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How to Beat the Winter Blues

With you being a member of a very big family there are chances of getting involved in different kinds of occasions and outings. I’m blessed to be a part of such a loving and supportive family. Few things and events certainly got me busy. My entire week got wasted and I m feeling guilty about not even publishing a single post. I needed to stop procrastinating and get back to my work as soon as possible. So here I m back to my blog posting about #MyLifeMonday post. This entire week I had so much fun but could not get any sense of productivity, which made me think about how I can repay for the loss I made. I have decided to post this week (Monday-Sunday) each day under different categories(the categories I usually post under). I did this to cover the post topics I missed the earlier week. I m posting this way only this particular week and will get back to my usual posting schedule once I get over with this.
You all know how much I love writing about things I do, I like and face in my daily life, when I missed 3 posts this week I was feeling terribly low about it. Starting procrastination is not good for me now and I m certainly losing my track. The only way to get my shit together and feel productive and motivated again is to get things done now, this moment. That being said enough let’s get back to #MyLifeMonday post topic. Today I will be sharing few tips on “How to Fight Winter Blues”. When days get shorter and temperature drops the uncommon winter blues starts setting in makings us stay in bed, curl into a ball and eat all day long. But this is not how any of us would want to waste our entire winters. I will share few tips to brighten up your life. My entire motivation for this topic was Pinterest, I went through so many posts to find useful tips that can make us feel happy and productive during winters. Even for a motivated person, it’s not hard to get demotivated fighting against the winter blues. Without saying any further, let’s just get straight to the tips.

  1. Turn on your bedroom lights and expose yourself to natural sunlight as soon as you wakeup in the morning.
  2. Get to a source, start maintaining a diary or journal to write out your thoughts.
  3. Watch cute animals video and viral proposal videos.
  4. Cook a hearty meal for yourself.
  5. Buy flowers for your desk.
  6. Go for a dusky evening or early morning walk.
  7. Listen to holiday music, no matter the time of the year.
  8. Write a letter to someone who has been weighing on your mind.
  9. Break out of a rut, wear bold & bright makeup and dress for the cold.
  10. Take a break from social media.
  11. Reread a book that calmed you once before.
  12. Take a nap.
  13. Clean your home/room.
  14. Take a luxurious bath.
  15. Bake a cake with someone you love.
  16. Plan your next vacation.
  17. Except the season and cozy up your room.
  18. Splurge on something you have been eyeing.
  19. Exercise daily.
  20. Set goals, start planning out your days. The structure can create a sense of purpose.
  21. Get goofy and sing karaoke.
  22. Take a multivitamin containing VITAMIN D-3 daily.
  23. Make yourself go out and do something, even if it’s as simple as running an errand.
  24. Take up an instrument.
  25. Move around the furniture in your room.
  26. Get coffee with a very old friend.
  27. Do yoga
  28. Visit a place connected with fond memories.
  29. Spend a day actively being nice to everyone you encounter and a night being as spontaneous as you can with an adventurous friend.
  30. Try your hand at a D.I.Y project.
  31. Say yes to social events even if you don’t feel like it.

Give yourself time to hide away, veg out and then pick yourself back up. Sometimes to beat the blues you have to allow yourself to embrace them-but only for a time. That’s all in today’s post, will be back with an amazing topic. See you soon XOXO


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