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Pre And Post Workout Food Ideas

As soon as I started my workout routine the only thing I was worried about was WHAT WOULD I EAT??? because I wanted to have a healthy diet. Getting into a workout and still consuming all oily and unhealthy food was not a good idea to me and this was the first most thing which was bothering me.
M a kind of person who likes eating all things healthy. I don’t eat outside , if I go out with friends or family I avoid eating outside. I get back home and prepare myself a meal. I don’t know m like this only.
As I have started following my workout routine my heart I quite every kind of junk food I used to eat earlier. M not a big fan of chips, cold drinks, chocolate, and ice creams so it was kind of easy for me. I m very moodily when it comes to such things.Earlier I used to workout because I hated my body but now I have realized that I love my body and m gonna work hard on it so that “I Can Love It More” . I was not following a proper meal like what should eat before and after a workout and things m eating are worth eating or not But I read many articles on the internet and I got this idea of pre and post workout meal. I had no idea how important is to follow pre and post workout meal.

Earlier I used to have coffee and fruit juices but later I realized we have to eat things beyond fluids our body needs carbs and proteins before a workout.
As m following an intense workout routine, I feel like following an intense diet routine too. I researched a lot believe me a lot of Pre and Post Workout Food Ideas and I found some amazing and healthy recipe to try, though. I have tried every single recipe and they are super healthy and tasty. I tried almost 50 such recipes and picked out few which were quick, easy and tasty. I don’t like spending more than 10 minutes over my pre and post workout foods.
I will finally share those recipes with you today I was working from so long. Do keep one thing in mind never workout on an empty stomach.I have also noticed that you guys kind of like my food post more than any other post on my blog so I decided to go for it and this was the recent topic I was working on so hope you guys like it.

When I started my pre and post workout food intake I realized the difference. Earlier I used to feel little dizzy, low and out of energy as I was consuming only fluids while now I feel much more energetic and full of stamina and can workout for an hour or so, as m taking an appropriate amount of food before and after my workouts. I know it’s hard to believe for some of the guys but food gives you that boost and stamina that you truly require for a workout.


First, let me tell you.
The Importance of Eating Before Your Workout.
Whether you eat or not before your workouts your body burns the same amount of fat every time which can actually cause muscle loss if you regularly exercise on an empty stomach. When you’re hungry, your body goes under a different kind of survival mode and starts drawing protein from muscle instead of kidneys and liver, from where it normally takes protein and when this happens, you lose muscle mass, which can ultimately slow down your metabolism and make it harder for your workout or loose weight. Plus, if you exercise on an empty stomach, you’re not giving your body the fuel and power it needs to for an intense training session.

The Importance of Eating After Your Workout
During a workout, your body uses the fuel named glycogen stored in your muscles for energy. After you’ve completed the workout your muscles are broken down and depleted of their glycogen stores. Eating or drinking food that combines protein and carbohydrates both 30 minutes to an hour after your workout refills the energy stores, builds and repairs muscles that were broken down, and helps keep your metabolism strong.

The sooner you’ll start refueling, the better you and your body will be. A research has shown that your body’s ability to refill muscle stores decreases by 50 percent if you eat two hours after your workout compared to eating straight away. Try and plan ahead, if you are going gyming bring your recovery drink or your favorite healthy sandwich with you and if you are exercising at home prepare your post workout meal in advance so when you are done you have to just grab a bite instead of making it.

Pre And Post Workout Meal Are Shown Below:

Pre-Workout Foods

  1. Plain Yogurt (Any flavor you want) 101535588_w
  2. Banana Smoothie
  3. Healthy Juice (includes Protein powder+orange juice+ice)
  4. Chocolate Punch(includes 1 scoop chocolate+protein powder+2 drops of coconut oil)
  5. Iced Coffee(includes 1 cup iced coffee+1 scoop chocolate)
  6. Oats(includes oats+dried fruits or Fresh Fruits) 101491137_w_0
  7. Apple with Peanut Butter
  8. Fruits like Banana, Mango, Oranges etc.
  9. Egg & Toast
  10. Oatmeal & Eggs
  11. Toast with Peanut Butter & Banana 101259248_0
  12. Veggie Omelet 100328295
  13. Hearty Salad(Includes Cucumber, Spinach, Tomatoes, Green Beans etc.)

Post-Workout Foods

  1. Chunky Monkey or Banana Shake (includes Banana+Peanut Butter+Milk+Ice) R117006_0
  2. Bananarama (Includes Banana+Milk+Protein Powder)
  3. Spinach Smoothie (Spinach+Yogurt+Milk+Banana+Peanut Butter+Ice)
  4. Apples & Cheese 101485007
  5. Chocolate Milk 73400871
  6. Egg Scramble



I plan my workout meal according to time I have. If I can prepare something hearty and heavy I would go for (Pre workout) veggie omelet or oatmeals and eggs but on normal days I go for a banana smoothie, iced Coffee, Fruits or Hearty Salad. After my workouts, i literally feel like eating something or I will pass out ay possible moment so I usually like going for chocolate milk (most of the time) or Banana Shake. I try Spinach Shake once and I felt taking it out the next moment. It was so yuk but it’s healthy so I m trying to search for some good recipes. That’s totally an issue with me if you are a spinach lover go for it and if you know a good recipe please do mention below.

^_^ Lots of Love Sweets XOXO ^_^

Picture Credits : http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/