Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses


Hellow lovely women… I m so sorry, I know m posting after a long time but i couldn’t help it, was busy in my office work, as my back now  believe me today’s post is very interesting, today’s blog is all regarding makeup tips but wait its for those ladies who wear specs a bit like me. Each lady desires to appear lovely however I actually have seen that few with glasses avoid doing makeup i don’t understand for what reason they are doing so. M a girl with glasses however i favor makeup and  i wear makeup even after I have my glasses on.

I do know the ladies with glasses generally feel that they do not ought to wear any makeup as they feel they appear sensible without it. Many ladies with glasses skip their makeup and also the reason is that they wear glasses. Rather than concealing yourself behind your glasses you ought to highlight yourself with a number of the simple tips that i will be able to providing you with. One issue that I even have detected is that they suppose if they’re not showing there eyes why ought to carry any makeup. Thus for all those lovely ladies with glasses m aiming to reveal some terribly simple makeup tips which will assist you look sensible.

I have specs too and my mum is frightened of lenses thus she do not permit me to wear lens. I got a decent pair of  black frames as i m office going lady and they look good on me. I continually wear makeup whenever I’m going out even if m carrying my glasses. I never skip it. I didn’t wished my glasses to possess a nasty impact on me.

I do makeup that basically looks sensible on me however i also wear minimal makeup whenever I’m going to my college i solely apply liner and a few concealer on my face. I wear  glasses 24/7 as a result of which i cannot see anything clearly without them. I wear them at my college, my tution, my office and even once I go out somewhere so it’s terribly necessary on behalf of me to appear sensible. I never do over makeup once I head to my college or tution i apply concealer to cover my blemishes and easy makeup and m able to go out.


WELL TRIM EYEBROWS : if you wear glasses your eyebrows become additional noticeable however it’s conjointly possible that generally your frame may cover your eyebrows. Thus select a frame that your eyebrows do not hide because they’re your real beauty.

Some glasses covers our eyebrows whereas some frame them superbly. Thus select showing wisdom. You would like to keep your eyebrows well-groomed forever. You can adopt any methodology like waxing or threading and you can even use tweezers.

Ensure they appear nicely cut and superbly formed. Your eyebrows speak a lot concerning you. If you have got any spot in your brow fill them in using eyebrow pencil however do not darken or outline them too dramatically because that will look awkward.

COMPLEMENT YOUR MAKEUP along with your FRAME : if your glass frame has warm undertone shade you can use warm undertone lipstick and eye shadow. This can complement your frame. Select a makeup that looks consistent with your frame.

The color of your eye shadow ought to match the color of your frame and your eyes too. If your frame is thick, bold and dark draw a thick line on your eyelids and use neutral eye shadow like beige and brown color. If your frame is rimless and pale then apply dark eye shadow and for ladies like me who wear black frame will wear eye shadow in shade of fuchsia.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR POUT : you can use additional refined lipstick shades and gloss for frames that are colorful and extremely distinct. If your frame is additional classic and unpretentious you can use bolder lipstick shades. If your glasses are slightly tinted  then you can use brighter shades so your lips do not look too pale in caparison to your face.

FOR THE LASHES AND LIDS : to create your eyes look larger and brighter you can curl them using eyebrow curler. To outline your eyes together with your eyeliner draw a thin line near the highest lash line it’ll look lovely.

If you like natural shade select colors like bronze, brown and gray rather then black. Currently for makeup girls are selecting the one with a small brush or non clumping formula so you don’t get clumps while applying it. This is often best for ladies with glasses.

USE LIQUID CONCEALER : you cannot apply too much cream base concealer below your eye it will make your face look cakey since it’s magnified below the glasses. Always apply liquid foundation below your eyes this can sit well on your complexion.

While you’re applying your makeup take your glasses on and off again and again so you’ll be able to make any changes according to your glasses and check the result. If you’re not happy by your makeup you can make any change before heading out.

Apply makeup that stays for long time even though you resolve your frame many time. Opt for frame according to the shape of your face and also the size of your eyes. If your face is sleek you can opt for oval framed glasses and if you have form face with medium to huge eyes opt for cat eye glasses.

So for all the attractive women with glasses persist and revel in your life with makeup. Be assured and be lovely, for any question comment me. See you soon buhbyeess…^_^


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