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50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

This post is going to be very short as I will share few healthy habits that (I follow in my daily life) every girl should have. Recently I read this amazing article on Pinterest and I loved it so much that I decided to share it with you all (I have also added few of mine habits). Everybody wants to live a healthy lifestyle but for that we need to add few simple and small things into our routine.

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When I read this article I was amazed to see that out of 50 only a few habits were out off my list and I was happy to see that I m following rest all to stay happy and healthy. Every girl entering her 20’s should read this article definitely if she wants a happy today and a healthy tomorrow.


  1. Start fresh every single day.
  2. Become a morning person.
  3. Never skip your breakfast.
  4. Check your Credits Card statements,bank accounts & pay stubs regularly.
  5. Adopt 3M’s Meatless Monday Mentality.
  6. Put down your phone when you are out with friends/people.
  7. Try 2/30 rule : 2 hours T.V & 30 minutes of a workout.
  8. Understand that exercise is not a big time commitment.
  9. Cut back on evil sugar.
  10. Drink warm water with lemon every morning.
  11. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach.
  12. Practice safe sex.
  13. Start biking
  14. Keep healthy snack at home and at work.
  15. Stop beating yourself up.
  16. Don’t do drugs, it’s harmful.
  17. Stop smoking.
  18. Take care of your clothing style.aa976216bda8d7c867db0d9ecffd8eb0
  19. Eat whole foods as much as possible.
  20. Get into a skin care routine ASAP.
  21. Don’t skip your yearly gyno appointment.
  22. Don’t snack if you are not hungry.
  23. Use SPF and wear a hat in the sun.
  24. Don’t rely on sleeping pills if you can’t sleep.
  25. Drink at least 8 ounces of fluids/water a day.
  26. Get into a routine of 1-hour workout or reading
  27. Make your home a place where you love to be.
  28. Don’t buy things you know you will wear only once.
  29. Use youtube for free exercise tutorials.
  30. Google “How to make your own cleaning supplies.
  31. Drop loose change onto the same jar daily.
  32. Stand up for you self.bad302103de7c623d88ab811406573c5
  33. Take medication seriously.
  34. Listen to your body.
  35. Don’t skimp on sleep.
  36. Do mental health checks.
  37. Read labels on everything from food to makeup.
  38. Prioritize stress management.
  39. Drink 3 cups of green tea every day.
  40. Optimize your fertility, if you plan on kids.
  41. Always wear a seat belt, even when you are in a taxi.
  42. Wash your hands often.
  43. Floss after every brushing.
  44. Sneeze into your arms, not palm.
  45. For every 20 minutes on a computer, look away for 20 seconds.
  46. Count 1-10 when you’re angry.
  47. Never let google diagnose you.
  48. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before bed.
  49. Take minimum 8 hours sleep.
  50. Start writing in a journal (your feelings).


Follow these gorgeous habits to stay healthy. If you reading this article today follow them now because we know its never too late. Will be back with a new post. XOXO

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