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Find Your Happy Place

Its Monday and its time for#MyLifeMonday post. Today I will be talking about “Finding Your Happy Place”.We do feel low sometimes, problems are a part of our life. We feel because we are alive but corpse they don’t have any problems just because they cannot feel anything. Each time you face a problem thank god that you are alive and fight against them. Few things in my life changed me and m still learning to be a better person. Bad things do teach us some good lessons so open up your heart for everything. Whenever I used to feel low I stayed on my bed for hours, weeping and thinking about those things which didn’t have any sense. It ever made me feel horrible about myself. I kept on thinking about how those bad things are have ruined my life, instead of working on it. Thinking about past problems make it difficult for us to recover from that pain. I would say that few good books do helped me move on in my life and m really glad that I started reading and journalling.

Ok now talking about “Finding your happy place”,on my journey of finding a happy place, I tried to feel comfortable and happy at many places. It surely is hard to find one where you can let your pain and anger out, a place where you can be true to your emotions and think about next step towards your future. During the rainy season when it was getting little cold I liked staying on my bed near window side so that I could feel sun rays coming on my face. That warmth gave me everything, a book in my hand and a cup of coffee in the other were like best friends to me. I liked that place but I could not still count it as MY HAPPY PLACE because it was actually not that PLACE. One day while taking few pictures on my terrace I started walking up the stairs which lead me to another portion of my terrace. I went up and sat there with my legs hanging down I could see mountains, lake, buildings, greenery, birds chirping, vehicles moving the complete outside world from there. I was I search for this kind of place from where I could feel connected to nature and god. I could feel that sudden peace in my heart by sitting there and watching all those things happening actually made me feel overwhelmed. I named that place as my happy place finally.

Every day at 5P.M I go upstairs and sit at that place with my coffee, chai or green tea in one hand and novel or journal in other. Sitting there I write about my emotions to feel and stay inspired, I share my words with god. Tell him about my goals, things I want in my life and things I m grateful for. I seek strength from him. Writing helps me express myself in a better way. The things I have gone through and how I recovered from them I write in my journal about everything, it holds my life completely. With this post, I wanted to tell you how my happy place changed my life and why is it necessary for us to find one. We all need that alone or me time sometimes and this kind of place can actually help anyone through that phase of life. Daily I spent 1-hour sitting there, writing , reading and journalling. If I m feeling low about sometimes I write it down it actually, helps to forget that thing and move ahead in life. With this place I have fought aginst many hard times, it feels so good to have a place like this where you can calmly think about your life and proceed further. Your happy place can be your key to happiness. Do share if you have a happy place too or if you find one. share how you feel being there. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO.


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