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3 Favourite Fall Green Tea Flavors

Out of all kinds of beverage I love green tea the most. I m not addicted to caffeine as much as m addicted to green tea. Today under #TriedNewTuesday section I m going to post about “3 Favorite Fall Green Tea Flavours”. Being so obsessed with green teas lately, I got my hands on 3 flavors of Twining Green Tea London. I m so in love with this green tea that I can never ever get enough of its flavors. In our grocery stores it hard to find more fall inspired tea flavors so I had to manage with whatever I had. The only option I had was to pick any out of Twining’s section.
Top 3 Twining Green Tea For Fall:

Twinings Pure Green Tea


Twinings Pure Camomile


Twining Earl Grey


All these flavors are so calming and soothing that I feel totally relaxed with a sip of it. I have been drinking green teas from last 3 years. First, I started it seeing others but now I m addicted to it I cannot imagine my life without it seriously. I need 3 cups of green tea a day and it was not like this before, I started with one and now m at three. It was my this year’s goal into 3 cups of green tea any how. When I started drinking it I used to have it with sugar as I was not able to drink it without it I mean it tasted so horrible. I can understand it was also my first time so. For 1 and a half year, I continued drinking it with sugar but later I cut on my sugar intake completely (only for green teas).

Now that would be a long story on how I got into this green tea thing but I actually feel good that m addicted to green tea more than caffeine. Green tea is like a best friend to me on cold chilly fall days. You only need a cup of hot water with your favorite flavor of green tea in it and you’re good to go. I like to have my green tea with my breakfast, during my “Me Time” evenings at my happy place and just before m about sleep.

This post is gonna be very small because I only wanted to share about my 3 favorite Green Tea Flavors for this fall and I have mentioned them above. Twining Of London has become 1 of my favorite green tea brands I love all of their flavors. They are calming, soothing and tastes so good. You need to try their collection because it’s worth it and I know you will love it.

Do try these flavor and let me know which is your current favorite green tea flavor. I would love to try it. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soonXOXO


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