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Pamper Your Feet This Weekend

Hellow girls… wish to spoil your feet. I actually have one thing for you. Recently i scanned a post on Sunday Times (Times of India) and as I always say that I really like to share if i strive or get one thing unaccustomed share. I wanted to discuss about this in my post from sooo long and m here with it. That piece of article was wonderful thus i decided to share it with you. I hope you’ll get pleasure from reading this as m excited to post concerning it. It surely is something new. So this weekend relax sit at home, pamper your feet and feel like a queen. This season you can try many new methods of pampering your feet. These are some of the unique procedures that can help you relax those tired feet. I mean who don’t want beautiful and gorgeous feet. There are total 3 procedures and you can follow any one of your choice.
ICE CREAM PEDICURE : Who can resist a delicious scoop of ice cream. You cannot live without ice creams in summer and the good news is that ice creams are good for your feet too. Yes m talking about ice cream pedicure. You can choose your favorite flavor for doing pedicure. Some of the widely used flavors that are good for pedicures are chocolate, pomegranate, honey and strawberry. You have to use a scoop of ice cream which actually looks like a ball. it is a unique blend of oils, minerals and fragrances. All you have to do is pour some scoop of ice creams in your water tubs it dissolves and hydrates and moisturizes your skin. This pedicure can be tried very easily.
GROUND COFFEE PEDICURE : Next is ground coffee pedicure. Each one of us like coffee. Coffee addicts are in for a pleasant surprise. All you have to do is pour few spoons of grounded coffee in your bath tub make sure that you take freshly grounded coffee. The caffeine present in the coffee bean act as a natural toner for your skin and the ground beans act as defoliators. By this you not only get a flawless and smooth skin but this entire process stimulates the blood circulation of your body and awakens your whole body. This start from your feet, the aroma of coffee will give you a kick and you will feel fresh all day.
CANDLE PEDICURE : Last but not the least is candle pedicure. In this pedicure you can use premium massage candles that are especially designed for massaging your body. There is one more kind of candle available in market and that is scrub candles that are designed for massaging your feet. These candles contains blend of jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E and other essential oils that detoxify and rejuvenate the feet. All you have to do is take this candle and light it up and allow it to melt the wax that comes from these candle is poured on your cleansed skin just for a warm and sensual skin treatment. These 3 pedicures are so famous this summer and you can try them in your weekend and I m sure you will enjoy this. Try them out and tell me how you felt. Waiting for your replies. See you soon. buhhbyeeessss….
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By : Shady

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