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Life Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

This life hack videos and posts are blowing away everybody’s mind and they have kind of started loving it. So I decided why not test this life hacks to see if they really are a Hack or just Wack.?? For me, working on this post was super fun, I tried new things and was amazed to see the results. Everybody loves these life hacks because they have made our life so much easier, they work as a miracle. When we are working and something goes wrong we all pray for a miracle to happen and suddenly that miracle steps in and says “Here I am a life Hack to save you out of that hell”.

I noted down tons of life hacks and tested every single one of them to see the results. Life hacks do serve as lifesavers if they work properly when we want to get things quickly done. I’m gonna mention the life hacks that do and don’t work because I wanted you guys to know that some of them are a total disaster and you should never ever try them. I will be mentioning only few life hacks in this post as I will be sharing rest of the hacks in other posts.
let’s get started…

Banana Peel : Hack


Rub the banana peel over your teeth, leave it for few minutes then brush off with a toothbrush. Try this for a month or two to get white teeth.

Lemon : Hack


Rub used or fresh lemon on nails to get rid of that yellowness.

Baby Powder : Hack


Apply a handful of baby powder to your underarms and get rid of that sweaty underarms.

Visiting Card : Hack


Works best when you wanna get that perfect winged eyeliner. You can just put it close to your eyelid while applying your liner or you can cut a triangle shape to work as a stencil for your eyeliner.

Watery eyes : Wack


This was complete wack. When you get that watery eyes while applying eye makeup stare right and left for few minutes. This was a total shit, my eyes became more watery.

Dry Eyeliner or Mascara : Wack

This was a horrible hack. I saw it on youtube. If your eyeliner gets dry just give it the warmth of your body. Your body temperature will help it melt down. This doesn’t work for me instead I poured few drops of eye drops   into it and viola I got a brand new eyeliner.

Mascara on Eyes : Hack


While applying mascara if you accidentally drop it on your eyeshadow don’t hesitate, let it dry for few minutes and flick the dry eyeliner off with the same brush you were using to apply eyeshadow.

Black Eyeshadow : Hack


If your roots or scalp shows while your hair is up, take your black eyeshadow and apply it with your makeup brush on the areas where your roots or scalp is showing.

Big Red Pimple : Hack


If you have that big event next day and you get that horrible big pimple. Apply ice cube on it. This is a life saver.

Listening to Your Favorite Song : Wack

Listening to your favorite song before bed does not help you sleep. I have tried this and it did not work at all instead drink a glass of milk. It contains lactic acid which helps you sleep.

So these were some of the life hacks which I tested some of them worked and some were a big failure. I will share more life hacks with you in another post. Hope my opinion on these life hacks help you. Try yourself and let me know if you have and suggestions or life hacks to share. Will be back with a new post. XOXO

Picture Credits : Pinterest


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