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My Under-Budget Skin Care Routine

I have been following a skin care routine for a long time and it has really helped me to keep my skin healthy and nourished. it doesn’t matter what skin type you have oily, dry, combination whatever, having a perfect skincare routine is a must. my skin care routine is under budget and affordable too. I don’t believe in buying fancy products that don’t even work on your skin. so try to go for brands you are comfortable with suit yourself, ladies.


my skin care routine is a bit different, 1 week I like to try these branded skin care products and on the other I like to go all herbal. I give my skin 1 week time so that I can see if the products are really working for my skin or not.
There are 3 basic steps in a normal skin care routine :
1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Moisturizing
But I have added some steps which I like to follow in my skin care routine, they are counted amongst Asian beauty secrets tips to get a healthy and glowy skin.

My skin care routine includes:

1. Cleansing


2. Exfoliating



The products that I will mention in this post have been tried by me, earlier I was not at all a skin care routine person, but now I don’t skip my routine a single day because we need to follow this routine in order to keep our skin clean and fresh. These products were soo good for my skin that I decided to share it with you all. they are underbudgeted and works soo well.

Cleansing : you can use any kind oil  which is right for your skin to remove all your makeup at once, I personally like to use coconut oil the day when I decide to go all herbal because it works amazingly on my skin But on the other days I prefer Nivea cleansing milk. It has that milky lotion texture which helps remove everything. Put few drops of this creamy substance on your finger and massage in circular motion for 3-4 minutes. massaging your face with cleanser helps you remove all the makeup and dirt. don’t use water lets the milky substance work on eon your skin. if you have dry skin use foam cleanser and if you have oily skin use milk cleanser.

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Icing : after cleansing wash your face with water. now take an ice cube and apply on your face in an upward direction. It helps reduce the puffiness, large pores, and Smoothens your skin. if you have sensitive skin the wrap it in a cloth and then move in circular motion. this way you can enjoy a nice facial.


Toning : once you apply ice on your face leave it for 5 minutes and then take a cotton pad and pour few drops of toner on it. I use body shop toner and it is amazing. I love body shop products they work so well o your skin. cleaning your face with toner helps remove any leftover of makeup. it actually detoxifies your skin


Exfoliate : exfoliating your face is really really important. I exfoliate my skin twice a week to keep it fresh. the layer of our skin becomes dead as it’s important for us to remove that dead skin. I exfoliate using Nivea face scrub. its can be used in 5 ways so I love this product. This scrub can be used as the face wash, face scrub and face pack but I love using this as the face scrub. it has that skin whitening properly which helps to make your skin fairer. Nivea products are worth buying.


Tea Bag : take a freshly  used tea bag and apply under your eyes and your breakout areas. it really helps you calm down the stress and irritation.


Moisturizing : last and the most important step is to moisturize and protect your face. I use dove skin cream to moisturize my face. its light and fresh and affordable too. If you are suffering from those aging properties don’t forget to apply under eye cream. well, i don’t use any under eye cream so can’t recommend one.


that’s all for my skin care routine and dont forget  it dosent matter what brand you use to make sure they work well on your face. skin care routine is a must for men and women so stop avoiding it and keep your skin healthy. once you will start following this routine you will gradually see the difference. Have a happy routine. Will be back with a new post..XOXO

Picture Credits : Pinterest


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