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Home Workouts for fall

With chillier months coming we can no longer just casually workout outdoors (gym) and for people who love running, it becomes quite an impossible task but as I have decided to stick to my workout routine I will do anything possible to stay into it.  Today’s post is all about #FitnessFriday it’s my first post in this section so I decided to share about how I continue with my workouts (home workouts) during fall. I will share few tips for continuing workout from home. I googled few sites and youtube channels to get some inspiration and few were really helpful though.This post is perfect for people who don’t have money for a gym membership, who love home workouts and who live in chiller place or where it’s starting to get cold now. It’s not that cold in my town right now but I can still feel that chill vibes during my workout hours and my urge to continue with my workout forced me to find an alternative for it. I know little efforts will be required from your side to stay motivated and stay fit. As I m a kind of girl who loves home workouts so I can totally understand how many of you must be feeling during this fall. There is a certain comfort level to doing workouts from home it’s so soothing and calming and you totally enjoy it as you are in your own comfort zone and elements.

I know it’s hard to create a no-fail Fall workout routine but all you need is to stay enthusiastic if you wanna continue with your workout routine. Cold weather, dark mornings and heavy comfort food discourages workout and encourages sleep making it difficult to stick to your routines. Don’t get carried away with fall holiday parties and outings it will force you to eat more and move less. My morning starts with a little bit of meditation, yoga, stretching and then workout. After my yoga and stretching, I m warmed up enough to continue with my workout. I workout daily like every single day and I m not kidding so I don’t push my body for an intense workout. I do 5-6 exercises daily with a set of 2*15 each. I guess it enough for my body type as a beginner.


5 Exercises I do:
(I start my workout with A little bit of warmup)
Jumping Jacks and Stretching





Leg lifts 15 *2 on each leg

Fire Hydrants 15*2 on each leg

Sit up with toe touch 15*2

Leg lift 15*2

Bicycle Crunches 15*2



Youtube is like a best friend to us and there are tons of videos available for doing different exercises different ways. It is flooding with so may fitness youtube now and mine favorites are Blogilates and yoga with Adrienne. Take help of youtube to pick out your favorite exercises and add it to your routine. I roll down my yoga mate and start following her yoga routine. I started this yoga routine as a beginner and it’s been like 2 months and I m still working on it as I lack little bit of flexibility and perfection. All the flexibility I have now is just because I got in this routine and to be very precise I do yoga daily. I just play her video and fall along. The yoga routine I follow is linked down below.


I do follow blogilates for target tones exercises like thighs, abs, butts etc. She is amazing. For strength training,  you can use 5-pound weights or ankle weights and if you are someone like me who don’t own this stuff, you can do strength exercises like sit-ups and pushups. Currently, in strength training, I m focusing on abs, butts, and thighs.



For at home cardio you can dance and I love dancing so this is my favorite form of cardio exercise. I will blare music and dance my heart out for 15-20 minutes. It’s something I enjoy doing as a workout too. I have always loved dancing and I m still doing it to stay fit. You can also do jumping jack, stairs up down, burpees and even skipping rope is an amazing option. If you don’t have one you can just fake it . I love taking monthly challenges and would focus on a particular set of exercise for that entire month.

78377921 burpee jumping-rope



Thats all for my #FitnessFriday post. I hope my way of doing home workouts for fall will help you stick to your workout routine. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon. Lots of love XOXO

Picture Credits: Google


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