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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2017

Hey, you guys welcome back to my blog hope you guys are having amazing winters. For many of you, it must be getting hard to stick to your new year’s resolution of staying fit in 2017, a little guidance and motivation for health and fitness is always a good option so stay with me for a while. Today under #FitnessFriday section I will be posting about “How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2017”. Many of you asked me about my fitness routine and tips on staying healthy and fit, so I decided to share my tips. Without rambling any further let’s get straight to the topic. Mentioned below are some of mine tips that are helping me stay healthy so far this year.

Get Motivated/Inspired

Go on Pinterest or Weheartit and search out for pictures that inspire you to stay fit, workout more and eat healthy print them out and add it to your inspiration or mood board. I have made one recently and added all kind of pictures that inspires me to reach out for my goals. If you don’t have one create now it’s really really helpful else you can just stick all these pictures on a white or black board and place it anywhere in your room where you can see it easily. There are many different ways you can put pictures be creative and do whatever you like. Long story short basically you have to print out pictures from Pinterest or Weheartit and use them as inspiration. I have found this method really helpful, it acts as a visual reminder of what you wanna do and where you wanna be in life. Look at it every day first thing in the morning for inspiration.


Workout, Meditate and Do Yoga Daily

Pick out anything that you like among these 3. It may look hard at first but the inspiration board will help you get along well. If you wanna choose any one thing it’s up to you but I would suggest doing all 3 of them daily. I workout and do yoga daily during the morning hours, if you are interested in my workout routine you can check that out too. I usually meditate during evening hours after having my green tea and book reading. I guess it really helps me to focus more on my work and feel better. It’s not that I only meditate in the evening I do meditate in the morning after finishing my morning rituals. Meditating in the morning hours helps you focus and concentrate more on your work plus you feel active and enthusiastic after it. Just meditate for 10 minutes a day and you will see the difference. If you are not interested in workout and other stuff go out for a walk at least 30 minutes, go grocery shopping or walk your dog. Just go out for running any errand, breath in fresh air. Try this for 5-10 days and you will eventually get into the habit as I have.

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Eat Healthy/Nutritional food & Plan Meals

Eating healthy is very important if you are diving in this pool of being healthy or starting healthy lifestyle because what good than having healthy meals all time. Being a part of the big Indian Muslim family it’s very difficult for me to eat healthily or cook meals because it’s my mom who preps all the meals and you all know how Indian food is all spicy and oily. So its very very hard for me to eat healthily but the good thing is I don’t eat junk food and other things much. My mom cooks for all of us and we have to eat whatever she cooks. I prepare my breakfast and have an option of starting my day with something healthy. I like to have green tea, coffee, fruit bowls, smoothies, egg bread and others healthy food as my breakfast. If I get late which I obv. do I like to have green tea and food bowl. If you are one who cooks all meals yourself you have hell lot of options on hand. Check out youtube or Pinterest for some healthy food recipes. It’s very important to plan meals in advance a) it saves your time b)you get to try new food. Not all my meals but I do plan my breakfast a day before, it really saves my time and the excitement is overwhelming.

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Research Food and Drinks You are Consuming

If it’s possible, avoid eating unhealthy food and do research about foods and drinks you are consuming because its very important to know whatever is going in your body is healthy for you or not, why should you be consuming it, what good it’s doing to your body. Many of you may not be interested in this tips but believe me, you will be a lot more healthy if you will keep records of things that are going into your body. I do not eat processed and canned food but still, like to know about which veggie, fruit, and others things I m consuming are good for me or not.

Follow a Morning & Night Routine

Next important part of starting and living a healthy lifestyle is to have a good morning and night routine. Being a night person, it was very hard for me but I m not ready to give up and still working on following both my routines by heart. I work from home so it’s not that hard to stay on track for me. I have fixed my morning and night sleep time that is wakeup time: 7:30 and sleeping time: 11:00. We all need to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep to feel fresh next morning. The best trick for sleeping on time which I have been following recently is to cut on technologies after 10-10:30 no cellphone no tv after 10:30. Then after following my skincare routine, I go straight to my bed with a cup of green tea and a book to read. Reading a book before sleep is the best way to force your eyes to sleep. I m addicted to night green tea I can’t sleep without having it and what’s more good than having a cup of warm tea and a good book before sleep.

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Don’t Resist Your Feelings Get Them Out

I have got into this habit of writing daily its a part of my morning rituals now. I have also started writing morning pages, a new thing I learned from LAVENDAIRE, it’s under my February goal list. Writing morning pages helps me get my thoughts out on pages, feelings that I have been resisting to share with others, things that bother me. Its feel so great once you write whatever is going through your mind and have a blank page to start a fresh new day. Morning pages or writing has really helped me grow it’s actually a self-care process I m following. Writing is the best thing in the world if you cannot write 3 pages or 1 page just write one thing about your day one goal to want to achieve. I think it will help you open up to this writing things a bit if you are a nonwriter.

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Drink More Water and Smoothies

I m doing a 30-day water challenge right now, again it’s a part of my February goal list. I need to drink 3 bottles of water a day plus 2 green tea and 1 smoothie. God this challenge is overwhelming but not impossible ehh..!! I m ready to crack this challenge if you are too then start today. Take a before and after picture of you to see the difference. Drinking more water daily and have healthy smoothies for breakfast. It’s a healthy way to start your day and stay fit. Once you will get into this “DRINKING MORE WATER” you will see the difference in your body and gradually will start enjoying it. I wanted to challenge myself so I started this if you are feeling start now because you know it’s now or never and if you think you had enough water drink more.

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Don’t Ignore Your Progress

Take a picture of you daily not for the social medias but for yourself to see your progress. If not for a long term (If you aren’t ready yet) try this healthy lifestyle thing as a monthly challenge this way you’ll be forced to start it. If you start seeing the difference which I know you will try this for the next month and so on start from baby steps I know this method will work and you will not easily get demotivated. If you are doing this as a challenge for a month take a picture of you daily to get an idea on how you are doing, how things are going, is it working for you, what more needs to be done? once you’ll see the difference it will motivate you to work hard and reach the ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t ever ignore your progress if you see you are doing good surprise, pamper, gift and treat yourself buy something new, go out for movie anything. Just reward yourself for the progress.

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That’s it with today’s post I hope these tips will help you get into a healthy lifestyles in 2017. Best of luck, if you have any tips that has helped you please do share it below. Will be back with a amazing post until then take care beautiful people XOXO


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