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Self Love and Self Care

For me, 2017 is going to be all about Self-love and Self-care, this year I will learn how to love and take care of myself better from inside out. Self-love is the key to living a happy life, it influences you to have a healthy mindset to cope with all kinds of problem in your life. Loving yourself above anything else is very important and today under #MyLifeMonday I will be sharing some tips to bring more love and happiness in your life. These tips have helped me to get over all my pains and anxiety, to look forward to the opportunities life is holding on for me & to love and care for myself even more. If you’re feeling low or stressed out you cannot go and buy self-love to feel any better nor it is something you can feel when you buy a new piece of cloth, get a new makeover, read a good book. Self-love grows by actions that mature us, it’s a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from our actions only. When we expand self-love within us we start accepting all our strengths and weaknesses, our struggles and personal findings, goods, and bads in a much better way. With self-love we feel more centered in our life, we have purposes, values, and expectations from ourselves to live a life with our own efforts.

Become Mindful: people with more self-love quality know what they think, want, feel and want to achieve in their life. They know themselves better than anyone else around them and do whatever is good for them rather than what others think they should be doing.

Practice a Good Self-Care: If you want to love yourself more practice a good self-care regime, take a better care of yourself and your needs. Do healthy self-care activities like reading, writing, exercising, proper sleep, good social contacts, eating healthy and nutritional food etc.

Say Yes, Say No: Set yourself some boundaries it is very important to live a life which allows you to love yourself more each day. Set limits to your work, love, family, friends and other activities. Over thinking and getting overly involved in these activities can harm you socially, mentally and physically.

Stop Comparing: Stop comparing yourself to others it’s a trap, try and stay away from it. It’s not good for your personality either, I m not guilty to admit that I have been a part of this trap. I looked at other people and wish for a lifestyle like them when I shouldn’t be doing that at all. Comparing myself with anyone else out there is of no use because we are all born different and unique. God has gifted each one of us with something special. It took me almost my high school and college life to realize that there is no competition, we only need to complete with ourselves and make our life better. Right now m at a place in life where I have realized comparing will only make me feel insecure and m deny doing that.

Self-Care Routine: Follow a self-care routine every day. Do things that make you feel amazing inside out every single day. If you’re already following a good morning, night and self-care routine its time for you to level it up. For me following my morning rituals every day, maintaining a gratitude journal, listening to good old Bollywood music while working is a way to stay happy and energized. Following my morning rituals makes me feel great and give an amazing start to my day.

List Out Things You Love About Yourself: The best tip to loving yourself better is to list out things that you genuinely love about yourself. List out all your strengths, plus points, things that you love & enjoy about yourself on a piece of paper.  It’s not that tough as it seems just because you never thought about yourself that way doesn’t mean you don’t like a thing about yourself. Ask people around you, get help if you want but write good qualities of you I know there must me many you’ve been hiding to reveal.

Protect Yourself Against Wrong: Be right and allow right people in your life. Not being with anyone is far better than being with someone wrong. Bring positive and right people in your life who never takes pleasure from your pain rather they be a part of your success and happiness. Don’t waste time thinking about wrong people, there isn’t enough time in your life to waste just let them go, get rid of them ASAP. Once you’ll brace yourself from this kind of fake energy you’ll be able to love yourself even more.

Try and Look Good Always: Another self-care tip is to try and dress better always. It’s hard but you can try, I have felt that whenever I don’t dress good I don’t feel good either. I m pretty low at energy and confidence too. So for me, its a task to look good always and I want to put more efforts into it. Take out extra 10 minutes every day to wear your favorite outfit and look good and don’t forget to put a little makeup on if that makes you feel confident. Just do whatever you like, feel happy.

Forgive Yourself: We all have gone through tough times and we all do make mistakes because we are human being never forget that. If you don’t feel or fear a thing you’re not a human, just because of our temporary mistakes we cannot start hating and punishing ourselves permanently. That’s not right don’t be too harsh on yourself, we have taken the responsibilities for our actions and that’s the best part. Learn and grows from every mistake, forgive yourself move forward see how life is waiting for you. Think about the bigger picture, there is no such thing as winning and losing it all about learning, growing and exploring in life.

Live Happily: Accept yourself the way you are, the way lord has created you it’ll become much easier for you to love yourself. Whatever that is happening in your life god has decided it. All you need to do is live with a goal, a purpose. Nothing is crystal clear in life, stick to your intentions, they will help you live a meaningful and healthy life. You would become clearer with your decisions. Feel good when you do receive success and trust me your accomplishments will let you love yourself even more.

Love yourself first and you would eventually fall in love with your life. These self-love tips will help you move forward and grow more in life just give it a try. If you will love yourself more you’ll be able to love people around you more. The more self-love you possess the more healthy your life and relationship with others will become. You will be able to attract all thing positive in life. I would love to know your thoughts on self-love. Do share in the comment box below will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO


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