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Healthy Fall Breakfast Recipe

I have been on a lookout for some healthy and fall inspired breakfast recipes to get me through the entire week. Nothing cut my Monday blues quite like a cup of hot “Chai Latte” or “Green Tea”. Today under #TriedNewTuesday section I decided to post about a very simple yet healthy breakfast recipe prepared using… Continue reading Healthy Fall Breakfast Recipe

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3 Current Favorite Outfits

With the temperature cooling down more and more each week I m finally getting into the mood for cozy outfits. Today under #WardrobeWednesday I will be sharing my 3 Current Favorite Outfits straight from my wardrobe. As I have mentioned before that I m not a fashion blogger, but I love fashion, styling, trying new… Continue reading 3 Current Favorite Outfits

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10-Minutes Spicy Noodle Soup Recipe

With the arrival of the fall season, everybody loves to comfort themselves with warm things, like coffee, sweaters, tea, soup, hot chocolate cake etc. Having spicy, slurpy soup on a chilly fall day has become my new obsession. I m a huge fan of quick and one pot recipes, though I m not a foodie… Continue reading 10-Minutes Spicy Noodle Soup Recipe

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How to Beat the Winter Blues

With you being a member of a very big family there are chances of getting involved in different kinds of occasions and outings. I’m blessed to be a part of such a loving and supportive family. Few things and events certainly got me busy. My entire week got wasted and I m feeling guilty about… Continue reading How to Beat the Winter Blues

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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello my loves, welcome back m so excited for today’s post. It’s Friday and time for an #FitnessFriday post. I love posting under this section, as I have become healthier than before I love reading and writing about fitness inspired topics. For today I will be discussing on “How to start a healthy lifestyle”. I… Continue reading How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle