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Set and Achieve Goals in 2017


With the start of New Year we all are trying to make big changes in our life overall but to actually achieve something we need to focus on basics and be very precise about what we want and why. Today under #MyLifeMonday section I will be talking about tips on how you can “Set and Achieve Goals in 2017” so sit back with a notebook and grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s talk about achieving our GOALS. I was working on this post as the year started and finally got the chance to publish it. The new year brings all new opportunities and good wishes for all of us and we should always be ready to utilize every bit of it. We all dream big dreams, set big goals but fail to achieve them because we don’t have a set plan or enough enthusiasm for it. We can set goals at any time of the year but there is something exciting and motivating about the new year, so why not utilize all that motivation to achieve all your goals, get your shit together and live an organized life. We all set goal but the most important thing is how we plan on achieving them.


Advantages of Setting Goals:

  1. We get a clear thought of what we want in our life.
  2. We appreciate ourselves when we achieve our goals.
  3. We work beyond our limits to reach our goals.

I was not a big fan of this GOAL setting thing until the mid of 2016. I would say 2016 has changed a hell lot of things in my life, it’s the year when I started working on staying motivated, being productive, setting goals, achieving them, doing what I love, believing myself, dreaming big, living a positive life and all that stuff. I m so happy to bring this habit of mine in 2017 too as I have become a big goal setting person now and trust me my life has changed a lot after it. We all feel low and demotivated when people around us do not support or believe in us but you will feel amazing when you will achieve your goal and prove them wrong. Many of us are our own worst enemy there was a time when I was too but since I have started working hard on my goals I feel amazing that I have proved myself wrong. I have achieved many fitness goals, career goals, life goals and many others which seemed to be impossible for me and all this happened because I believed in myself and had a clear vision about my goals. All tips that I will be sharing below are my way of setting and achieving goals. Be ready and grab a piece of paper it will be easier for you to keep a track of all things. I will talk about it step by step:

Cut on Negative Thoughts and People: Read positive books and quotes, think and write positive thoughts, meet positive people and block any kind of negativity around you. Say positive things about you, your goals and you will see things turning into your favor.

Read inspiration and motivational book: I know many people don’t talk about it but I want because this thing has worked for me. In the mid of 2016, I started reading a motivational book called “Discover the power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. This book has taught me so many good things and my life has changed a lot since then. For doing anything we need motivation, reading inspirational and motivational books inspires us to dream big and work harder for our goals. Start reading a page or two daily and keep re-reading it once it’s over you only need to stay motivated. The thought of setting goals and achieving them will vanish 5 min after you are done reading this but reading a good book will remind you daily about your goals. In my morning rituals, I read an inspirational book which I got recently named “It only takes a minute to change your life” by Willie Jolley. This way I stay motivated daily to work hard for my dreams and goals.


Take the time: while setting goals sit, relax, take your time and think about things that you actually want to achieve in your life. What achieving it will give you in return? how hard will you work for it? and then write down all those things into your yearly monthly and daily goal list.

Why: ask yourself why you want to achieve your goals? why it is important for you to achieve them? how will it change your life? what will you get in return? how it affects you? You should be very clear about your goals and why you want to achieve them.


Be specific: this is the most important part of setting and achieving goals. Be very specific about what you want and write it down if possible regularly. I write in my journal daily about what I want and I also read it daily. Being specific about our goals help us to focus & work even harder for them. For eg, if by the end of a year you want to visit a country write it down and be specific where you want to go, if you want to lose weight within 5 months write it down how much you want to loose and read it daily.

Write them down: it’s very important for us to write down what we want so start maintaining a notebook from now, as I said earlier it will help you keep track of your work and success. The more you write about your goals that more they will fit into your conscience the more desperately you will work to achieve them plus its a good way of setting goals. Make copies of your goals like your yearly and monthly and keep them at places where you can see them regularly and by doing this you will keep on reminding yourself of what you want and how hard you need to work for them.

Plan and do: planning is the key step for achieving anything in life. You should create a good and working plan for your goals and the best plan is to work daily for your goals. If the year is about to end and you have started working on it during November or December you won’t be able to achieve it as you are too late for it. So make a plan now and start working on your goals today. Start from baby steps and write one by one about all those things that you have to work on to reach your goals.


Divide Your Goals into Categories: Be very precise about your goals and divide it into categories like

  • Year goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Daily goals
  1. Fitness goals
  2. Career goals
  3. Hobbies goals
  4. Love goals etc…

my goals - blank numbered list handwritten with white chalk on blackboard with erase smudges

Now Fill Out Different categories: what are your year, monthly and daily goals. What you want to achieve when the year, month and day ends. Create a goal list for a day and keep doing this for rest of the 7 days and then for rest of the 4 weeks and then for rest of the 12 months.

what are your goals?

Prioritize Daily Goal List: Prioritize your daily to-do or goal list into 3 categories
Most imp task of the day
Imp task of the day
Least imp task of the day
It will be easier for you to focus on your work and achieve your goals in time plus you will be able to complete the most important task of the day fast and so on.

Daily Planning: If you will set goals daily it will be easy for you keep track of what all you have achieved and want to achieve further. Keep doing this every day to reach your ultimate goal.


Set Goals before sleeping/ when you wake up: if there is something new I m working on or I want to achieve A.K.A my goal I will add it to my goal list just before my sleep so that I may skip my mind. I will add it to my yearly, monthly or daily goal list and during morning hours I will read it again so that I can work on it. I read my goals daily before my sleep and as soon as I wake up.


Visualize Achieving your goals: when you’re alone sitting or meditating or even if you are out for a walk, visualize yourself achieving your goals. Instead of thinking about bad and negative things visualize how it feels when you achieve them and how happy you are in that situation. Visualizing about achieving our goals and good things help our conscience to work harder for them and soon we see ourselves achieving them.

Acknowledge your progress: whenever you achieve any of your goals, reward yourself with something good like a Starbucks treat, plan a movie, buy something new. Appreciate yourself on achieving your goals, you will be so proud of yourself. When you are rewarding yourself at every achievement you are preparing yourself for the best to come.

Create an Inspirational board: this is the best, coolest and my favorite part of setting goals, creating a goal or inspirational board. You can DIY one I will be posting about 3 Tumblr inspired DIYs very soon and there will be a DIY Inspirational board too. It was all over Pinterest and Tumblr also it’s the best way of setting goals so I decided to create one. It’s the best and fun way of keeping track of your goals. Inspirational / mood /vision board is a fun way to visualize about your goals or what attracts you in your life. It’s a stress-free way of getting inspired about your goals. When you see your goals daily you remember working hard for them, print or write cool inspiring and goal related things and hang it on your board. Place the mood board somewhere visible in your room this way you will be able to see it daily. Weheartit and Tumblr are the best places for getting such inspiration plus its a coolest room decor piece.


That’s all in today’s post. I hope my way of setting and achieving goals will help you achieve some of yours in 2017. I would really appreciate if you will share one tip that has helped you achieve your goals.


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