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At Home Facial Routine

Welcome back to my blog guys, it’s no lie that I love to come up with something new every Saturday and it’s also no secret that I love sharing beauty tips that I have discovered recently and that actually worked for my skin. I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you all my “At home Facial Routine” as I was willing to share it with you all from a long time. I have had an amazing success with this routine, also I noticed a huge difference in the health and appearance of my skin. I m really look forward to doing this every week because it leaves my skin soft and glowing for the next 3-4 days. It only takes me about 30 minutes to get over with it and I guess its no big deal for self-care. My skin type is very sensitive as I have comparatively thin skin than normal but it’s not prone to breakout neither its oily, I m blessed to have such an amazing skin. I think 80% of the population struggles with acne and nobody is alone in this. I thought writing this post will be really helpful and informative for people looking forward to at home facial routines also I have been trying some new products that I will be sharing in this post today. If you want me to write about more such beauty post lemme know in the comment box below and let’s get started!!

Cleanse Face: The first step to any facial is to make sure your face is cleansed from oil, dirt, and makeup. I tend to alternate between two cleansers coconut oil and Nivea face cleanser. Both of them are gentle for any skin type and under budget too. Some days before my pamper routine if I m wearing makeup I will remove using my favorite Nivea Facial Cleanser but most of the time I love using coconut oil to remove makeup because it’s the best natural cleanser. First I remove my eye makeup and lipstick using Coconut Oil by just rubbing it gently over these areas because it’s the gentle and protective way to remove any makeup residue. Don’t scrub your eyes and lips like crazy you may hurt yourself. Using the Neutrogena wipes I remove all the residue, oil and makeup, I pat it around my eyes. You can also use a damp towel for doing so. Removing your makeup layer by layer helps to remove it properly. Coconut oil can be used for deep cleansing, for some people it’s hard to use oil as a cleanser as they already have oily skin and using more oil can make the skin worse, it’s totally optional to use any type of cleanser that it suitable for your skin. After removing with Neutrogena wipes I take a hot towel bring out all the hot water so that it becomes nice and steamy and apply it on my face, steam is going to remove any of the coconut oil remains from my pores. As the oil gets removed from my face so does a lot of other dirt and buildup. This is actually going to help your skin look clearer over time, be patient take your time and remove that bunch of oil from your face.

Exfoliate: Now when your skin is clear of all makeup next step is to exfoliate which will remove all the dead skin cells and make you look nice and glowy. So if you have dry skin I would recommend using a moisturizing scrub. Days when I feel like going all natural I would mix sugar with coconut oil for having a nice and hydrating scrub, you can also use sugar and honey or just honey by itself since it has all those amazing skin benefits. Some days I like using Nivea purifying face as a scrub, it’s like a liquid peel exfoliator and works amazingly both as a face wash and exfoliator. It doest has that soapy consistency which is actually for your skin. Just take a small amount on your palm rub it between and apply straight to your face now gently work all over your face and neck don’t be too harsh while scrubbing, the skin that comes off is insanely incredible, it’s almost disturbing to see so much of dead skin but yet again it good for your face though. You can see all skin peeling off on your palm. Don’t exfoliate over any open acne and sores let them heal but use it on the rest of your face and again wipe away all the extra product. Your skin will feel amazing just after exfoliation.

Steam: The next step is to steam your face which really helps to remove impurities. All I do is boil a pot of water and once it’s boiling I will take it off the stove and let it cool for few seconds and then I place my face a few inches from the pot and really let that steam open up my pores. Now, this can help to get rid of blackheads, pimple and those other stubborn impurities that are stuck deep down in your skin because it gently opens the pores and releases those impurities. After a few minutes rinse your face with some water and get ready for the fourth step.

Apply a Face Mask: Now coming on to the face mask I like using a homemade mask. This is something that I love doing whenever I feel like putting an extra effort to make my skin feel more special. So here’s a quick DIY face mask if you guys are interested in knowing. Take 2 tsp of gram flour+few drops of milk+1 tsp of oil and blend it together until it forms a nice creamy consistency now apply it all over your face and neck using an old foundation brush but make sure it’s clean. This face mask is one hundred percent natural, you can also use your fingers for doing so but I like using a brush because it helps to apply face mask faster and more evenly and I also like doing this because it feels quite soothing. This face mask is great if you have facial hair like me I have got so irritated of getting my face waxed time and again it’s so painful and it’s making my skin look bad and acne prone and now that I have quit waxing my face I tend to apply this mask twice a week on my face and I can see the difference already. Leave this mask for at least 10-15 minutes or until it dries completely and let the mask work its magic meanwhile you can either go get a shower or enjoy a green tea while relaxing on your bed reading your favorite book. Girl just go crazy enjoy your day out, get into the flow of your pamper routine do everything that makes you feel special.

When the color starts to go a little lighter its time to rinse it off with some warm water,  take a wet towel go ahead and clear everything from your face removing in circulation direction, it can be an intense mask to remove so be gentle. If your face looks super red and irritated there is nothing to worry about you are completely fine. Pat dry your face with a clean towel at the end.

Moisturise: The last and the most important step is to moisturize and treat your skin. First I like to take a small amount of coconut oil on my fingertips to apply it around my eye area to moisturize it. Now I like to take a small amount of my favorite moisturizer Dove Purely Pampering to moisturize my entire face including the neck. Our skin gets ripped out of all the natural sebum during the facial process and it’s really important to moisturize it to provide it with that sebum again. You can apply any type of serum that you want or anti-aging treatments. It’s the best way to replenish your skin.

Treat Your Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Undereyes: Now the next tip is great for your eyebrows, eyelashes and under eyes. If you have thin eyelashes and eyebrows unlike me use natural coconut oil or vaseline to massage those areas I don’t like using fancy expensive products for this cause and I bet this tip is kind of easy and affordable. Sometimes I prepare an under eye mask if I m feeling like doing it but most of the time I like to place cucumber slices on my eyelids and rest for approx 10 minutes. Using Coconut oil and vaseline are really going to help moisturize all those areas well. You can use eye cream of your choice but make sure its light and doest hurt or irritate your eyes, don’t rub too harshly just pat it gently in.

Lip Scrub: Next step is to work on your lips and for this, I m going to use a DIY lip scrub. You will need 1 tsp of sugar and 1tsp of coconut oil that’s it and were done. This is something I like to do maybe 2-3 times a week. Now exfoliate your lips with this lip scrub it’s totally easy to make and works like magic. Everything is super self-explanatory once you get into the flow. Your skin will be fully clean and detoxed leaving you ready for the bed just after. Trust me it’s going to look beautiful next morning.

Just before your about to start your facial, I want you guys to grab a cup of green tea or a bottle of water.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, lemme know down below what more types of post you wanna read and share with me your facial tips cause I will love to read it see you all next time XOXO

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Latte & Frappuccino Recipe:Luxury At Home

What’s your morning ritual??For most of us, each of our morning includes an amazing cup of hot coffee to get the day started and for some, it’s more than JUST A CUP OF COFFEE. its the only thing that keeps them from acting like a zombie in the mornings and eating people’s brain around them.

So, coffee drinkers hers a post for you all.

Homemade lattes are the best way to sip a coffeehouse favorite! made lighter with favorite sweetener, coffee, and milk!

Well, the good news is that it’s gonna be series of posts where I will be sharing a quick guide for making FANCY coffee shop drinks!! I m soo excited to finally work on this. I will be posting all such post under the #LUXURYATHOME tag and I will share these recipes every coming Tuesday’s under #TriedNewTuesday section till the time I can manage to post about COFFEE!! Trying something new and experimenting with the old has always been on my top list whether it be food or anything else.

My city weather has gone kind of insane its cold morning and night and horribly hot during the afternoons making it difficult me to think clear what m I actually craving for HOT or COLD!! I love hot and frozen coffees and this is going to kind of challenging for me but I would love to try some new recipes and share them with you all(if I  will like it) well well its always good to fall into new challenges and achieve them. Coming on to the recipe now:

Preparing a hot latte drink is simple, given you are the right ingredients on hand. A Hot, brewed coffee can brighten up your day and save your money too. Trust me with this you’re putting your hard -earned cash back into your pocket by making all your favorite drinks at home and it tastes as if you’ve bought straight from a coffee shop. Enjoy your hot latte at any time of year morning or night like me during when the thought of having a coffee outside makes you think twice.


  • 1 Shot Espresso
  • Hot Milk
  • Tsp Sweetener of Choice

Brew espresso and heat up the milk on the stove top while you wait. Froth milk in a pot with a hand held frother or you can use your normal blender like I have used after adding in sweeter of choice. Add espresso into a mug (pour quantity according to how strong you want your coffee to be) add frothed milk just after,(pour milk at the corner of a mug to get that fancy coffee shop look) top with cinnamon at the end.

My Mondays are just going better and better. Because a good book and a perfectly chilled chocolatey frozen coffee blended with the ice can make any day better. Plus a homemade copycat that tastes way better than the store bought is always a winner.

It’s the time of year! when iced coffees are my everyday companion. I made a run to my local grocery store with mom the other day. It was so fucking hot and humid. As soon as I got home I pulled out my blender and made this beauty. I still love to start my day with a hot cup of latte but this chilled frappuccino is like an evening treat and recently it has replaced all my evening desserts. Because this is itself like dessert in a mug! Fudge sauce, ice cream and all! you feeling me??

So here’s a copycat frozen coffee drink perfect for the hot summer days! I promise It will take only 5 minutes to whip it up.


  • 2 Espresso
  • 1/3 Cup Milk
  • 1 Tbsp. Sugar
  • 1 Cup Ice Cubes
  • 2 Tbsp. Chocolate Syrup
In a blender add ice, chilled espresso, milk, sugar and chocolate syrup. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. Serve in a glass with a straw. Enjoy!! You can throw on some ice cream like me or decorate with a whipped cream.
I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post. More coffee recipes are coming straight your way. Stay tuned so you won’t miss out anything. Will be back with an amazing post-XOXO
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How I Stay Motivated to be Healthy

Once we get into this fitness journey we are mostly attacked by too many questions like How will I stay motivated? How will I stay inspired? How will I keep fired up for my passion? Will I enjoy it? Do I really need to do this? Why m not seeing the difference? M I working hard enough? and I know all these questions can get you overwhelmed easily and you may feel demotivated and confused to even answer them but don’t you worry I m here to share some self-motivating tips to boost you up.

Every Friday I try to come up with some new fitness inspired topics to help you guys stay motivated with me and for today I just wanted to sit back and quickly share these tips I m rambling about over and over again. I m actually in love with staying fit because it not a thing but a lifestyle that I adore living and moreover, I feel you guys kind of like my fitness and health based post more and I love writing them.

As you all know Self-Motivation is the Best Motivation here are some tips and tricks I use to stay motivated to be healthy. Precisely it’s all about staying on track and these tips have really helped me get back on track when I tend to fall off it.

Good Active Wears:  Staying fit is really important for your mental well-being and for you to stay focused all the time but there is something I need you to know as my first tip to stay inspired. I believe it’s essential to have good active wear that you like and feel comfortable in while your workouts. Sometimes I typically wear my workout clothes for the rest of the day instantly. Now the logic is very simple if you wear good workout clothes you trick your mind into doing things to stay fit. I would like to give my own example when I started my fitness journey I was not having proper workouts clothes and it became very clear to me that I m least interested in putting my body to work but then I released I need some good gym clothes to finally get my butt to work. Now that I have more proper clothes I wear them for home workouts and for my evening walk. I love my gym gear so much and I have recently shared about them in my February favorites. If you’re interested go check it out because workout clothes are so expensive these days and it’s really hard to buy good and affordable ones, but I bet you will find something useful from that post.

Get Serious and Have a Plan: So now that I have hooked you up with your cute little workout clothes I want you guys to get serious (well you can get serious before buying workout clothes too) because we are going to talk about some serious shit now. If you want to get healthy you need to get serious about it first, doing things for showing off in front of others or just for fun won’t give you any benefit. Set a mindset that you will seriously put in all your efforts to stay healthy. Just keep on saying yourself “I m going to be the best at what I do” and this will solve half of your problems. Don’t fool around anymore, get serious you’ll see the change the moment you’ll get serious.

The Blame Game: Just be honest with yourself don’t just keep sitting at a place thinking about getting a Victoria Secret model’s body. Think, if you can’t look like that what can you really look like and most of the times it’s not what you see in the magazine or on T.V just stand in front of the mirror yes you see it there, its the better version of YOU. Stand up tall in the mirror see how good your body can be if you move around a little bit. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, start moving now.

Believe in Yourself: If you believe in yourself you can move mountains. Actually, the blame game is really on everywhere. Everybody just loves comparing themselves with the pretty models out there. But sweetheart you cannot be them and they can never be you. You are unique in your own way. Wake up every day and say yourself that you love yourself the way you are and you’re not going to workout because you hate your body but because you love it. Visualize yourself as doing your best every day. All improvements in life began with an improvement in your mental pictures. Be the better version of you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Stay Inspired: Remind yourself of your goals every single day. Remember they should be realistic that way you won’t feel disheartened if you don’t reach them. But keep pushing (not too hard) and challenging yourself as if you will not take challenges you won’t be working hard for your goals. If you will get distracted from your goals you’ll get less motivated. My inspirational board is helping a hell lot to stay inspired for my workout very single day and I have shared this tip before with you all.

Walk, Walk, Walk: Next one is a very general piece of advice but I want you guys to walk at least 100 steps every day, even its just for a grocery shopping or walking your pet. I would not lie but I walk for 30 minutes every day and I m so excited to share that I have started running lately. It’s very important to walk, some days when I m too busy to go for a walk I will manage to go out for at least 10 minutes just to get in that fresh air. Walking daily will really help you stay fit.

Mini Workouts: If your doing some work or have classes one after the other try to utilize your break to do some mini workout. I work from home and when I m blogging or working with my bows I like to take mini breaks to just stretch my body, do some squats, leg rise, push up anything to get freshen up again. I love to keep my body moving while working this way I feel energized to work even more.

Get Around Right People: It’s very important to be surrounded with positive and happy people because they encourage you at every instance of life. Get around some positive people with goals and plans who are working hard in their life to get somewhere. They will truly inspire you. Back away from negative people that complain and whine about everything they face and trust me life is too short to be surrounded by wrong people they will not do any good by being in your beautiful life.

Stay Hydrated: Next and the important tip which I love to include in all of my posts is to “Stay hydrated”. If you’re eating unhealthy or junk food don’t forget to stay hydrated. Water will solve all your problems. It’s hard to resist junk food sometimes but if you will drink more and more water it will help your body a lot to deal with it.

Nailed It: To know that you are heading in a right direction, measure your success, I have mentioned this in a post before. Always keep a track of your body goals and it can only be done if you will measure your different body parts. You can also take photos because most importantly you need to see how your body fits and feels in clothes and do not forget to accept the amazing compliments you are getting.

Rewards: It’s very important to reward yourself and it can come in many different forms, it don’t just have to be a piece of cake. Appreciate yourself for everything you are doing like exercising, eating healthy, staying fit, working hard for your goals. All these things take time and can be very difficult so make sure to appreciate yourself. You’re rewarding yourself because you know you deserve it.

so these were my tips to keep you motivated to stay healthy and I hope they help you and keep you on a track like me. Share with me if you have something that keep you boosted up. Will love to hear from you. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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10 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans

Hellow everyone thank you very much for coming back again and as I m running out of time I will straight go to today’s post topic for #WardrobeWednesday section. We all love showing off our shoes and I m naturally a big fan of cuff jeans (check out my Instagram you will get it). It’s a great way to attention your shoes and instantly make each outfit look stylish. A pair of flats is always a classic and when you pair them with cuff jeans they look even cuter. With all excitement, I would be sharing about different ways you can cuff your jeans. Cuffing your jeans sound very simple enough right but I wanted to give you some inspiration that I carry myself all the time. I will share all 10 ways with you today including my most favorite way that I usually do and then my least favorite way that all people do.  I m wearing my favorite boyfriend and straight jeans from Westside and slim fit jeans from Levis that I can only like to wear when I cuff them.

Scrunch roll: In this, you’re gonna crunch up the jeans a little bit and then roll it up, you can totally adjust the height. It gives you more casual and relaxed look.

Pegg cuff: It’s perfect for boyfriend and straight leg jeans. Take the bottom hem and fold along the side to tighten around your ankle roll up just above the ankle throw on your heels and go. You can roll up as much as you want according to the pair of shoes you are wearing.

The Skinny Cuff/Roll Up: When it comes to skinny jeans you don’t have much room to cuff so a simple skinny cuff is a perfect way to look stylish and your pair of sandals can be the star. To go for small cuffs tightly roll off your jeans 2-3 times revealing just a little bit of ankle and to make your cuffs larger take the larger section of fabric 2-3 times.

Messy Cuff: I like to call this on as The Messy Cuff. It is as simple as rolling up the hem to wherever you want on your leg. Don’t you worry about neatness here. You just gotta rock and roll. There is no right or wrong just quickly cuff and go but roll up with no intention of making it look neat.

Wide Cuff: I like to call this one as The Wide Cuff. I know its funny but I have named every single one of them to make it easy for you and me as well. This cuff is as simple as rolling one big cuff back and that’s about it. Start by simply flipping up the hem of your jeans to make one large cuff that just ends at the top of your foot.

Cuff Up/Flip Back: Even if you have yourself a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans chances are they gonna be a way too long for you. To cuff them means to avoid two different problems a) neat: means your mom did it for you b) sloppy: it fall apart as soon as you stand up. Luckily I have a way that will avoid both of these problems plus its super easy to do. Make one large cuff making sure the bottom is exactly where you want it to then make one more fold up making sure that the hem of the jeans is still kind of exposed. That’s gonna give you that messy look and then it’s up to if you like to mess it up a little bit more or leave it as YOUR CHOICE!!

Imperfectly Perfect: My next cuff is my all time favorite from the cuff family and I would love to call it as the Imperfectly Perfect. All you have to do is start with the back flip and then you roll it half up again and then you have to bunch up the sides. You don’t have to worry about being perfect folding it. It’s all about throwing this together imperfectly so it doesn’t really look like you met to do it.

Classic Role: Coming back to basics I love to call this one as The Classic Role. Now, this is the cuff that I rarely do coz normal is boring. I don’t know maybe I have started liking things a little off balance and it’s just an ordinary way to fold jeans everybody is into it so its kind of boring to me but on the other hand it gives more of a sophisticated look. All you have to do is roll equal parts up and that’s it you’re done and if you really feel like making a statement, you can do 2-3 larger rolls. This will make your jeans head higher above your ankle and really highlight your shoes.

Under cuff: Undercuff is the best option for your pretty longer jeans. This is such a great solution because you can adjust the hem length to whatever pair of shoes you are going to wear and there is no tailoring involve. If you are wearing a pump leave the hem longer and if you are going to wear a pair of shoes I would suggest raising the hem up a bit.

Slouchy cuff: This can look a bit messy but it’s super chic, start by scrunching the denim to give it a messy look then cuff your jeans with about a 2-inch cuff, and that cuff it again half the way.  You can also make two or three smaller tighter rolls by gathering the fabric and rolling it up.

All right I think I have cuffed enough for today. I hope you guys like this post. Don’t forget to mention your favorite way to cuff your jeans. I would love to hear from you leave a comment down below. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO


14 Ways to deal with a Bad Day

Hellow everyone thank you for stopping by my blog again, I was going through so many topics in my mind to post about for this my #MyLifeMonday section but could not pick one and as you all know I love talking about life topics on Monday I decided to write on “14 Ways to Deal with a Bad Day”. Let’s face it, people, life is really freaking hard to handle sometimes, we all deal with something or the other and when bad days come you feel like there’s never gonna be a tomorrow, taking so much of who you are which is not a good thing. Like many other people in the world I too suffer from bad days due to some family issues, work problems blah blah. There are many times in life I let my bad mood consume my entire day. I just spend the whole day sitting down at one place doing nothing and cursing life, which is totally not a good idea. It’s such an obvious thing, bad mood does not let us think straight or get anything done. There was a time when I was going through bad days, not just a day, it was a series of horrible bad days. But recovery therapies on google helped me get out of it ASAP and I was set with an intention to write about it as soon as I get out of it.

We all go through so much in life that affects our mood and same happened to me but yet I decided to sit down and write about ways to get out of bad days. We all need some kind of company to comfort us through this kind of day, maybe if we talk about it with someone we can get out of it sooner and easier. If you’re going through something or having a real bad time, the only way to make yourself feel better is to help others. Spread knowledge of different things you love or you have learned, just help other people get through their problems. So basically today I m gonna talk about certain things that have helped me get through my bad days and I hope it helps the readers to get off theirs.

Let’s face it we all have bad days, crap going on in our life, nobody is alone we all are in this together and like many other people, I m also here to help you.

What’s Bothering You: The first thing you need to do is figure out what is bothering you. For some people, it’s like duh you’re getting upset over this piece of shit while for others it’s something of deep concern. Just figure it out and don’t let it out of other people like most of us do all the time because they are not responsible for it.

Let it Out: Once you’ve realized what it is the next thing I want you to do is write it down or talk about it with someone close to you, someone you trust with all your heart, a biased person who will listen to whatever you say and not judge you. For someone who does not have that person in life, don’t worry its ok writing is the best therapy. Sit down and write everything you want, you’re feelings just get it all out of your head because if you will keep it all bottled up inside of you I swear you’re just gonna go crazy with time. Writing about my good and bad days have really helped me learn a lot from them, I write down about how I m feeling with no hesitation because letting it all out has helped me get out of it immensely.

Let it Go: Once you have written about it, talked about it all you’ve to do is just LET IT GO. Certain things are not easy to let go, you need to heal them, talk about them, if you’re into a fight you need to talk about it or if it’s an issue it needs to be resolved, obvs. these are the first thing to do but one thing we all need to learn is to let go because some of us are so lost in our own problem that we forget about all good things we have and need in life. No matter how small or big the problem is tomorrow is definitely gonna come. The sun will come up and go down, the wind will still blow and earth will still rotate, nothing is gonna stop. We need to realize that stress and anxiety can consume the good side of us, changing ourselves a lot as a person. If you will not let it go you are gonna hold onto these issues and pain and let it grow inside of you which will make the situation even worse.

Trust Yourself: Lying down depressed, living a miserable life is never ever gonna solve anything. Nothing bad you’re holding onto is worth it at all. The key to living a happy and healthy life is working on your inside and everything on your outside will come together. Some people are really narrow-minded they think buying everything in the world is gonna make their life any better. Believe me, all this huge crap will not solve anything. It’s not materialistic things that are gonna make you happy, nor changing anything on the outside will do any difference all you have to do is start healing your inside.

Stay positive, Think positive: Change your attitude and your mindset, force your brain into thinking more positive and good thoughts. I know it can be really hard if something has been bothering you a lot but you cannot spoil all your day thinking about the same thing. All thing depends on you if you change your mind you can change your life. Trick yourself into thinking “I m just gonna let this go and enjoy my life”.

Pray to God: This is something I just love to do personally if I m having a bad day or I feel totally confused where my life is going. I like to pray and for me, this has turned to be really focusing and resetting me back to my goal. Praying gives me energy, and I realize that things I m going through that day have so much meaning to it. It reminds me that god is there everything is under his control and he will make me strong.

Distract Yourself: Next is something that I personally love to do and will recommend to everyone reading this. Just distract yourself from everything going in your life, for instance, I like to go out for a walk, try something new with my bows, make myself a cup of coffee and read a book, play with my babies and for me it’s all like a therapy. Get into this ME TIME therapy to make everything around you better this all will really help you calm down. Take some time for yourself I will recommend you doing anything you feel comfortable with.

Set Goals: I really like to take time every morning to write things that need to be done throughout the day. Setting goals have also helped me reflect and refocus myself. I like to set smaller goals like weekly and daily because when I see the big goals what I want and I don’t have really upsets me. But when I actually break down my goals day by day and make plans on what I need to do each day to get there it becomes way more possible and less stressful.

Get Outside: Lot of times when I m going through a bad day instead of being all by myself, lying on a bed, being alone I would rather go out to run an errand. Even if it’s just as going outside to get some fresh air. Sometimes moving from that space you’re being frustrated in can really reset your mood. You can feel more alive and happy.

Hang Out With people: Now comes the fun part, I always feel better when I eat something good. It’s my all time favorite thing to do, go out with my friends or family and eat something I m craving for.

Spa Treatment: When you’re going through a bad or stressful day nothing can be better than putting a face mask and getting a long hot shower. It really helps to wipe off all bad thoughts out of your body leaving you all new to start to start fresh the next day.

Get into a hobby: No matter what it is cooking, reading, writing find something that you can feel connected to and dedicate your time to it. If you spend time doing things you really like it will help you remove the intensity of bad mood prevailing. Because you’re completely focused on something else you will not think about your problems anymore. Learning something new and actively bettering yourself with it can help you deal with a  bad day way faster.

Exercise: Don’t take me wrong with this one because I m not joking at all.  We all deal with something or the other but that doesn’t mean we would play with our health or put it to any risk if you’re someone who don’t workout you must be thinking as “exercise can put me in the worst mood possible” but that not true workout is the best way to get out a bad mood ASAP. If you can get through a sweaty intense workout I bet you can get through anything in life. I feel so much better after my workout and it’s not just a thing I m saying but that’s an actual fact. When you workout your body releases endorphins and endorphins make you really really happy.

Clean And Organise: When I m organizing and cleaning I m literally making space for new things in my life. I think it’s the best way to get over a bad day. If your space is really cluttered it can be a little overwhelming and it also becomes easy for your bad mood to take over your personality and make you more anxious. Clean your surroundings to feel a little peaceful.

Whether you realize this or not but every single human being on this earth has something going on in their life and you have to know that you’re not alone in this. Believe in yourself and it will get better whatever you’re going through. We have no idea how much power god has blessed us with, it’s all within ourselves and at the end of the day, its gonna be all about you, how you can as a person gets out of it without letting your life fall into pieces. I hope I have helped you anyhow with this post. If you’re having some tips please do share below. I would love to include them in my life. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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February Favorites 2017

January is the first month, a new blank calendar on your wall full of new opportunities and possibilities. In a lot of ways, we feel wiped clean of the mistakes of the previous year. But anyways it’s also time to make new mistakes, learn more from them, and hopefully make the year even better than the last. The phrase “New year new me” should not just be a phrase but I really think that we should make something out of it. January is over and so is February I don’t know how that happened but it was real fast and you know what that means its time to talk about my monthly favorites. I have a whole new story of my life to tell you guys and sharing February Favorites would be a perfect way of doing it. If you’ve been reading my post regularly then you know that I m trying hard but not too hard to put my life together in a positive and fun way and believe me I m enjoying it a lot. I don’t like pressurizing myself for anything but staying inspired has always helped me.

I m doing this monthly favorites thing for the very first time on my blog hope it will be fun for me and the readers as well. I love watching and reading monthly favorites posts because people share their experiences about different kind of things in different categories they have been using whether it be a piece of accessories, clothing, fav movie, music or book anything related to their life and I thought starting this thing with the new year would be an absolutely cool idea. I have got a lot of stuff to talk about I m currently obsessing over. Hell, this month passed so freaking fast but I m glad to post about February favorite. There are few things that I discovered at the very end of 2016 and I have been using them a lot in 2017. These are some of my fav things from the self-help book to accessories that have made me feel happy. As I have told you all I m doing my first favorites post of the year so I m gonna try and do this every single month because you know why not make our life little more interesting guys. As you can see I m over the top excited for this post, this new year I took soo many resolutions and one was to try new things in life and stay on track doing things I love. I know it’s a busy and hectic life but some things give me pleasure so I love to incorporate them into my daily living. I have been trying few things from like a month or two in different categories that have made me write about them. I believe it’s a great idea to share stuff that has been my favorite so that you can pick anything from mine and make it your own favorite cause why not, it’s always good to know about new things.

I have tons of favorite to go through this month so let’s get straight to them.


 Life Update

Quote: “If God is with Me nothing can be Against me” I truly live by this quote, whenever I m feeling low or something bad happens I chant this quotes like a mantra to calm my soul. Believing in god all the way more has changed my life. Nothing is this world is difficult if you just start believing in him because he starts believing in you.

The Thing I Learned This Month:  Also this month I set a goal list & tried my best to achieve them all, self-love being my top priority. Making to-do list helped me stay organized and achieve my goals AKA dreams with deadlines. Everybody over youtube is rambling about organizing life in a day, week and month, I gave it a try too. It’s the best thing happened to me in Feb and I will soon write about it, also m thinking of sharing my monthly goal list with you all.

Fav Habit: I learned Self Love, also I have written a post about it. For this, I want to thank Lavendaire. She is such an amazing person to share creative ideas about self-love and productive life. I learned this “Morning Pages” thing from her, every day while having breakfast I like to write about the previous day, how it was, things I did, good things bad things, my prayers and all. Times when I m too busy to write morning pages I will do it in evenings enjoying my coffee. I try my best not to miss it. Morning pages made me learn new things about life & me as well. I love writing and believe it’s a perfect way to express how I feel. I hope to write morning pages for the rest of my life.

New Journal: Being an avid journaler I love putting pen to paper to let my thoughts just flow. Talking about the fare I got so many things from it and this journal is really close to my heart (vintage products being my fav). I have been using all items nonstop completely obsessing over them. This journal is handmade, out of many other notebooks available I got the one I can really feel connect to. Got this on my second visit. This kind of stuff is hard to resist and I drool over such fancy notebooks. If you are into writing, I bet you’ll feel me. Writing is the way I get to know and heal myself, also it’s a great way to document my life.

Fav Thing Happened: Out of all favorites this one is the BEST, my family adopted two cats. I have never been this excited to share something about my life. It was my dream to have a pet and now it’s the reality. In only a month they have become the heart of the family. Everybody loves and care for them. Besides the fact that my parents hate animals they agreed to keep them especially my father. I love spending time with them and they have kind of started loving us all.


Green Tea: Although I have tried many flavors of Twinings green tea, Earl gray has always been my favorite. But this time dad got me two flavors Camomile and Earl gray. Was not at all excited to try Camomile (didn’t taste well at starting) as it had hell lot of fragrance which I hate in green teas but later I realized it’s very soothing and calming (once I got into the habit of drinking). The flavor is kind of tropical and helps me fall asleep after a long stressful day.

Infused Water: My favorite infused water recipe for this month has been the “Strawberry+Orange+Mint” detox water. Have been drinking it over and over again. I m so thankful that infused water has helped me drink 3 bottles of water a day. Normal water bores me to death so why not have a little experiment with fruits. Detox water is good for our body and skin and I can totally see the difference in mine.


Skincare Products: Since it is winter and my skin is definitely responding to it by being all tight and dry. The way I have been dealing with this is using one of my favorite skin cream from Dove. This is a face cream and has LAVENDER extracts in it making it really really calming. I put this on my face morning and night dry hand onto dry face. When I put this on I can feel its lotion consistency, I massage it into my skin and it immediately calms it. I have never used anything that is so immediately soothing. I love the smell because it’s made with real lavender. God bless the company for creating such as masterpiece. Never reviewed the ones available in India as dad got this one from Kuwait. He loves shopping for us and I could not thank him more for getting it. It’s so light and creamy, fragrance being totally mesmerizing. I don’t feel as I m wearing anything on my face. Its hard to find good skin care products, either they are too oily or too dry for my skin. But I feel this one is made for my skin. Other than the face cream there is one more product I would like to talk about, it’s the Nike sports deodorant. I m not that much into deo and all stuff but this one makes me feel fresh. Btw this was my first time with any of Nike’s product. Fresh, affordable and good quality.

Lip color: This lip color was a gift. It’s from a brand called Revlon, nudes are my fav they go perfectly summer to fall and looks good on every skin color. Though I have too many nude shades to handle I won’t regret buying more. I have two shades from the same brand and they are creamiest and highly pigmented out of all lipsticks I owe. I have worn this soo many times, you can have a look at my Instagram pictures. I love using it alone or mix it with other shades to create a totally different color. It blends easily almost with every color making the look more soothing.


Clothing Pieces: Under fav clothing pieces for Feb I would be sharing about my current workout gear shopping, I was running out of gym clothes and decided to make a quick visit to a local thrift store. Never felt this happy walking out of thrift store. I got 2 tops and 3 bottoms from a brand called “Colors of the United”. I got all these at a price of one sports bra from Nike yeaahh!! They feel like heaven on my body, totally stretchable and comfortable. I have worn them nonstop every single day, entire fall and now summer. Their lightweight nature makes me wear them for a daily evening walk. The best gym clothes I have ever got from a Thrift Store lightweight and comfy, a perfect steal deal.


Jewelry Piece: For jewelry pieces, I would be talking about a vintage bohemian piece I m wearing in the image below. I was looking for it from a really long time and the pieces I ever came across were out of my budget so I never got one. But in December I went to a fair in my city and got this amazing neckpiece at an unbelievably low price, I couldn’t believe my ears when he said the price. So happy to finally add this to my bohemian collection.

Handbag: I got this handbag from the fare as well, it soo hard to bargain in local market, sometimes I m good at it and sometimes not. But I was okay to pay the price he asked for. I don’t owe any vintage, colorful and bohemian handbag so was ready to pay the price. It looked gorgeous with an all black outfit. But I do carry it well all the time.

Footwear: I also got this vintage kolhapuri sleeper from the same fare. I was confused between silver and copper but mum chose this for me. It goes perfectly with all my ethnic outfits and rock western wear too. You can find this anywhere in Udaipur, they come in enormous varieties, colors and patterns. The old pair looks like a complete mess now so buying it was a cool idea.


Books: I have got into this habit of completing a book monthly but this time I read two books “Dead and Gone” by Charlaine Harris and “Girl of my Dreams” by Durjoy Dutta. This was my first time with Charlaine but second with Durjoy. He is an amazing writer and I feel connected with the characters while reading it and same happened with Dead and Gone. Though I was stupid enough to buy the last part of the book I barely know about I enjoyed reading it. I will try reading the other parts of Dead and Gone online. For this month these two have been my favorite I really enjoyed reading them.


Fav Workout & Yoga: I got bored doing my usual workout routine so decided to try something new and took this monthly yoga and workout challenge. With these I started from zero again lately, I have been focusing on body toning exercises more and this time I was all set for belly flattening. Body toning exercises are so cool they help you focus on a particular body part. Have been doing a set of 3 cool exercises daily for a month. All you have to do is add more and more each day till you get into the habit. I bet it’s the best way of getting into a workout routine because you can all start as a beginner. My experience with this yoga and workout challenge has been amazing so far and I have decided to try a new challenge in March. Due to excess workload during February I decided to try a monthly challenge, I was just trying to stick to my workout routine.


Fav Song: Out of all songs, I heard in February “Pretty Girl” by Maggie Lindemann has been my fav. Geez its soo good, playing it over and over again. I used to follow her on Instagram never thought she could sing so well. It’s my first time with her songs, definitely gonna try to hear from her albums. And the song it’s amazing I can totally relate to it. It’s for all the girls out there. You will feel how she is feeling and how a girl feels about herself, what she wants to be and what she want to show to the rest of the world. I can’t even get it out of my mind, I feel connected to every word she says in her song coz its soo damn true.

Fav Movie: I saw this one with my brother its called “The Good Dinosaur”. Out of all genres, animation has always been my favorite. It fills you with happiness and joy, also they carry a good moral. These kinds of movies are best to watch with family and I saw this while having a weekend family dinner. Feb has been really hectic I was planning to watch a documentary or any Netflix show but it seemed next to impossible. But this one paid me back, it was so cute and funny, the boy and the dinosaur share such an amazing friendship and learn new things throughout their journey.


Bottle: I have been carrying this from last 3-4 years with me. After graduating from college I barely got a chance to use it. I don’t like giving away things close to my heart and so decided to use drink my flavored water. I keep this while working out or when I m out for a walk. The color is still soo gorgeous. I m trying to make use of all things I own.

Fav Youtubers: I have a lot of favorite YouTubers and love discovering new all the time. But currently, there are two I have deep respect for. The first one, I have been watching her channel for over a year now and the second one I discovered her channel currently. I like a lot of people in this world, everyone is different and has a different level of creativity and mindset. There is something about these two girls that I really love and the spark in their personality make me watch their videos again and again. Now it’s time to reveal the name, I m talking about KALYN NICHOLSON and LAVENDAIRE. Both of them are lifestyle YouTubers. You all must be knowing them they are so famous over youtube but I still decided to write about them on my blog as their creativity, positivity and inspiring attitude have given me a whole new mindset to live life. It’s not that I m here to promote anyone but I would seriously love to share about them. They have inspired the hell out of me, from being a potato sack sitting at the corner of my bed I have become a productive person enjoying every bit of life and working hard for my goals every single day. They have completely different personalities, every time I watch their videos I get positive vibes. Everything they do seriously inspire me and a lot of other people in the world. I won’t ramble any further but ask you to visit their channel and you will understand it yourself.  Well, I believe in taking good things from different people in the world and they have given me uncountable.

LAVENDAIRE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lavendaire/videos

KALYN NICHOLSON: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kalynxo13/videos

So that’s it with my favorite I hope you guys will find something useful and helpful to try. I would also love to know what have been your February Favorite that I can give a try too. Just comment them down below. You know I always love hearing from you. See you next time with an amazing post XOXO