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March Look-book: 3 Favorite Outifts

Hellow everyone welcome back to my blog, I m so excited for today’s post. Summer is finally here and its time for me to style my fav long cotton tops which usually hide for months during winter. I have got my hands on few new things recently so including them I decided to post about my “Current 3 Favorite Outfits” For today’s #WardrobeWednesday section. In INDIA we are coming into more warmer or hotter months. I can feel it getting hotter every single day but then I don’t understand why my skin feels dry at night?? I will be truthful It hasn’t been that hot lately I can feel my body still bearing all those warm sun rays. Knowing that I haven’t shared any spring summer lookbook or outfits ideas lately I thought it would be perfect time to do so and let me tell you it’s going to be all about long-cotton-summer this time because 1st its summer and 2nd my cotton obsession is on but on the other hand I won’t deny the fact that I feel more comfortable in this kind of outfits. If you have a long day to deal ahead of you, I bet you can never go wrong with anything COTTON!! These outfits are comfortable and I can wear them on days when I have some basic errands to run. I would request my readers totally give it a try if you are a Basic Long Top Lover LIKE ME!!

Outfit 1

In the first outfit, I m wearing my regular jockey leggings which I absolutely love and adore(You must be knowing that from my Instagram pictures). I have paired them with a gorgeous knee length cotton top that I recently got stitched from a local tailor in my city. I saw the same pattern top on some Korean sites so I decided to get one stitched for myself coz why not being a Muslim Indian its a part of our life to spend half of our life in it. It has long sleeves which I can fold up to any length I want plus the neck is round and same length front and back. This top gives me more of that comfy Pakistani girl look I guess. The neck length is perfect for petite and short girls like me. I love pairing this top with this black suede wrap choker which is also a part of my MARCH favorites. I m wearing my regular and comfy pair of flats from American Eagle. They go perfectly with any Indo-Western outfit.


Next, I m wearing this long gray dress as a top from a brand called Jennyfer. Now, this dress has a horrible story behind it. I got this as a long slit maxi dress from a thrift store really long time back when I was obsessing over such summer dresses. I got it fitted because it was in bigger size and too loose for me but when I washed it before trying It Shrinked!! yes and with that my chances of wearing it too. Out of all clothes that I owe my New MAXI Dress got SHRINKED!! and I don’t know how the hell did that happened. After months of thinking I decided to do something with it at least, I wanted to make a use of it. I opened both the sides and got them stitched like a long slit top and now I pair it with my comfiest leggings or with a super cute pair of jeans. It looks amazing any which way. I m happy after all those struggles I’ve made some use of it. It’s sleeveless so I have added my denim shirt and I never forget to wear my wrap choker with these kinds of comfy yet stylish outfits. For shoes, I have my soulmates (TOMS) here from Airwalk. I could seriously spend the rest of my life in it I swear!!


Last I m wearing this high-low extra long cotton top from Westside. It’s little bigger for me but as I got this as a gift I could not get it exchanged. I love the print and color of it’s warm and soothing perfect for summer. I got a pair of palazzo pants with this but I don’t like wearing them much as they are way to big for me plus it looks as if I m wearing my mom’s stuff. I like the loose and comfy texture of it. If you caught me yes I m wearing my wrap choker here too but the rest of it is inside, I just wanted to show the thin black strap and again my fav pair of leggings and bronze Kolhapuri flats from a recent fair visit.

If you like any of the outfit do mention below in the comment box and if you want me to do more such post lemme know till then enjoy the summer guys!! Will be back with a healthy post XOXO


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