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Fall Day & Night Outfit Ideas

Fall is my favorite season and I believe its the best part of the year to look casual, comfy, cozy and yet stylish. As you all may have seen or read in my earlier clothing haul post that I m not a professional blogger and don’t own fancy amount of clothes. I like styling my clothes or whatever  I have my way. You call it basic chic style. I don’t waste a lot of money on clothes I buy things whenever I feel their necessity and I try to create some simple outfit ideas with pieces of clothes I have and many girls out there can follow my style tips. This post is under #WardrobeWednesday section which means I will be posting about clothing, shopping, styling, outfit ideas etc. This Wednesday I decided to go all black. Yes, all black day and night outfit ideas. The below outfit ideas are mine you can put your flavor or style to it.



 Top: Yankees  Joggers:Marx  Shoes: Airwalk  Denim:Gifted Watch: Guess  Bracelets: Local Store


Same Outfit Without Shirt



Top: Westside  Bottom: levis (DIY KNEE RIPPED)  Blazer: Gifted  Heels: Payless  Watch: Local Store  Accessories: Gifted

That’s all in today’s post. I hope You guys are liking my post so far. Do share in comments below what kind of post you are interested in. If you have any tips for me please do share. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO


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