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How I Became a Morning Person

Writing this post took me a little long because I was working on this morning person thing from last 5-6 months. It was very hard for me to get into a morning routine because me being a lazy and night person trying out these things was next to an impossible mission but when you finally stop thinking about something and start doing, things happens. I was so confident that I will be a morning person as soon as 2016 starts but again there I was lazy and lying around in my room like anything, no inspiration, no aim, no goal nothing in life and at blink of an eye, June came and I started realizing that I have wasted half of year doing nothing.


I used to wake up late and do nothing and this continued for a pretty long time but one day I finally decided to stop this shit.  I research a lot on how to be a morning person and my inspiration was Kalyn Nicolson. I also watched many other you-tubers and bloggers but she being an incredible girl inspired me the most. I saw her videos on you-tube and started doing things which could actually help me become a morning person. I saw these videos for getting some positivity and inspiration. It may sound very easy but becoming a morning person takes extra efforts you can ever imagine. Watching videos and reading blogs is never enough though, you have to start following them ASAP. Being a morning person has advantages of its own and I got sick of laying around and being lazy, i wanted to enjoy its perks too.


  1. Morning person is usually proactive, optimistic, do more things than others in a day. They feel happy, healthy & positive entire day. Below are some tips that helped me become a morning person and they truly work.
    1. Change your alarm to something fun and energizing, your favorite song can help it will boost you up in the morning. You can change your alarm time to time if you want and don’t forget to turn off snooze.
  2.  Keep your alarm away from your bed, place it at a different corner of your room. It forces you to get up. Drink a glass of lemon water as soon as you wake up. I like having a glass of cold water.
  3. Make your bed, it will stop you from crawling back into it and sleep. (this works the best)
  4. Get some daylight and fresh air as soon as you wake up. Open up all the windows of your room. I like sitting in the garden for few minutes.
  5. Have a cup of coffee or green tea with something to read like a novel or a newspaper. (My favorite is Twining earl grey-green tea)
  6. Meditating, yoga, stretching and workout boost up your body for the entire day. I like to meditate for few minutes, it gives me peace which I need in the morning and continues with my workout routine for 30 minutes.57e1f3cdffa71e33a83e0ec12263f35e
  7. Never ever skip your breakfast, I never do that, I like to have fresh fruit juice with banana pancakes. If you wanna know what I like to have in my breakfast go check out my post on “Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Summer”.
  8. Plan out your day a night before, like things you will do. Planning your entire day in advance saves your time and effort.
  9. Set a routine which includes every step that you are gonna follow throughout the day, it will help to be more productive.
  10.  Wake up in the morning, get ready and reward yourself, have a cup of coffee, go out for a movie with friends or enjoy your day out shopping.
  11. Get into a night routine ASAP and complete all your work at a time. Your body will slowly get tired by that time forcing you to sleep.
  12. Try sleeping at decent hours like 11-11:30. Switch off all the lights it will help you fall asleep faster.
  13. Take a bath before you sleep. It’s totally optional but I like bathing with lukewarm water at night.
  14. If you are not feeling sleepy at all, read your favorite novel or have a cup of green tea.
  15. Try walking up 15 minutes early then your usual time, like I started with waking up at 9 then 8:30, 8 and so on. It will help your body to get used to that change and you will finally be able to wake up at the time you wanted.


It feels amazing when you wake up in the morning to witness that beautiful sky, chirping of birds and feel that cold breeze. Not many people are so lucky in this world so try to be one of those who really are. Will be back with a new post. XOXO

Picture Credits : Pinterest


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