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Wanna Color Your Hair…?

hellow sweets! i have something special for yall in this post and its all about your hair and hair dye!! yay!! your hair is very special to you right? so why not add some glitters to ém and feel like a princess! i got some really good hair colors for you are a hair brand that can give you wow results. keeping your hair color and hair length in mind i got few pictures that can help ya dye your hair easily and the most important thing is your haircut according to your face. get a perfect haircut that suits your face because every face type demands different hair cut and most of you just can’t understand what type of face you have and what haircut you need. many of you are putting henna in your hair to just hide your whites or to get a red-Burgundian hair color which is not good and is harmful as well. keeping everything in mind i decided to address few hair color which can coordinate with your black hair.


we Indians are most of the time not allowed to color our hair grey, blue, green and yellow so i decided to give you the kind of color you can explore with and no one would look at your hair like they are on fire :p  the first picture you see will really work if you are having long hair and if you have a thick  side bang. it will go good with your face and make it look fairer.


next one is my favorite hair color which looks so gorgeous. Their are many hair color brand which you can try for this hair color i will suggest you Perfect10, L’Oreal, Berina. As i said earlier your haircut is the first and the most important thing to choose the most suitable hair color. this haircut above is of two steps and it goes well with fat curls so that the strands you paint peak out when you curl your hair. this shade gives you cream effect and makes it looks different from other shades.


OK! so lets come to this 3rd hair color which is easily seen on every fifth girl but you can still look different with OMBRE and now you’ll ask how? the answer is your ‘haircut’again. this haircut above is really coordinating with the hair color, a lot amount of hair is dyed from the ends and fading in the beginning. many of us try experimenting with hair dye but there is only mistake we do every time and that is dyeing/ highlighting  our hair from our scalp to tips and that looks really odd. AVOID dyeing thick strands from scalp to ends.







Try one of these and tell me how did it go. Make your hair look sexy with colorful ends and make yourself feel special. And don’t forget to wear your best SMILE 🙂



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