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March Favorites 2017

I know I know march has long gone and so has April its time now for me to write about my April favorites. But as I wrote this march favorites post long time back by putting all my heart into it I still decided to post it in May. There were some technical issues going on first into my town and then into my house when everything got over so was April I couldn’t get to to publish this post though I tried soo many new products and I was badly excited to share about the I couldnt publish this post in time. Sorry for all this inconvenience but the post is finally here. Without any editing I m publishing it straight hope you all enjoy reading it.

Ohhh April!!! your’re here, lets just talk about some of my favorite things from march. Hello, you guys I hope you all are doing well, as you can tell from the title above this is gonna be a favorites post under #StyleItSaturday section. Just like the month of February I have got lots of new things on my hand this time too. I know I say this every month but march did go so quickly and I feel like this coz I have something new to look forward to every week. It’s hard to believe how fast the month of march went it was my favorite and literally its gone with the blink of an eye. I think it had a lot to do with the enormous no of orders I got recently. I worked my ass off on each one of them but as I m free now I can finally sit down and give you the run down of my favorites for the month of March.

So many things have changed lately in my life, its kind of overwhelming but I m so happy and excited for all these positive changes. 

So without rambling any further lets just get straight to my March Favorite!!

Life Update

Quote: I m gonna start with Quote first. My favorite quote for the month March has been:

“When you take you BURDENS to GOD, you’ll find REST in HIM”

You guys know how much i love sharing quotes with all my feeds. I think for me its the best to stay motivated every single day and I believe in inspiring other people and growing this positive community what else can be the best way to do so. This quote has helped me stay strong and keep my faith growing in god.

A Good Deed: m not so happy to write about it but want to share my side of story with the readers to insipre them to halep local animals. I m an animal lover and i dont do things to please anyone if i like something i do it and dont wait for others to start. This month i gave myself a challenge to feed dogs everysingle day of my walk. If i could not bring anything with me to feed them i wont go on a walk. This really inspired me to help street dogs. I m sharing this today to just make you aware of the fact that animals are human being too weaher they be pet or street. Help them feed them even if you ca just feen one animal a day do it. I have never felt this good doing anything in my like. The happiness i have seen on their faces is pricesless. I feeded them on my walk and way back home. I think its one oft the best thing i did this month and promise myself to keep doing this for the rest of my life. Every time i make money i take some part of it to add to my help box. This box conatins money i use to buy food for street animals and poor people. Its a goal of life to help anyone i can any way in my life and i love doing it. I m not asking you togive money someone you dont trust but atleast you can help them with food they cant make false use of it instead of having it.


Let’s talk about beauty products now. The thing that I have been loving so much is this roll on from NIVEA. I believe that i have mentioneed it somewhere before i can’t remeber that well. I usually use after my bath, it’s affordable and amazing all you have to do is roll it in your underamrs and you’re good to go for the rest of day. I guess it lasts for the entire day that’s pretty amzing for the price you pay. I have actually tested it for the netrie day and it did made me proud to use it, the fragrance and texture are absolutely amazing, it never leaves any kind of stain on your clothes plus you feel fresh all the time. It’s one of the produst I make use of daily and sometimes love carrying it with me coz its handy.

Lipstick: Next moving onto makeup product, actually, I have seen lots of girls talking about this a lot everywhere so I decided to give it a try. It’s bascially its a lip kit which comprises of a lip liner, a lipstic and a lip gloss all of they are in similar shade and my favorite at the momnet is this nude gloss out of three. Its gifted to me from a brand called REVLON it was very fortunate of me to try this. I have never used any glossy stuff like this before. I try to wear this gloss on days m feeling too lazy to apply makeup but with this I yet look put otogtehr. I have seen so many people talk aboutvdifferent shades but this one is my favorite. The lip liner is kind of a lip crayon in shade nude which is my favorite shade so far. I know i can mix and match all things from the set the to create a complete new LOOK!! I love this product first its so easy to apply, its something I can chuck into my makeup bag, apply anytime I want, not worrying about carrying too much makeup with me. This color works so brilliatly for my skin type. It also helps me define my lips in far better way, coz it gives them such a nice shape and colcor. All three of them feel so light on my lips, as the formula is really light and easy to blend. I got obssesed with it the day i applied it for one of my photoshoot my first ever encounter with this lip gloss. I love the packaging as well, its traparent and glitterly, kind of girly but not too girly. I dont like wearing liquid lipstic coz one they are drying and seocnd they get really patcy when i eat something but the formula for this lip gloss is completly different plus it aslo feels very moistruing being a lips gloss. I love warm tone makeup coz they suit my skin tone the best. I love this product soo soo much.

Body Cream: Next in beauty fav I want to talk about my new Body cream, its form Nivea. I was running out of my DOVE body cream and had to buy this new one from NIVEA. I bascially love all the nivea produts soo much that i knew i m gonna love this one too. I belive its their new Skin Whitening range with UV protection. Good thing is its suitable for all skin type. I think the bottle is perfect with the product. I love this so much becasue of its consistency not too thick perfect for SUMMERS!! Its something new as compared to other body lotions i have tried in my skin care range. It looks like its gonna be sticky but trust me its not when you start rubbing it into the skin its actually very light. My skin looks bright and fresh and a bit more healthier with this. Love the fragrance, its very fresh or you say aroma theruputic. If that makes sense!!

SkinCare: My next favroite is a home made face mask, its not an exfoliatro but it helps keep my skin look bright, fresh and dewy. Only two ingredits and your done. All you need is a half lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Pour little honey over lemon and start rubbing it on your face in circular motion and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Try this alternatley or twice a week to really see the difference coz i have tried this 5 times and can see the difference on my skin alrady. I m more of a herbal person than drustore and love trying more of home remedies stuff for my skin as they are natural and good for my skin too and yeah one more tip alwsya appy this mask during the night and favroite skin cream riht after it. I tried many facmaks to find one that is perfect for my skin type. I was getting little bumps on my skin which freaked me out coz i neede to fix it ASAP. The bumps and acne scars were gone right after couple of uses and aslo my skin feel fresh, smooth and healthier the next day.


Clothes: Coming on to my style favorites there are few amazing things i would like to talk about. I have been obseesesd with this long slit dress aka top from Jennyfer. I have been loving it so much recently and wearing it nonstop oveer and over again. It was a plain grey long slit dress which i turned into a top from. Its long and I love the way it looks on my bsody the mtarila  is super soft and comfy which is perfet for  hot summer day. I abosulyty love paring this this my boyfreind jeasn or black leggings. I think it looks cool either way. Its easy bressy perfect for a hot summers we are getting in INDIA.

Shoes: Also I have been obssesd with my new pair of toms from AIRWALK, everyone in this world owns a pair of toms and I admit I m very late into the game but on mthe other hand i m so very much happy that i finally got them. They are the best peice of footwears i have ever ever got in my entire life. I was not having a good pair of comfy shoes and since i had converse i was obsesed with them but I  got bored of wearing the and with these i love how different and comfy they were. They look even more gorgous and bold than my old converse. Just so cool when i want to have a really casual and dress down look or when I want to mix it up. Super comfortable and affordable running around shoes BDW i got them in sale so they were much cheaper. And the coolest thing about them is they go so well with almost all of my outfits.


Wrap Choker: Next i wanna talk about this wrap choker I know you may seen me wearing it in all me recent outfit feeds. Cant help it totally in love with this.


Fav Youtuber: So this time i only have one Fav youtuber and her YOUTUBE name is Krist & Yu. I guess she has 2 different profiles and follow them both. I explored her profile recently while goind through Lavenaire’s videos. She is such an amazing and carefree girl. She loves being herself in the video and i can clearly see that. Her videos are so much fun to watch and she comes up this crazy video ideas evertime. A crazy girl with an amazing heart, must watch her channel i will link it down below.


Movies: March has been my favorite month so far. It was like a movie month for me. I worked on so many orders this moth whiel watching so many amazing new moves on a site named “” I utilised my busy time so well this month. It was so much fun watching these many amazing movies right after the other. I have many favorite movies in different generes to talk about this month. Without saying much I will just list them down below for you. I saw many but will list down only my favoirte)

Horror: Ouija

Comedy: Bad moms

Romace: The Longest Ride

Action: Dead Pool

Animation: Trolls

Thriller: Dont Breathe

Music: Now talikng about my musci fvaorites I have these 2 songs on my favorites list. I m in love with them. I dint worked that well with music and movie for the month of februalry buut for march i think i compltely nailed it. Ok so the first fav song is “INSIDE OUT” I heared it in one of Kalyn Nicholson’s video and the day i heard it for the frist time i have been palying it over and over again. Taling about Inside out by chainsmoker Feat Charlee. This song is so beautiful her voice is soothing and caming to my ears and soul. Its evrything i would like to listend to. There is something about her voice i feel really connected with.The moemnt i heard this song i felt flowing and dancing with the rhytm. I was playing these two on repeat. The lyrisc and the music is so freaking cool, the cool beat gets me going. Totally MY kinda music.

Inside Out

I dont wanna live forever

Next song is “I dont wanna Live forvevr” by zayn Malik and taylor swift its on the fifty shdes darker album and i m preety much looking forwrad to wacth it. The entire album is amazing but this one is my fav song out of all. I loved zayns voice when he was in the band but i dint like taylor that much but their combination is like BOMB in this song. Zayn and taylor’s voice is compllty diff from what i have heard of them befeofr love the video and song too. When my sister asked me to give it a try i hated it and actually made fun of how weird their vocies sounded but later when i heard it peoprly i kind of started liking it.


Workout: Next talking about my workout favorite. I have been focasuuing on home workouts a lot lately and I would like to share my this month’s workout cahllenge like before. I have been trying to complete my workout during the moring hours which doesnt happen most of the time since i have got bsy with my orders again. I guess following a new workout challenge every month has become my favorite thing to do. I got to try new things evertime whcih helps me focus on my diff body parts. When i feel too lazy to workout getting into a monthly challenge helps me stick to my fitness routine. This challenge worked best for me for the month of march as I was not being ables to put too much efforts because of workload.


For my book favorite, i have picked PRECIOUS THINGS by Kelly Doust. Its her first novel ever and being obssesed with old vinatge stuff and art and crafty things i wanted to read it from so long. For some reasons i was not being able to find it at my local book store or i got ditrscted by other amaizng book to read. But i m so happy that i finally bukcled dwon to read this book. This book really had me teleported to a different era and time. I smahed this out the entire month of march coz i wanted to abosrb little pices of it each time i read it. This book is basically about how just a normal piece of things travel from different time span in different hands doing something good and bad in thier life and turing into a precious thinsg . I loved the way kelly doust has written the story the title is aboslutly perfect. I think for someone who loves reading old vinatge stuff its a must read book.


Smoothie: I have been trying many new recipes from pinterest lately and i have also shared the recipes on my blog which you guys have been loivng and apprceiating so mcuh. For my food favorites i would pick my favorite watermelon banana smothie which i have been having non stop for my breakfat. I pretty much have all the fruits on hand required for this smoothie which makes it even more easy for me to have it as my daily breakfsat.

Coffee: Mocha latte has been my fav for the month of march. I saw this amazing recipe on pinterest and its so easy to make. I can treat myself with this gorgoues frothy recipe every morning and again i have share the recipe under food section.

Thank you so much for reading this post guys. I m so happy to be back on my writing track, been misising my blog lately as I was not able to post often. Thats all my friends these were few things that have made March a lil bit better. Lemme know in the comment box below what were your march efavorites i would really love to give them a try. Will be back with an amazing post until them have fun and enjoy summers XOXO