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7 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Hello, people welcome back to my blog, If you’re reading this post you’re really lucky as I’ll be sharing 7 tips on how you can start your finished journey again, yes you hear me right. Today I will share some basic ways you can use to get started with your fitness journey again or start your fitness journey if you’re a beginner. Whenever I do step into something new the most important thing I like to keep in my mind is to research about it and I know many you guys do the same and I believe that’s very good thing to do, trust me with this. If you’re doing a research before starting your fitness journey or someone who’s in need of some fitness tips I bet this post will be helpful for you. Today under #FitnessFriday section I would be posting about Fitness Tips for Beginners which will include questions like:

How to start?
What to do?
How to begin?
What to eat?
How to reach your fitness goals?
These basic tips will help you get on the right track and hopefully stay there only. These tips actually helped me keep going so I thought why not share it with you all.

Get Inspiration

Inspiration is the key to success. Whatever path or carrier you choose it’s very important to stay inspired. Sometimes we get inspired by people sometimes things. All that’s important is to JUST STAY INSPIRED. A quick tip from my side will be to have a “Mood Board”. Create an inspirational board for yourself and look at it every morning. This way you will have something that will keep you going. Put images of workout clothes, healthy foods, girls with good bodies all things that inspire you to work hard for your body. This is by far the perfect way to stay on track for me.

Set a Fitness Goal

The second and most important tip, that you may have heard a thousand time is to have a fitness goal. You need to have a goal, a proper mindset to reach out for things you want in life. Your goal will help you keep track of certain things like what you want? how will you get it? what things do you need to do to achieve it? when you want it? how do you want to look? etc. Your goals need to be realistic, nonrealistic goals are useless to set. False goals like getting abs in 5 days, Losing 5 kgs by tomorrow have no sense in it. Set a goal that is achievable plus it’s relative to you, your body type and your lifestyle. Spend some time with yourself to decide what are your fitness goals. Sit down think about it and write it down on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you can see daily in your room. Goals shouldn’t be rushed ever, writing things down will make it visible and real. Waking up with no goals, no mindset every day will make you ask yourself why are you doing this? but if you have a realistic goal and you keep on reminding yourself of it every day you have the answer to the question why are doing this?


People keep rambling about this one that I don’t have time for the gym or for home workouts, let me tell you none of us have time we have to make it. If you really want to achieve something you will make time for yourself and your body. You will make things work in your favor by waking up early, by completing work on time whatever it might be you will make things happen. Nobody has time for anything in this world but still, they take out and spend time doing things that make them.

Have a workout Plan

I have mentioned my workout plan in one of my earlier post under “My Fitness Routine” you can go check that out. I have mentioned in that post that I do keep taking monthly workout challenges and also change the exercises m doing every month this way I can try tits and bits of everything good for my body. Making a workout plan is the best way to remind yourself of what needs to be done on what time. There is no need to go to the gym if you’re not interested just crack home workouts they are the best. All that’s important is to make yourself a workout plan and stick to it. I hope my fitness routine will help you get an idea on how to plan your workout routine. Plan your routine according to your body type and it should include things like: what days you need to workout, what exercises to include, how many days in a week you need to workout etc. It’s quite simple but try and stick to it to the end.

Eat Healthy Eat Well

I bet this one is the most important out of all. The workout is not everything if you’ll not eat well you’ll not get the results. Lots of people in the world do some exercise but eat whatever they want and still expect to get fit in time, dude that’s not possible. This will not work for anybody out there, you need to fill your body with good fuel and nutritious foods, they will help you stay fit, recover fast, loose weight and your body will even function in the right way. Also staying hydrated is very important, drink as much water as you can.  If you’ll not drink water your body will not feel fresh and will not function the way it needs to. Understand what you are eating and what good it’s doing to your body. If you’re eating too much of processed and high sugar food there is now time to cut them off your life if you cannot avoid them forever at least try and avoid eating regularly. Research the food you’re consuming. Try to eat all green and fresh veggies, fruits and whole foods.

Track Your Progress

Be sure to keep track of your progress always. You can measure your body parts or more simple you can just take pictures of it. Tracking the progress is important so do it anyways you like. Measurements, little fitness tests, and photos are the best ways to keep a track of how your body is performing. It’s also the best way to see the results. It will also give a reflection of how you’ve progressed so far and what more effort needs to be done. Every 4 or 6 weeks take photos of different parts of your body wherever you wanna focus on and look how much you have changed.

Never Ever Give Up

This one is the last and most important tip to keep in mind. Never ever give up, you’re not gonna get results in one day. Things are not going to turn into your favor overnight until and unless you’ll work hard for it. I have seen so many people around me giving up, I would like to give my own example as I too gave up so many times earlier but now the urge to work hard for my body never allows me to give up and m so glad that I m dedicated to my goals. I never go more than 3 days without working out only if I m stuck with some things I miss these 3 days workout. Remember giving up will not give you anything in return but staying consistent, staying focused and staying dedicated will surely give. There will be rough days when your body will feel sore, you’ll feel like shit, you’ll be tired to do anything, you’ll not eat well and you may also not bother to work out but try and follow your routine. Your hard work will pay you off eventually. It’s important to understand that results are not going to appear same way for everyone so keep experimenting. You are an individual and your body will not function the same way mine does. Your body may not get results the same way as mine. Do things for yourself, give your body efforts and hard work it needs. There is no need to give up if things are taking time just stay positive and stay with it to see the results one day.
So that’s pretty much it for today’s post. I bet this quick but useful post will be helpful for you guys. Don’t overcomplicate things ever, keep it basic otherwise you’ll get confused and overwhelmed by the work pressure around you. Remember fitness is never that hard. Will be back with an amazing post. See you all very soon XOXO

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