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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Summer

This summer season is really getting on my nerves. It’s way too hot then one could ever imagine. I used to have a cup of hot or cold coffee in the morning but as I started my workout and yoga routine, I don’t think having caffeine on a regular basis is a good habit so I decided to switch towards more healthy morning breakfast. Having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning is never ever enough, it does not provide your body with any kind of nutrition or health benefits. Try having something healthy like fruits in the morning to stay happy and healthy.


I have changed my breakfast habit completely and today I decided to share with you guys what I love to have for breakfast. It’s easy and you will only need minutes to prepare it.

let’s get started…

1. Fruit Smoothie


I love having this fruit smoothie in the morning. It’s so refreshing and healthy as well. Having fresh fruits in the morning is the best way to start your day, you can eat them or have them as a smoothie or fruit juice.

Recipe : 1 cup orange juice, I cup watermelon, 1 banana, 1 cup yogurt.

Add all these things into a mixer and there is your fruit smoothie ready in a minute. I don’t add any sweetener I like it the way it is. If you want you can add anything you wants. Adding more fruits will be a good option but that’s totally your choice.


2. Banana Pancake

I love having pancakes in the morning but I cannot waste my entire morning to get that perfect pancakes. I want something in my tummy as soon as I wake up so here is my kind of easy and tasty pancake recipe. I have this bloating issue so I like to have anything which is healthy. Starting my day with a wheat flour pancakes in the morning is not a good option for me.

Recipe : 1 banana, 1 egg, a teaspoon milk and a pinch of baking powder

Add all these things to a bowl. Smash the banana and mix everything so that you can get a thick paste. Now take a non-stick pan and pour a small amount of mixture on it. When you see the bubble popping out flip the pancake. Quick and easy pancakes for the morning is all you need.



3. Healthy Habit

I named this breakfast as a healthy habit because everything is healthy about it. You don’t need anything special for this, a cup of green tea (your choice) and a bowl full of healthy fruits and you are ready to go. Having green tea alone in the morning is not a good option but having a big bowl filled with fruits is a perfect option. I like having this breakfast on a weekend.



Eat healthily and stay healthy because when you have healthy inside you get healthy outside and these recipes have helped me so well so far. I try these alternately. Give a try and let me know. Will be back with a new post soon..XOXO

Picture Credits : Pinterest


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