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I Deny to Hide

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

With a cup of coffee in my hand, I wanted to start this post with a positivity quote because that’s what I m feeling right now POSITIVE. This post is my second post under #MylifeMonday section and I would say that it is the second part of my older post “Have Been Hidden For Long. Many of you must have read that post but for those who have not, I want to give a short intro about that post. Earlier I shared about a kind of skin infection I m facing and how I m feeling about it. I know many of you must have felt, her problem is not that big there are too many big issues going around the world but this is huge for me and it’s important too because I was being eaten by depression and sadness every day and I have been hidden for a long time because of it but now “I Deny To Hide”.

I like to share my feeling with you guys because it makes me feel confident and stronger. Earlier I didn’t like sharing my feeling with others but now as I m working on it I feel much better. It really feels good when you step out of your comfort zone push depression and anxiety aside and show the world the real you. It feels amazing guys believe me. I have now decided not to hide anymore and this became possible when I developed positive thinking attitude. I would write another post on “How I Became A Positive Thinker”. When I was suffering from this problem I did not talk to anyone about it but started reading good books, watched some inspiration YouTubers and I released that there is no need of hiding because I know I m beautiful and even after all this I will stay beautiful all I need is to start believing in myself and I will get ok soon. I have an account on Instagram and I post pictures of myself but I used to crop my face because of that skin infection. Peeling and dry skin, cracked and black lips were making me look awful so I decided to post pictures without my face and I kept on doing this, hid the real me from the world. Sooner I realized there is no point of doing so I want to be a blogger and youtuber and if I will keep on doing this to myself how will I conquer my dreams and goals. Every morning I started reading few positivity quotes, a book and also started praying to god at least for 5-10 minutes. I used to share my fears and feeling with him and he started helping me guiding me and making me stronger. I could feel a different kind of spark and glow on my face whenever I used to look at my reflection in the mirror. The only thing I used to say was “Wow I m looking so beautiful and different”. All this happened because I started believing in god, I was broken so I gave myself to him to do whatever he wanted to do with me and you know what he created a new me, a happy me and a beautiful me.

Later I started taking complete pictures of myself and I could not believe I was looking so beautiful that I could not stop myself from taking some. Still, I m not allowed to wear any makeup but m taking pictures without it due to my confidence in myself. Sometimes I apply little lipstick but wipe it soon after my photo session. I do feel that I look beautiful without any makeup. I have written this post only to help girls like me out there to feel and stay beautiful the way they are. We may not be beautiful for someone but we should always be beautiful for ourselves and that’s what matters the most. If you ever felt like this what would you do? Would love to hear from you guys. Do share your tips in the comment box below
Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO


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