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60 Amazing Tips That Will Change Your Life..!

I was going through Pinterest, again and the title “Tips to change a girl’s life” attracted me the most and I thought let’s just read it. You I love reading and sharing new things on my blog, things that inspire me and change my life and help me become more productive. I went through many amazing articles there that contained some very productive and useful tips which I could actually relate to things I do and follow in my real life. While reading all those posts I also came to know about some amazing tips which I was not aware of. Those post really inspired me to write about it. I just want to share all those tips to make a girls life easier. This post will be my version of girly tips, it will contain some of the new tips plus the one I m following already. So without wasting any more time lets just get started. Do follow these 60 amazing tips that will change your life for sure.


  1. Download a To-do List app on your phone. It will help you remember things easily.
  2. Drink 3 cups of green tea every day, I bet your life will change.
  3. Make your own coffee or tea instead of buying(Rich woman Secret).
  4. Follow capsule wardrobe method. Believe me, you will utilize every single thing lying in your wardrobe.
  5. Have at least 6 Chapsticks/Lipbalms as a backup.
  6. Visit stores on sale as soon as it starts. You will be able to pick fresh and trendy.
  7. Never go for a “Cheap Denim” buy cheap sunglasses instead.
  8. Never ever ever go after boys.
  9. Use a hair dryer to iron clothes when you’re in a hurry.
  10. Wear sleepers while traveling or any time moment of time you get to wear it.
  11. Spend the extra money on your makeup it’s worth it.
  12. Avoid drinking using a straw, if you wanna stay away from those wrinkles.
  13. Buy a pair of sneakers that are cute and effective as well.
  14. Going bed with your makeup on. It’s like the worst nightmare a girl could ever have.
  15. Make you own makeup wipes instead of buying as they work the best.
  16. Get into a habit of cleaning your bag every night.
  17. Carry headphones all the time. They are a true life saver when you about get bored.
  18. Trust your best friend over your boyfriend because your girlfriend loves you more.
  19. Buy a really nice strapless or sticky bra. You won’t believe how everything looks soo much better without that old straps.
  20. Wash your face 2-3 times a day.
  21. Paint your toenails often.
  22. Never skip your breakfast. It’s strictly unhealthy.
  23. Make an amazing playlist for your walk or running routine.
  24. Get a super cute and awesome coffee mug because a coffee mug is a girl 2 boyfriends.
  25. Never cross your leg for too long while sitting. 8cb3a9627de9218c06e946fee18bd299
  26. Realize that you can pull off that devil red lipstick very well, so rock it girl.
  27. Go out for a date with your boyfriend or husband. You will feel that teen charm again.
  28. Never try sleeping pills, stress relief pills or dieting pills ever. Just stay positive and healthy.
  29. Call you mom when you need any help.
  30. Prepare a meal for yourself whenever possible.
  31. Forget brand, nobody cares and you will have three times of your older wardrobe to pick from.
  32. Make sure to have at least one friend who loves your favorite T.V show and snack.
  33. Buy this amazing invention called “Boob Tape”. It will save you from those thousands of candid photos of you pulling up your dress on the dance floor.
  34. Apply a white coat underneath every nail color. Your nails will look much more vibrant.
  35. Never spend too much money crying over a boy.
  36. Always try clothing before buying them.
  37. Drink as much water as you can. cc0a7ac9ced541984a76254df647d3d7
  38. Apply a combination of 2 foundations. One will never match your original skin tone because your skin is a unique girl.
  39. Maintain a To-Do List diary, a write in it every single day. It will help you stay organized.
  40. Try and stay a little organized.
  41. Get a microweable heat pad for your cramps and back.
  42. Stock your desk, bags and car with a hand sanitizer.
  43. Always carry band-Aids in your bag. You know heels are beautiful little monsters.
  44. Use hand lotion.
  45. Light butter popcorn is actually a good choice.
  46. Exercise daily or when you’re stressed out. I would say get into a workout routine ASAP.
  47. Buy as many under wears as you can. It will never be enough girl.
  48. Find a perfect moisturizer.
  49. Accessories are a life changer. Buy and flaunt yourself.
  50. Take bubble bath whenever you feel like pampering yourself. e540641e93343f1e8ded1cc3555f67da
  51. Have healthy chocolate bars like granola on hand all the time.
  52. Read and write as much as you can. Never forget but things that interest you.
  53. Explore your hobbies.
  54. Look natural and smile with your perfect teeth in photos.
  55. Visit doctor or dentist often if you love your body truly.
  56. Get a beautiful 8 hours sleep.
  57. Make chocolate chip pancakes whenever possible.
  58. Never skip moisturizing your body as soon as you bath.
  59. Do yoga daily even if its for 5 minutes.
  60. Try to go healthy 3-4 days a week.(eat more fruits and veggies)

Thats all ladies. I hope these amazing tips will help you stay more healthy and organized. Will be back with a exciting post.XOXO


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