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Outfit Of The Week ft. Summer Dress

It feels so great and satisfied to be on work track again. It truly feels amazing to be posting content daily on my blog and trust me guys I have been working so hard for this. So getting back on today’s post as I have posted on TheDiyThursday and StyleitSaturday already I decided to post on WardrobeWednesday because it’s not technically fall yet in India also it’s no use posting fall fashion ideas it’s better that I stick with the end of the summer fashion for now. I will be sharing 5 outfits using one specific item and that is Long Dress. Also if You have been shopping and traveling recently you may know that’s pretty much all you can buy for now unless you buy a bunch of summer stuff on sale so I thought it will best if I share 5 of my favorite summer dresses with you guys which you can wear for an entire week.

It’s still super hot in India and all the dresses I m wearing in today’s post are more casual and summer inspired. These are actually some of my favorite go-to outfits for summer that I have been loving so so much. The story behind me falling for this kind of dress is I have been noticing girls wearing beautiful long summer dresses all over youtube and Instagram recently and they all are flaunting it in a super adorable way which actually inspired me to invest my coins on it too. I have been looking for long cotton dresses for a long time everywhere and why couldn’t I buy them is because either they are too expensive or they are not the style I want or they are cropped and don’t fit me well there were many many reasons. But even after facing such tremendous disappointments I finally searched on Pinterest for a kind of dress I want and picked out few of ideas, bought fabric and got them stitched myself. Trust me it was super fun to get the designed exactly the way I wanted. I was over the top excited to share these dresses with you all. By the way, 3 out of 5 dresses are designed by me and rest 2 I was thankfully able to buy from stores. They are so lightweight and airy which excited me to try all five of them ASAP. With all that said let’s get straight into it. I hope you like it, give it like if you do.

Outfit 1

Dress: Got Stitched!!

Outfit 2

Dress: Koovs

Outfit 3

Dress: Vintage

Outfit 4

Dress: Got Stitched!!

Outfit 5

Dress: Got Stitched!!

And that all in today’s post people. If you like my outfits of the week ft. dress be sure to hit like and also comment down below what kind of outfits ideas you want me to come up with. Will be back with an amazing post. Lots of love XOXO


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