeup remover from M.A.C i love this product. I will be able to advocate this to every one among-st reading this post. It’s thus damn sensible. It’s a requirement have of product. Each woman must have it. Solely a tiny low amounts vanishes all of your makeup.


Simply a tiny low quantity. I perpetually wished an honest makeup remover to get rid of my eye makeup and this one is my angel. Simply some swipes and your makeup is all gone like that. This can be my all time favorite product. Next is concealer kind Maybelline it’s sensible however it’s lighter then my skin tone thus i exploit this with another concealer. Its little dry i’d advocate you to wear this throughout summers however not winters. Then comes B.B cream from architect Garnier. It’s thus good for my skin and that i won’t lie however i wear this B.B Cream daily like each single day. It’s thus sleek and blends dead with my skin. Next is concealer from M.A.C is thus creamy and sleek i exploit this with Maybelline concealer to supply an ideal color. I apply this below my eyes and on all the dark spots as a result of I even have dark circles and it helps me lighten them. Next is mineral primarily based face powder from Elle18. It’s what my skin desires light-weight and natural and ideal for my color.


I wear this on top of my makeup to present one last bit. Next is my three in one blusher from M.A.C. it’s from Lady Gaga edition. All the three shades area unit totally different from one another. First is orange , second is baby pink and third one light-weight red with tint of pink in it. All of these colors are light-weight and gorgeous and cause you to desire a doll. Talking regarding my next product I cannot live without it. My eye liner is from elle18. This product is  the best among-st my favorite eyeliners. I m among-st those ladies who wear makeup daily. It’s going to be potential that i will be able to not wear kajal on some days however I never skip my liner. It’s a region of me currently. I wear it daily like all over. Che comb isn’t too short and not too long. The color is thick and  waterproof. It stays all day long.




Next are my three new favorite nail colours from LEA it’s a replacement and on behalf of me however the nail colours are superb. I got three dark color on behalf of me as a result of they suit my skin colour. I got this from a Korean web site and that i m happy by the results. The formula is incredibly easy three coats and you’re able to go. One shade is in dark purple a pair of shades is dark brown and third shades is blood red. The day I got these I wore them future day as a result of i used to be excited to undertake them out. I virtually forgot to say these. I got new makeup brushes from Vega. Its a neighborhood whole however its wonderful if you’re mistreatment brushes for the primary time you should try these. They’re soft and offers perfection throughout makeup. I got an additional brush for applying B.B cream and foundations. Next i got this cute yellow pouch for keeping my makeup goodies. I additionally got this very cute little tweezers in flower print for tweezing my eyebrows. These are wonderful and works dead on my eyebrows. I also got these 3 pencils 2 of them are eyebrow pencils and one is lip pencil. I got them from a Korean website. These are from Me Now and ADS. The one i got from Me Now has a little brush on its cap which is perfect for giving shape to your eyebrow while coloring it. The are matte, dark and intense in color. I like using them on my eyebrows and lips. This can be today’s post. If you would like me to write a review regarding any of the top products let me know and if you’ve got any question concerning any product be happy to raise. Your comments and tips are perpetually welcome. See you all later buhbyee…..^_^

By : Shady


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