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Outfit Of The Week ft. Summer Dress

It feels so great and satisfied to be on work track again. It truly feels amazing to be posting content daily on my blog and trust me guys I have been working so hard for this. So getting back on today’s post as I have posted on TheDiyThursday and StyleitSaturday already I decided to post on WardrobeWednesday because it’s not technically fall yet in India also it’s no use posting fall fashion ideas it’s better that I stick with the end of the summer fashion for now. I will be sharing 5 outfits using one specific item and that is Long Dress. Also if You have been shopping and traveling recently you may know that’s pretty much all you can buy for now unless you buy a bunch of summer stuff on sale so I thought it will best if I share 5 of my favorite summer dresses with you guys which you can wear for an entire week.

It’s still super hot in India and all the dresses I m wearing in today’s post are more casual and summer inspired. These are actually some of my favorite go-to outfits for summer that I have been loving so so much. The story behind me falling for this kind of dress is I have been noticing girls wearing beautiful long summer dresses all over youtube and Instagram recently and they all are flaunting it in a super adorable way which actually inspired me to invest my coins on it too. I have been looking for long cotton dresses for a long time everywhere and why couldn’t I buy them is because either they are too expensive or they are not the style I want or they are cropped and don’t fit me well there were many many reasons. But even after facing such tremendous disappointments I finally searched on Pinterest for a kind of dress I want and picked out few of ideas, bought fabric and got them stitched myself. Trust me it was super fun to get the designed exactly the way I wanted. I was over the top excited to share these dresses with you all. By the way, 3 out of 5 dresses are designed by me and rest 2 I was thankfully able to buy from stores. They are so lightweight and airy which excited me to try all five of them ASAP. With all that said let’s get straight into it. I hope you like it, give it like if you do.

Outfit 1

Dress: Got Stitched!!

Outfit 2

Dress: Koovs

Outfit 3

Dress: Vintage

Outfit 4

Dress: Got Stitched!!

Outfit 5

Dress: Got Stitched!!

And that all in today’s post people. If you like my outfits of the week ft. dress be sure to hit like and also comment down below what kind of outfits ideas you want me to come up with. Will be back with an amazing post. Lots of love XOXO

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August Favorites 2017

September is practically over already but still after all the stupid technical issues I have been through I decided to post My August Favorites, you got me right? Summer is not completely over yet and I think it’s the best time I post few of my summer favorites today. I m just going to be sharing some of the things that I have been in love with during the month of August. There are quite a few things I m super excited to share about because I m totally in love with them. Hopefully, you can try them out and see how they work for you. So without rambling any further let’s get straight onto my August Favorites..!!


“Do More Things That Make You  Forget to Check Your Phone”

And I would love love to start my favorites with this amazing quote that had a huge impact on my life. For those of you following me on Instagram know that I like to caption all my feeds with some inspiring quotes because its kind of inspirational for me. Every time I look at my feed I witness the positive side of it. I want to apologize for not posting frequently but m still working on coming up with some new ideas for my Instagram feed and blog. Awk enough said, let’s talk about my favorite quote now. Why was it my favorite because I really do believe in working on things that make me forget to check my phone I love keeping myself busy trying new things and being better at the one m doing. So it’s been a perfect quote to motivate me throughout August. By the way, I saw this quote on Pinterest well, all my feed’s quotes are basically from Pinterest because trust me they really have a cool quote collection in different categories and I love exploring quotes there.

Beauty Products

Ok, moving on to next favorite I will be sharing 3 beauty products with you all. First is this New CLEAR anti-dandruff nourishing shampoo. It has been a while since I have started using it and I can see the results already. I was using Loreal before but it does not suit my hair type so I gave this one a try and trust me the result was AMAZINGGG!!! also a little disclosure my dad actually got this shampoo from Kuwait and I have no idea if it’s available in India or not but you can check online. If you’re someone who is using Tresemme or Loreal I bet you leave them and try this one as its way better than both of them. Your hair stays fresh and oil free for up to like 4 straight days. I m not kind of person who likes a daily hair wash. Its 2 times a week for me but this one is perfect for all the busy people out there.

Next beauty product is this YARDLEY London English Rose perfumed talc. I m not a perfume person but I m more like a talc person (but not too much) after every shower I like to use this talc on my body as its gentle, refreshing and mild compared to the smelly and strong talcs. This one is from Kuwait as well. One of my favorite beauty products from Yardley is their Talc collection. They have such a huge and amazing varieties of fragrances I would suggest you guys try it.

Next is this YARDLEY London English Rose refreshing body spray. Again a light, mild and refreshing body spray to lift your mood. The rose fragrance is soo light and I just love it. I have used their lavender body spray too but this one is OMFG literally amazing.

Green Tea

Next, moving on to my favorite green tea. For this month I tried Twinnings Mint green tea. Perfect Summer-Autumn flavor. This time dad got me two Twinnings flavors Earl Grey and Mint Leaves. I have tried Earl Grey that but the Mint one is I m soo sorry but I can never get enough of it. I just can’t get over its flavor I like to sip in a full cup before my sleep otherwise I JUST CANT SLEEP. It’s been like 4-5 years since I m trying Twinnings (I can be their brand ambassador if they want :)) literally, I ask dad to get me big boxes of these green teas all the way from Kuwait because it’s hard to find it here in India and my obsession is making me do this. Cant help it Sorry, dad!


Next moving onto my favorite YouTubers and they are Rachspeed and Mylifeinabullet. Rachael (If m correct) is a lifestyle and fashion youtuber I love her and her channel because she posts amazing, cute and adorable outfits on youtube and Instagram. I came across her profile recently and have been in love with her since then. Her style is so natural and sober that I can totally relate to her. She is such an inspiration for me I would really suggest my readers to go and check out her channel.

My next favorite YouTuber is MyLifeInABullet girl. She is a journalist and a journal inspiration for me. I told you guys in a previous post that I quit my morning pages routine and switched on to this new bullet journalling thing and she was the reason and inspiration behind it. I love her idea of using a bullet journal but still combining tits and bits of everything from her life into it. If you haven’t checked out my Plan with Me: September post be sure to check it out. You will see what impact she had on me. The final result was overwhelming and I m super pumped up to fill up my September bullet journal and start working on the October theme as soon as she posts it.


I was so involved in my work lately that I could hardly get time for anything. So busy that I couldn’t wrap my mind around anything for fun or to freshen up. No going out, no friends only work work and more work. It’s not that I have a problem with it I love doing my work and I m so passionately about it. Anyways just to distract my mind a bit I downloaded this game called Bubble shooter it’s amazing and fun to play not only for kids but adults too. Best way to get your mind off anything work or school. Just play and freshen up your mood. Also its free guys you can download it from google play store and have fun playing. I m still on level 50 working my ass off to go up and I bet you will get obsessed with it too.

Best Thing: Rainy Day Bucket list

So without going into further details, I will share about all my favorites in a brief as I have no intention of making this book for you to read. The best thing I did in August was creating My Rainy day Bucket List. All seasons naturally bring out the best in you. I really feel connected to every single one of them whether it be summer or fall. Doing season based things will help you enjoy the season even more. I just made a list of things that I would love to do on a rainy day like reading a book, grabbing a coffee with my friend, sipping a cup of tea. Things that make my day even more special than usual. BDW I love rainy season.


Moving onto my makeup favorites I would like to share 2 lipsticks and 2 lip pencils that I have been using for a while. These all are from the brand called REVLON and I have got them in shade NUDE ATTITUDE and. I wear it more often you guys must have noticed that in most of my Instagram photos trust me these products are long lasting which is amazing and that’s why I have been so obsessed with them. You can effortlessly apply it on your lips giving them an amazing Matte color. Pigmented and great quality for the price provided.


Moving onto my movie favorites, due to work I don’t have a lot to share in this category (shows and movies) this time but I will share one movie that I watched and it was Annabelle. Amazing horror movie full of ghosts and suspense. The actors have worked so well I particularly love horror movies out of all genres and this has been my favorite horror movie so far. I have seen the first part and it was perfectly connected with this one. A MUST watch!!


My favorite accessories for the month of August have been these two pairs of vintage earrings which I got from a recent trip to Jaipur amazing place and amazing people loved staying there. I did a lot of shopping there everything will be up on my blog soon. But yeah I love this vintage and oxidized earrings as they look perfect with kurties and dresses I mean all kind of Indian outfits. And my second favorite accessory is this nude peachy clutch which I got from a local store. I couldn’t take my eyes off when I first saw it. So cute and girly and handly. It’s from a brand called YADAS. Comfortable and easy to carry plus goes with most of my outfits. It comes with a latch to put your arm in and carry. You can see me carrying this everywhere.


I have been loving Cecelia Ahern’s LYREBIRD lately. It was my very first time with this author. I have heard a lot about her books especially P.S I Love You I so badly wanted to buy it but it was not available at the store so I decided to pick between Flawed and Lyrebird and the story of LYREBIRD seemed quite intriguing so I picked it. If you love such fascinating and thoughtful and beautiful story of secret romance and love I would highly recommend you read this one. Especially for girls who want to leave a high impact on this world with their talent you sure would love reading it.

And that’s all with my August favorites post stay tuned for some amazing stuff that I will be sharing in my September favorites. Leave in the comment down below what were your August favorites I would surely love to try them. Lots of love XOXO

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Plan With Me : September Bullet Journal

It seems like forever since I posted anything. Anyways hey guys I really hope I m not the only one whose late on sharing the September bullet journal setup. In spite of all the technical issues, I finally decided to post this up because I have worked with all my heart for it.
Before I get right into it I would like to share how and why I started this. I used to work on a planner earlier to fill up my daily to-do list but the second it was full I felt so bored up. I was no longer planning on getting a new instead I realized I should try something different as I was no longer enjoying filling up that planner. I saw many youtube videos on “Plan with Me” for different months I got so inspired by it that I got 2 new brand new notebooks to get started. You can see how excited I got!! I didn’t want to let that enthusiasm and motivation in me to DIE so I worked on it THE next day. By the way, the notebook aka journal I used are from the Archies store, the collection was amazing I got so confused while picking up the two but then I decided to go with the quotes I loved. And also it was my first time with this bullet journaling thing so I decided not to complicate or overdo things and took inspiration from the youtube videos. God, there are sooo many amazing artists working with such an amazing creativity as a beginner it’s hard for me to match their level but then why not try and learn new things. I remember Practice Makes a Man Perfect right!!!. Out of so many amazing artists, I decided to go with MyLifeInABullet’s August edition as my September theme but il mention that I took ideas from many other artists too and you’ll see that below. Her theme is quite simple and cute which attracted me to try. I m not a person who likes to mess up with simple things neither do I believe in keeping stuff boring you know what I mean.
To see how I got inspired from YouTube to work on my very Plan with Me Bullet Journalling keep reading and as I I have shared almost every tits and bits about it now it’s time to get straight into it.

As I have told you earlier my beautiful notebook is from ARCHIES with this amazing and inspiring quote written all over its which says Stay True Stay You. A perfect quote to get me started. Also the pens I m using are classmate and Luxor pointed tip black pens. I m still learning how to use brush pens I decided not to experiment on this journal as it’s my first time. As a beginner, I will just go with simple black gel pens for now.

This theme is simple and super cute but if you guys have selected a theme for September already I would suggest you try this sometime later in future. If you will visit her channel which I m sure you all would because she is amazing, you’ll see I have tried my best to use her theme in my way and still kept everything look put together. Adding my creativity to it was a task but as I was doing it I kind of started enjoying it and got into such a great momentum that everything seemed simple later. The cloud theme which she used is perfect for the summer as it’s not wintering yet in my country. It’s such a great option for people who like to keep things a little-balanced example ME. Not denying I wanted to try something really different until I realized it’s my first time and I should not complicate things better keep it simple. Drawing clouds and paper planes is the best option if you’re a beginner like me as it’s fun to work with. Easy yet cute. Going for a simple design was my ultimate target as I was more focused on the content that I’ll be including into my bullet journal.

Keeping your theme simple and flexible will help you enough to keep up with it otherwise you are more likely to waste a lot of your time drawing or give you would give up or end up just filling in your messy to do list because it’s quicker and practical.

I m starting by drawing a monthly log, keeping it a bit different but also combining it with the standard calendar layout with the vertices version. And you can see this is what came out of it. To be honest with you guys I m not sure how my lettering and calligraphy has gone for this month but I promise to improve it for the next month cause I so badly want to do it. Moving on, my plan was to draw little icons with a different color so that I can see how busy my month is gonna be and what all things are needed to be done in this month. Using a pink highlighter pen I have blocked out some important days that are reserved for one important task. For example, I m going to be celebrating my birthday the next week so I have marked that out too. It will help me to take the time off and focus on one thing only and I did this for all the similar events and the bottom side I have used for a more detailed planning.

On the next page, I have added a To-Do List for the entire month. I will put up all the things that I want to complete throughout the month of September. It’s the best page because I tend to forget things but if I will put that up here I m more likely to keep a track of it. Just recall everything and write it down or you can add things later in future.

For this page, I decided to draw a monthly log with little more space basically it’s the bigger version of the one I made earlier. The reason behind making it this big is I can add a lot of things to it. It will work as my mini to-do list for each day doesn’t that sound great?? Admit it we all need a daily to-do list notebook to add things we need to get done that day and what else can be great if you have one mini added to your bullet journal. At least it’s better than putting work on a different piece of paper and carrying it when it has 100% chance of getting misplaced.

On the next page I was just having fun with my creativity you can do anything your heart desires. Just play with it put up quotes and things that inspire you. You can also put a picture or write anything you like. My point of keeping things simple and cute was to keep me motivated to use my bullet journal.

On the next page I added my habit and mood tracker, trust me I really needed this one. I have no idea how many habits I m working on currently but I will try and put up everything there I can remember. Little scared of how m I going to keep up with them but m so sure this habit and mood trackers will help me a lot to keep track of these things. The quality of my sleep also affect my mood throughout the day so I believe these two are important and connected to each other and that’s why I will need to add both of them.

The following page includes my Sleep and Social Media log. I m working so hard on my sleeping habits these days and this log will surely help me track at what time I wake up and go to bed. Another important reason for me doing this is actually I wanna see the correlation between the headaches and eye pains I m getting and my sleeping pattern. It’s obvious that I m not getting enough sleep but I still wanna give this thing a try as I hope it will help me more sleep.

I will also try and share it with you guys whatever happens in the next month’s bullet journaling. As I have mentioned it’s my first-time with bullet journalling but I will try my best to stick to it keeping it not just a one-time thing and fingers crossed will see how things go.

Next, I needed to add an expense tracker because I have kind of started feeling an urgent need of it to know where my money is actually going?? just adding things I buy throughout the month and I m done that all I need to keep a record of my money. I know I will find this helpful regardless. I have just divided the page into 3 section one for putting dates second to add the product I got and the third one is for the amount I invested. Simple eh??

On the following page, I decided to do a weekly log because I knew that I would be needing it. I added a weekly log, divided it into 5 blocks with different weekly headers, I was left with little space on the right side and I made use of it by adding two more blocks with heading Goals and Don’t Forget. Goals for things to be achieved this month and Don’t Forget for the tasks to be completed this month.

Next, I added the Brain Dump page I know I will use it more often as I have stopped writing my morning pages. This will help me get all the shit out of my brain right on this sheet of paper. Pretty helpful for a person like me. I love writing about goods and bads of life in just a line.

Next, I wanted to make a checklist for all the stuff I will be doing the entire month in different categories. For this, I added 3 different pages for my personal projects like Bow Ideas, Blog Ideas, and Photography Ideas. These pages will truly be used for filling specific details in the following categories, you can put any thoughts or ideas here anytime and work on them later. I really need to keep things all together so that I do not miss anything while I m working on any one of these projects and including all 3 of them into this bullet journal will keep me organized. I always write down things on a random piece of paper and they are most likely to get lost and nowhere to be found so this is the best way for me to keep a genuine record. Also, the best way to use your journal pages for personal projects like these otherwise, we tend to waste a lot of our time flipping through different work notebooks.

Next, I moved on to the journaling section. As I have told you I m not writing my morning pages anymore. I m super busy and occupied by my work for now and it’s not easy to fill up 3 pages about a day instead I thought why not include journalling into this notebook. All I have to do is write one thing about my day and that’s it. I think I liners are the best way one can describe the day. The best way to use each line is to make the summary of the day and put it up here. So that when you flip back through this month you can remember what all did. However, your day is good or bad you will always find something to write about it. Be creative share your thoughts, wishes what all you have been going through, your feeling, anything just get it all out. I believe ist a super safe and cute space to open up.

Lastly to finish off this months bullet journal I decided to make a highlight page nothing fancy or special just a simple highlight page which I will be using at the end of the month and while photographing I noticed that I already filled the page with some highlights that happened so far. I feel it’s ok if you fill it during the month if you are more likely to forget about it.

And with this, I m all done for the Plan With me Bullet Journalling SEPTEMBER edition. This is all what my minimalist bullet journal for the September would look like. I hope you guys like this post and if you hit the like button I would like to create more such post in future. Also, share your bullet journalling tips with me by commenting them down below I would love to try them. Will be back with an amazing post Love you all XOXO