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16 Things I Learned in 2016

Forming words to explain how 2016 was can be hard for me, there is no easy way to describe 2016 in few words. I had tits and bits, ups and downs, positive and negative of everything. Hellow you guys welcome back to my blog for today’s #MyLifeMonday section I decided to post about “16 Things I Learned in 2016” it was a much-awaited post from my side, was thinking about writing this long ago but every time I came up with a new #MyLifeMonday topic this one skipped my mind always. I know m kind of late for this but I still wanna let you guys know what 2016 taught me and I will bring all those good habits with me in 2017. I wrote everything down in my notebook so I don’t forget to mention any. There are probably a lot more things I learned previous year but I will only mention the ones changed my life. There is no better way for me to put it in front of you only in few words but it was truly a transitional year. One of the hardest but one of the best year I had so far in my 24 years, my life changed upside down making me a completely different person than I was. I think I needed that push to look at life more clearer. Let me share with you the 16 things that changed my life in 2016:

Positive Mind, Positive Life  &  Believe in God

I don’t know if I have ever talked about this thing before but what better time than this. I was a completely negative person before June 1, 2016, and m not afraid to admit it because I was and it’s the truth of my life. I used to live on a completely different physiology about life. I always said myself, if I’ll say the right things the wrong will happen and if I’ll say the wrong things the right will happen and this way I spent 23 years of my life. I don’t wanna go into details about how I used to think and how things happened to me, no point explaining it but good thing it happened and my thinking changed. I finally understood the power of positive thinking in mid of 2016 because I have gone through so many problems and mindsets, most specifically when the year started I was going through a huge negative and depressed mindset, I was in a really dark place, my life just shattered in pieces, leaving me to feel massively low and depressed. I could not find answers to the question going on in my head “Why all this happened to me?” “When will I get over this pain?” a lot was going on inside of me. I couldn’t figure out why m I not able to get out of this pain. Something like this never happened to me before and I clueless to find a way out. I was just waiting to feel better, waiting to get my shit together. In a case of wanting to get out of this rut, I didn’t realize I was keeping myself in this rut by staying in that negative mindset. You cannot feel better without thinking better. I needed to clear out that junk going in my head and start thinking positive. I needed to attract positive to live positive. It was June 1, 2016, when I fully understood that if you want to live better you need to think better. I saw this movie called “The Secret” I know it’s an amazing book many of you may have heard about it but I saw the movie, the night I was sleeping after watching it I don’t know how and why I was saying positive things to myself I was shocked at first but later I realised I was saying and praying all positive (Good thing for me). I found this book called “Discover the Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale it was like a jackpot I needed that time, I started reading this book to discover the power of positive thinking. Being a negative person it was very important for me to change my way of thinking. With positive thinking I achieved so many things in life eg, I was running this handmade jewelry business, as a beginner I was not getting many orders the reason being my poor photography and other issues but later with all my positivity I prayed to god about it, started increasing my faith in him, I knew he is planning somethings good for me. Later I got a good camera and my quality improved and so my orders. When things were not in my favor I was still thinking positive and I could see the difference of doing it. I m running my brand successfully now and same goes with my blog (my Instagram profile too) and many others things in life. With positivity, I have to achieve so many things so far. Remember a positive mind will give you a positive life. I gave my example to show you how a positivity seed can change your life and we are even capable of growing a huge tree out of it.

You Waste Time, It Will Waste You  &  Stay Inspired

A phrase that most of our school teachers used to say to motivate us but being kids we were we always ignored it but now I can understand the importance of time. I procrastinate a lot, delay things, never get my things done of time and later when I realize that I have a lot of things to do I start getting overwhelmed by the workload. I get anxious and speed through everything which leads me nowhere. Sit down write things that need to be done and try to complete them on time, it’s not necessary to complete all nobody can conquer the world in a day but at least get done with few then none. Stop procrastinating don’t waste your time thinkings about doing things instead use your time and get done with those. Take your time and do things right, make a small to-do list every day and check out everything at the end. Just do things on time so that you don’t get overwhelmed by too much work pressure that way you will end up with a pile of stuff on your hands. You can’t go back and waste more time later having to complete much more stuff than you were to do earlier. I have learned to get my shit done on time in 2016 so that my life doesn’t get disturbed horribly. I will not lie I m still trying and working on it. Its important to stay motivated in live to achieve your dreams and goals. I always stay inspired all thanx to my journal, my motivational books and my inspiration board.

Bad Time Never Last Forever  &  Defeat Bad and Move Forward

No matter how bad things are they never ever last forever, they come and go. Stop making things too bad in your mind because they are never as bad they seems or you think they will be. Stop thinking about it in your head over and over again. The world is not ending the sun will rise, there will be a tomorrow everything will go on as usual and so will your life and within few weeks whatever that is your thinking and freaking out about will leave your life forever. Things are never as bad as they seem trust me I have been through it.

Go minimalist (don’t buy things you don’t need)

This one is the best from 2016, I have wasted a hell lot of money on things I told need in my life neither do I have any idea what to do with them. I used to buy things because they looked pretty and I liked them. Though I don’t earn much I still can’t figure out why the hell did I wasted so much money. But good thing I learn minimalism in 2016 now I only buy things I need to like to keep my closet and life clutter free. It’s good eeh..!!

Be Your Best friend

To have a friend you need to be your friend. If you want people to be around you, you need to be around them. Reach out and make plans with them don’t leave things to everybody else be a part of it too. Try and be more open with yourself and others too, no matter what happens always be on your side, don’t blame yourself for anything you have not done wrong, just believe in god and yourself you get though all bad. Not everybody is going to like you in life but make sure you like you. If you will waste time making everybody else like you or to like you, you will only face identity crises, your gonna loose yourself, your gonna be unhappy about everything because you’re trying to keep everybody else happy. At the end of the day, it only matters who are you on the inside, be a good person and be your own best friend.

If You Want Something, Go Get It  &  Set Goals

This one is a good thing I have learned in 2016 to get what you want, stop thinking about it. I don’t make enough money but I know I m working hard for it, buying things on my own gets really hard but now that I have to stop wasting money on things I don’t need I can buy things I truly want. Go get it attitude goes for everything in your like whether it be buying something or being something. Each day when I wake up I write about things I want on my bucket list and believe me things turn down in my favor and do get what I want sooner or later. This exactly happened when I was planning to buy new shoes and was out of money. I don’t take money from my parents for things I want to buy myself. Stop waiting around for things they will not come to you work hard and get them. If you want something to stop talking about, go out and do it whatever it takes to get it. At the end of the year, I made a promise to myself to talk less and work more whenever I feel talking and sharing things with others I share it with god or write in my journal. I don’t want to sit, think or talk about things I want instead I want to go out and make things happen myself.

Say Yes To Everything

I have mentioned this in my how to slay 2017 tips, say yes to everything in life, to all opportunities life gives you, never say no when they come to you. Even if you don’t feel like accepting it, even if you’re not ready fo it, just keep one thing in your mind everything happens for a reason, opportunities comes to us for a reason god has already made bigger plans for us, so say yes and jump on every opportunity you get.

You Are What You Think

This is something that I love so much from 2016, your perspective is your reality, you are what you think. The way you perceive everything around you is the reality you are creating for yourself. If you think certain things about yourself, you will be that day in your life. You will become what you want and what you think, make sure to keep your mind and soul happy, always.

Never Hold On Things That Aren’t Yours

It may sound a little straight forward or harsh but it’s the truth of life, get rid of all bad things in your life whether it be bad friends, bad habit bad energy everything never be afraid to let go of them because you cannot hold onto things that aren’t yours, they have no place in your life. Don’t hold onto them for a comfort, never be afraid to lose what needs to get lost.

Defeat Bad or Let It Defeat You

When something bad happens in life we only have 2 choices either we defeat it or let it defeat us. You can sit at one place with all those bad feelings and vibes around you and feel bad about it for the rest of your life which I did it at the mid of 2016 and let life defeat you or you stand up, keep your head high learn a lesson from it and keeping moving and pushing forward. Making yourself feel like a crap about all those bad things that happened in your life has no point in it, neither it’s doing any good to your life. Problems are a part of our life we need to defeat them and move forward.

Spend More Time On Yourself

The best one so far, when I got out of that rut I was only working on myself on how to be a better person. I just wanted to invest more time on me and on things that make me happy and no time on things that take my happiness and positivity away. We always have a choice to be happy and keep ourselves that way. When 2016 started and to the mid of it I was only wasting time on things that were destroying me but it’s never too late to realize what’s right for you. I m happy that I m on the right track now. It’s true when you take in bad energy you emit it back on others which make our life even worse. Be proactive and decide what kind of life you want instead let life decide what to do with you.

Wear What You Love, Find Your Style

I was always so concerned about my lifestyle and my fashion sense, it was not that good though I m a human and m still learning. I m working on finding my own personal sense of style. I learn from others and add my creativity to it but I m happy I finally have some kind of fashion sense now AKA my style from 2016. I like to wear what looks good on me my style is a bit casual yet chic. Always remember to wear what you love don’t bother about what anyone else would think about you, just be happy with your style.

I hope these 16 things will help you make your 2017 better. Do mention below what changed your life in 2016. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO


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