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Grow Taller Naturally After 18


Hello, people its been a very very long time since I have posted. I was busy with my work , sister’s marriage, and other stuff but now m free and ready to work on my blog again. Few things took me away from my blog but no negativity now, m back with some amazing posts. Hope you all will enjoy reading them.
I have been working on some tips and tricks to increase my height as I m short but this thing does not bother me, I just wanted to give it a try being short is kind of cute and I love my height. I went through some blogs and youtube videos and I found these amazing tips to increase height naturally. Everybody knows I love sharing my views about things that I try and how they turned out for me. I have been working on these tips from a long time and now I decided to write about it because I can really feel the difference and I thought it’s the right time to share it with you.
let’s get started now…

First thing first be happy with your height, different people have different heights, being short is not an issue as it has perks of its own but you need to stay positive that you can increase your height if you want .. never ever give up. It will take little effort and time but you will get the results.


Your height depends 75% on genetics and 25% on other factors so there is still a chance to grow.
Things To Avoid
Stop smoking : it destroys your cellular structure
Stop drinking alcohol : it damages your liver
Stop doing weights in gym : it confuses your body and disturbs your cellular structure
Stop stressing : when you take stress your body produces bad hormones so stress less and smile more.

Things To Do
Exercise : Hanging
Verticle Hanging
Yoga : Surya namaskar






Tree pose

Dog and Cat pose










Foods : Eggs
Pumpkin seeds
Green beans
Milk (2 cups a day)
Stand straight with your back against the wall for 20 minutes every day.

Tips to keep in mind
Proper sleep (8-9 hours sleep is necessary)
Strong immune system
Regular exercise and sports
Maintain the correct posture
Balanced diet
Eat at right times
Eat fruits like apple and banana
Take milk and other dairy products
Exposure to sunlight
Drink lots of water

Pressure Points
Between eyebrows : Use your thumb to press firmly 9 times clockwise and anticlockwise between your eyebrows.
The point on top of your head : Find the pressure points on the top of your head by going up straight to the top from your ear and press firmly 9 times clockwise and anticlockwise.
Above your ear : place 3 fingers right above your ear. The pressure point is where your index finger is. Use your index or middle finger and press firmly 9 times clockwise and anticlockwise.
Back of your head : find the hollow part between the back of your head and neck and press firmly 9 times clockwise and anticlockwise.

Believe me, I have tried all the above-mentioned tips and they have helped me so far and I can feel the difference already. I know it will take a little more efforts and time as I have been trying these from past 5-6 months but I m ready to give all my efforts. Feel free to comment below I will be happy to help. Will be back with an amazing post. XOXO

Picture Credits : Pinterest


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