14 Ways to deal with a Bad Day

Hellow everyone thank you for stopping by my blog again, I was going through so many topics in my mind to post about for this my #MyLifeMonday section but could not pick one and as you all know I love talking about life topics on Monday I decided to write on “14 Ways to Deal with a Bad Day”. Let’s face it, people, life is really freaking hard to handle sometimes, we all deal with something or the other and when bad days come you feel like there’s never gonna be a tomorrow, taking so much of who you are which is not a good thing. Like many other people in the world I too suffer from bad days due to some family issues, work problems blah blah. There are many times in life I let my bad mood consume my entire day. I just spend the whole day sitting down at one place doing nothing and cursing life, which is totally not a good idea. It’s such an obvious thing, bad mood does not let us think straight or get anything done. There was a time when I was going through bad days, not just a day, it was a series of horrible bad days. But recovery therapies on google helped me get out of it ASAP and I was set with an intention to write about it as soon as I get out of it.

We all go through so much in life that affects our mood and same happened to me but yet I decided to sit down and write about ways to get out of bad days. We all need some kind of company to comfort us through this kind of day, maybe if we talk about it with someone we can get out of it sooner and easier. If you’re going through something or having a real bad time, the only way to make yourself feel better is to help others. Spread knowledge of different things you love or you have learned, just help other people get through their problems. So basically today I m gonna talk about certain things that have helped me get through my bad days and I hope it helps the readers to get off theirs.

Let’s face it we all have bad days, crap going on in our life, nobody is alone we all are in this together and like many other people, I m also here to help you.

What’s Bothering You: The first thing you need to do is figure out what is bothering you. For some people, it’s like duh you’re getting upset over this piece of shit while for others it’s something of deep concern. Just figure it out and don’t let it out of other people like most of us do all the time because they are not responsible for it.

Let it Out: Once you’ve realized what it is the next thing I want you to do is write it down or talk about it with someone close to you, someone you trust with all your heart, a biased person who will listen to whatever you say and not judge you. For someone who does not have that person in life, don’t worry its ok writing is the best therapy. Sit down and write everything you want, you’re feelings just get it all out of your head because if you will keep it all bottled up inside of you I swear you’re just gonna go crazy with time. Writing about my good and bad days have really helped me learn a lot from them, I write down about how I m feeling with no hesitation because letting it all out has helped me get out of it immensely.

Let it Go: Once you have written about it, talked about it all you’ve to do is just LET IT GO. Certain things are not easy to let go, you need to heal them, talk about them, if you’re into a fight you need to talk about it or if it’s an issue it needs to be resolved, obvs. these are the first thing to do but one thing we all need to learn is to let go because some of us are so lost in our own problem that we forget about all good things we have and need in life. No matter how small or big the problem is tomorrow is definitely gonna come. The sun will come up and go down, the wind will still blow and earth will still rotate, nothing is gonna stop. We need to realize that stress and anxiety can consume the good side of us, changing ourselves a lot as a person. If you will not let it go you are gonna hold onto these issues and pain and let it grow inside of you which will make the situation even worse.

Trust Yourself: Lying down depressed, living a miserable life is never ever gonna solve anything. Nothing bad you’re holding onto is worth it at all. The key to living a happy and healthy life is working on your inside and everything on your outside will come together. Some people are really narrow-minded they think buying everything in the world is gonna make their life any better. Believe me, all this huge crap will not solve anything. It’s not materialistic things that are gonna make you happy, nor changing anything on the outside will do any difference all you have to do is start healing your inside.

Stay positive, Think positive: Change your attitude and your mindset, force your brain into thinking more positive and good thoughts. I know it can be really hard if something has been bothering you a lot but you cannot spoil all your day thinking about the same thing. All thing depends on you if you change your mind you can change your life. Trick yourself into thinking “I m just gonna let this go and enjoy my life”.

Pray to God: This is something I just love to do personally if I m having a bad day or I feel totally confused where my life is going. I like to pray and for me, this has turned to be really focusing and resetting me back to my goal. Praying gives me energy, and I realize that things I m going through that day have so much meaning to it. It reminds me that god is there everything is under his control and he will make me strong.

Distract Yourself: Next is something that I personally love to do and will recommend to everyone reading this. Just distract yourself from everything going in your life, for instance, I like to go out for a walk, try something new with my bows, make myself a cup of coffee and read a book, play with my babies and for me it’s all like a therapy. Get into this ME TIME therapy to make everything around you better this all will really help you calm down. Take some time for yourself I will recommend you doing anything you feel comfortable with.

Set Goals: I really like to take time every morning to write things that need to be done throughout the day. Setting goals have also helped me reflect and refocus myself. I like to set smaller goals like weekly and daily because when I see the big goals what I want and I don’t have really upsets me. But when I actually break down my goals day by day and make plans on what I need to do each day to get there it becomes way more possible and less stressful.

Get Outside: Lot of times when I m going through a bad day instead of being all by myself, lying on a bed, being alone I would rather go out to run an errand. Even if it’s just as going outside to get some fresh air. Sometimes moving from that space you’re being frustrated in can really reset your mood. You can feel more alive and happy.

Hang Out With people: Now comes the fun part, I always feel better when I eat something good. It’s my all time favorite thing to do, go out with my friends or family and eat something I m craving for.

Spa Treatment: When you’re going through a bad or stressful day nothing can be better than putting a face mask and getting a long hot shower. It really helps to wipe off all bad thoughts out of your body leaving you all new to start to start fresh the next day.

Get into a hobby: No matter what it is cooking, reading, writing find something that you can feel connected to and dedicate your time to it. If you spend time doing things you really like it will help you remove the intensity of bad mood prevailing. Because you’re completely focused on something else you will not think about your problems anymore. Learning something new and actively bettering yourself with it can help you deal with a  bad day way faster.

Exercise: Don’t take me wrong with this one because I m not joking at all.  We all deal with something or the other but that doesn’t mean we would play with our health or put it to any risk if you’re someone who don’t workout you must be thinking as “exercise can put me in the worst mood possible” but that not true workout is the best way to get out a bad mood ASAP. If you can get through a sweaty intense workout I bet you can get through anything in life. I feel so much better after my workout and it’s not just a thing I m saying but that’s an actual fact. When you workout your body releases endorphins and endorphins make you really really happy.

Clean And Organise: When I m organizing and cleaning I m literally making space for new things in my life. I think it’s the best way to get over a bad day. If your space is really cluttered it can be a little overwhelming and it also becomes easy for your bad mood to take over your personality and make you more anxious. Clean your surroundings to feel a little peaceful.

Whether you realize this or not but every single human being on this earth has something going on in their life and you have to know that you’re not alone in this. Believe in yourself and it will get better whatever you’re going through. We have no idea how much power god has blessed us with, it’s all within ourselves and at the end of the day, its gonna be all about you, how you can as a person gets out of it without letting your life fall into pieces. I hope I have helped you anyhow with this post. If you’re having some tips please do share below. I would love to include them in my life. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO


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