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Pre-Fall Clothing Haul 2016

From the very long time, I was thinking about doing a clothing haul post. I m not a professional blogger and I don’t own fancy amount of clothes but I do love sharing what I wear and how I style my clothes. So I have started a tradition of blogging posts based on a particular pattern. On Monday I posted about #MYLIFEMONDAY and today’s post will be all about #WARDROBEWEDNESDAY. In this, i will be sharing clothing hauls, how I style etc. etc. Today’s post is a pre-fall clothing haul. I got some stuff recently and it’s still not so cold in my town so I can avoid heavy fall clothing for now. These clothes have been worn already but then too I decided to post on what I got for my pre-fall clothing haul post. I m a girl next door type of girl and I crave for casual yet chic styling. I don’t spend too much on clothes but I love fashion and own it my way. All the images you see below are mine as I did not reveal my identity on my blog so many of you must be confused. To be frank my style is very subtle and casual but that’s just me.
P.S: M not wearing any makeup as I m under a skin treatment so please forgive me for that. Also, I want to mention about the background and location, as m not allowed to go out for photography and all I have used location available that moment. Please do corporate
I will mention all the clothing related details below itself.




Top:Mark&Spencer  Bottom:MarxClothes  Heels:Payless  Accessories:Local Store


Top:Gifted  Leggings:Jockey  Flats:Local Store  Accessories:Local Store



Top: H&M  Jeans:Westside  Heels:Payless  Watch:Guess  Accessories:Local store


Top:H&M  Leggings:Jockey  Flats:Local Store  Watch:Guess  Accessories:Local Store


Top:H&M  Leggings:Jockey  Flats:Local Store  Watch:Guess  Accessories:Local store



Jeans:Levis  Accessories:Local Store


Top: Gifted  Leggings:Jockey  Flats:Local Store  Accessories:Local Store

Jeans:Levis  Accessories:Local Store  Watch:Guess



Top:Levis  Jeans:Levis  Flats:Local Store  Watch:Guess  Accessories:Local Store

I hope you like my very first clothing haul. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon. Lots of love XOXO


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