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At Home Facial Routine

Welcome back to my blog guys, it’s no lie that I love to come up with something new every Saturday and it’s also no secret that I love sharing beauty tips that I have discovered recently and that actually worked for my skin. I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you all my “At home Facial Routine” as I was willing to share it with you all from a long time. I have had an amazing success with this routine, also I noticed a huge difference in the health and appearance of my skin. I m really look forward to doing this every week because it leaves my skin soft and glowing for the next 3-4 days. It only takes me about 30 minutes to get over with it and I guess its no big deal for self-care. My skin type is very sensitive as I have comparatively thin skin than normal but it’s not prone to breakout neither its oily, I m blessed to have such an amazing skin. I think 80% of the population struggles with acne and nobody is alone in this. I thought writing this post will be really helpful and informative for people looking forward to at home facial routines also I have been trying some new products that I will be sharing in this post today. If you want me to write about more such beauty post lemme know in the comment box below and let’s get started!!

Cleanse Face: The first step to any facial is to make sure your face is cleansed from oil, dirt, and makeup. I tend to alternate between two cleansers coconut oil and Nivea face cleanser. Both of them are gentle for any skin type and under budget too. Some days before my pamper routine if I m wearing makeup I will remove using my favorite Nivea Facial Cleanser but most of the time I love using coconut oil to remove makeup because it’s the best natural cleanser. First I remove my eye makeup and lipstick using Coconut Oil by just rubbing it gently over these areas because it’s the gentle and protective way to remove any makeup residue. Don’t scrub your eyes and lips like crazy you may hurt yourself. Using the Neutrogena wipes I remove all the residue, oil and makeup, I pat it around my eyes. You can also use a damp towel for doing so. Removing your makeup layer by layer helps to remove it properly. Coconut oil can be used for deep cleansing, for some people it’s hard to use oil as a cleanser as they already have oily skin and using more oil can make the skin worse, it’s totally optional to use any type of cleanser that it suitable for your skin. After removing with Neutrogena wipes I take a hot towel bring out all the hot water so that it becomes nice and steamy and apply it on my face, steam is going to remove any of the coconut oil remains from my pores. As the oil gets removed from my face so does a lot of other dirt and buildup. This is actually going to help your skin look clearer over time, be patient take your time and remove that bunch of oil from your face.

Exfoliate: Now when your skin is clear of all makeup next step is to exfoliate which will remove all the dead skin cells and make you look nice and glowy. So if you have dry skin I would recommend using a moisturizing scrub. Days when I feel like going all natural I would mix sugar with coconut oil for having a nice and hydrating scrub, you can also use sugar and honey or just honey by itself since it has all those amazing skin benefits. Some days I like using Nivea purifying face as a scrub, it’s like a liquid peel exfoliator and works amazingly both as a face wash and exfoliator. It doest has that soapy consistency which is actually for your skin. Just take a small amount on your palm rub it between and apply straight to your face now gently work all over your face and neck don’t be too harsh while scrubbing, the skin that comes off is insanely incredible, it’s almost disturbing to see so much of dead skin but yet again it good for your face though. You can see all skin peeling off on your palm. Don’t exfoliate over any open acne and sores let them heal but use it on the rest of your face and again wipe away all the extra product. Your skin will feel amazing just after exfoliation.

Steam: The next step is to steam your face which really helps to remove impurities. All I do is boil a pot of water and once it’s boiling I will take it off the stove and let it cool for few seconds and then I place my face a few inches from the pot and really let that steam open up my pores. Now, this can help to get rid of blackheads, pimple and those other stubborn impurities that are stuck deep down in your skin because it gently opens the pores and releases those impurities. After a few minutes rinse your face with some water and get ready for the fourth step.

Apply a Face Mask: Now coming on to the face mask I like using a homemade mask. This is something that I love doing whenever I feel like putting an extra effort to make my skin feel more special. So here’s a quick DIY face mask if you guys are interested in knowing. Take 2 tsp of gram flour+few drops of milk+1 tsp of oil and blend it together until it forms a nice creamy consistency now apply it all over your face and neck using an old foundation brush but make sure it’s clean. This face mask is one hundred percent natural, you can also use your fingers for doing so but I like using a brush because it helps to apply face mask faster and more evenly and I also like doing this because it feels quite soothing. This face mask is great if you have facial hair like me I have got so irritated of getting my face waxed time and again it’s so painful and it’s making my skin look bad and acne prone and now that I have quit waxing my face I tend to apply this mask twice a week on my face and I can see the difference already. Leave this mask for at least 10-15 minutes or until it dries completely and let the mask work its magic meanwhile you can either go get a shower or enjoy a green tea while relaxing on your bed reading your favorite book. Girl just go crazy enjoy your day out, get into the flow of your pamper routine do everything that makes you feel special.

When the color starts to go a little lighter its time to rinse it off with some warm water,  take a wet towel go ahead and clear everything from your face removing in circulation direction, it can be an intense mask to remove so be gentle. If your face looks super red and irritated there is nothing to worry about you are completely fine. Pat dry your face with a clean towel at the end.

Moisturise: The last and the most important step is to moisturize and treat your skin. First I like to take a small amount of coconut oil on my fingertips to apply it around my eye area to moisturize it. Now I like to take a small amount of my favorite moisturizer Dove Purely Pampering to moisturize my entire face including the neck. Our skin gets ripped out of all the natural sebum during the facial process and it’s really important to moisturize it to provide it with that sebum again. You can apply any type of serum that you want or anti-aging treatments. It’s the best way to replenish your skin.

Treat Your Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Undereyes: Now the next tip is great for your eyebrows, eyelashes and under eyes. If you have thin eyelashes and eyebrows unlike me use natural coconut oil or vaseline to massage those areas I don’t like using fancy expensive products for this cause and I bet this tip is kind of easy and affordable. Sometimes I prepare an under eye mask if I m feeling like doing it but most of the time I like to place cucumber slices on my eyelids and rest for approx 10 minutes. Using Coconut oil and vaseline are really going to help moisturize all those areas well. You can use eye cream of your choice but make sure its light and doest hurt or irritate your eyes, don’t rub too harshly just pat it gently in.

Lip Scrub: Next step is to work on your lips and for this, I m going to use a DIY lip scrub. You will need 1 tsp of sugar and 1tsp of coconut oil that’s it and were done. This is something I like to do maybe 2-3 times a week. Now exfoliate your lips with this lip scrub it’s totally easy to make and works like magic. Everything is super self-explanatory once you get into the flow. Your skin will be fully clean and detoxed leaving you ready for the bed just after. Trust me it’s going to look beautiful next morning.

Just before your about to start your facial, I want you guys to grab a cup of green tea or a bottle of water.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, lemme know down below what more types of post you wanna read and share with me your facial tips cause I will love to read it see you all next time XOXO


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