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10 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans

Hellow everyone thank you very much for coming back again and as I m running out of time I will straight go to today’s post topic for #WardrobeWednesday section. We all love showing off our shoes and I m naturally a big fan of cuff jeans (check out my Instagram you will get it). It’s a great way to attention your shoes and instantly make each outfit look stylish. A pair of flats is always a classic and when you pair them with cuff jeans they look even cuter. With all excitement, I would be sharing about different ways you can cuff your jeans. Cuffing your jeans sound very simple enough right but I wanted to give you some inspiration that I carry myself all the time. I will share all 10 ways with you today including my most favorite way that I usually do and then my least favorite way that all people do.  I m wearing my favorite boyfriend and straight jeans from Westside and slim fit jeans from Levis that I can only like to wear when I cuff them.

Scrunch roll: In this, you’re gonna crunch up the jeans a little bit and then roll it up, you can totally adjust the height. It gives you more casual and relaxed look.

Pegg cuff: It’s perfect for boyfriend and straight leg jeans. Take the bottom hem and fold along the side to tighten around your ankle roll up just above the ankle throw on your heels and go. You can roll up as much as you want according to the pair of shoes you are wearing.

The Skinny Cuff/Roll Up: When it comes to skinny jeans you don’t have much room to cuff so a simple skinny cuff is a perfect way to look stylish and your pair of sandals can be the star. To go for small cuffs tightly roll off your jeans 2-3 times revealing just a little bit of ankle and to make your cuffs larger take the larger section of fabric 2-3 times.

Messy Cuff: I like to call this on as The Messy Cuff. It is as simple as rolling up the hem to wherever you want on your leg. Don’t you worry about neatness here. You just gotta rock and roll. There is no right or wrong just quickly cuff and go but roll up with no intention of making it look neat.

Wide Cuff: I like to call this one as The Wide Cuff. I know its funny but I have named every single one of them to make it easy for you and me as well. This cuff is as simple as rolling one big cuff back and that’s about it. Start by simply flipping up the hem of your jeans to make one large cuff that just ends at the top of your foot.

Cuff Up/Flip Back: Even if you have yourself a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans chances are they gonna be a way too long for you. To cuff them means to avoid two different problems a) neat: means your mom did it for you b) sloppy: it fall apart as soon as you stand up. Luckily I have a way that will avoid both of these problems plus its super easy to do. Make one large cuff making sure the bottom is exactly where you want it to then make one more fold up making sure that the hem of the jeans is still kind of exposed. That’s gonna give you that messy look and then it’s up to if you like to mess it up a little bit more or leave it as YOUR CHOICE!!

Imperfectly Perfect: My next cuff is my all time favorite from the cuff family and I would love to call it as the Imperfectly Perfect. All you have to do is start with the back flip and then you roll it half up again and then you have to bunch up the sides. You don’t have to worry about being perfect folding it. It’s all about throwing this together imperfectly so it doesn’t really look like you met to do it.

Classic Role: Coming back to basics I love to call this one as The Classic Role. Now, this is the cuff that I rarely do coz normal is boring. I don’t know maybe I have started liking things a little off balance and it’s just an ordinary way to fold jeans everybody is into it so its kind of boring to me but on the other hand it gives more of a sophisticated look. All you have to do is roll equal parts up and that’s it you’re done and if you really feel like making a statement, you can do 2-3 larger rolls. This will make your jeans head higher above your ankle and really highlight your shoes.

Under cuff: Undercuff is the best option for your pretty longer jeans. This is such a great solution because you can adjust the hem length to whatever pair of shoes you are going to wear and there is no tailoring involve. If you are wearing a pump leave the hem longer and if you are going to wear a pair of shoes I would suggest raising the hem up a bit.

Slouchy cuff: This can look a bit messy but it’s super chic, start by scrunching the denim to give it a messy look then cuff your jeans with about a 2-inch cuff, and that cuff it again half the way.  You can also make two or three smaller tighter rolls by gathering the fabric and rolling it up.

All right I think I have cuffed enough for today. I hope you guys like this post. Don’t forget to mention your favorite way to cuff your jeans. I would love to hear from you leave a comment down below. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO


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