Morning Breakfast : Egg Breads

2014-07-27 13.07.20

Hellow ladies.. I even have not announce on food thus i made a decision to post regarding it. I needed to post regarding my morning breakfast routine and at last m posting regarding it. I accustomed have egg breads (pancakes) as my morning breakfast. However it took time and that i needed to create one thing that is fast and simple at identical time. I switched towards egg breads. It’s so simple and fast. I m a college going woman and needed a breakfast that doesn’t take abundant time. Once I come to life within the morning i brush my teeth and walk towards my room to arrange my breakfast. Earlier my mum accustomed prepare it on behalf of me however currently i have a go at it unaccompanied. I’ll tell you the formula of egg breads.

2014-07-27 13.07.04


1) 1 egg

2) 4 tablespoon of milk

3) 2 teaspoon of sugar

4) Regular bread or Brown bread

2014-07-27 13.06.24

Yes that is all you wish. One egg can assist you prepare four tiny breads. Thus you’ll be able to take quite one egg if you wish to eat quite four breads. Take a giant bowl and place the egg in it. Currently add four tablespoon of milk there and a couple teaspoon of sugar. Stir it well. Currently place the bread within the mixture ( one at a time) take it out and place it on the pan. Pour few drops of oil and cook it on each side. After you see it flip brownness take it and place on the plate. Its ready to eat. You’ll be able to serve it with a glass of contemporary juice or a glass of milk. Its your selection. I like juice. I eat this daily within the morning. It’s healthy  and wealthy in macro-molecule at an equivalent time. Consumption of an egg daily keeps you match and healthy. It’s been my favorite breakfast from farewell that I even have not modified it. It’s conjointly helped me increase my weight. After I feel hungry within the evening i eat egg breads once more however this time with milk. Thus do that it’ll assist you too. If you’ve got any doubt or question comment me. I’ll for certain assist you. See you before long buhbyees…^_^


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