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25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years

Hellow everybody welcomes back to my blog so today post is going to be a little bit different but anyways I m excited for it. While going through my list of post ideas (which is quite casual) I decided why not just sit down, grab a cup of tea and share some life lessons with you all. Also, I wanted to post this on my birthday but I couldn’t as I got caught up in few other things. Well, it was my birthday on 8 of September which is already gone I know but I turned 25 this year yayyee..!!! 25 and still killing it. I know for many of you guys it’s hard to believe that I m 25 but hell yeah I m. Every time I talk to someone about my age they are like “Girl Really, You look like 19???” and I m happy that I don’t look all grown up but anyway never judge a book by its cover I m much smarter than I look.
On this birthday I wanted to do something special so I decided to put together a list of 25 things that I have learned in 25 years. Well some of them are serious, some aren’t, some are life tips and rest are lessons and things I learned these past years. But most importantly all of them have a lot to do with me, what I m today and the way I have grown in 25 years as a person. This post doesn’t really serve a purpose unless you’re here to know a bit more of the insight of my life, the way I think and live it. But anyway I hope you guys enjoy reading this and if you do be sure to like this post also don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t already and let’s get started.

1. Do what you love and do it often don’t think about others.

2. Pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings what you think and feel is what you attract.

3. Don’t waste time. Utilise it in the best way possible because once it has gone it won’t come back. Timing has a lot to do with everything.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others you’re beautiful the way you are.

5. Not everyone thinks the same way you think and it’s ok to have different opinions. You can change your thinking anytime you want.

6. Create, if an opportunity doesn’t exist Create it if an idea doesn’t exist Create it. Never say no to new things and new opportunities.

7. Your feelings are always valid don’t be hard on yourselves. Take as much as time you need to heal.

8. Breathe in the FUTURE and Breathe out the PAST. Nothing is gonna last forever time is the best healer, forget about your past and start planning your future. Things will never go back to how they used to be and that’s totally ok as long as you ready to move on.

9. The most beautiful things in life are moments and feelings cherish them.

10. If it makes you nervous it’s worth doing. Explore you’ve got ONE Life.

11. Don’t spend too much time thinking about one thing, Just get it done.

12. Talk to others the same way you want others to talk to you.

13. Focus on positive and stay away from the negative whether it be a thought or a person. Keep yourself busy to stay away from negativity.

14. Know exactly what you want and don’t stop until you get it.

15. Get into a hobby, I m sure you’ll find one.

16. Invest in those who invest in you.

17. You will not like everyone and not everyone is going to like you.

18. Recognise your mistake and work on it instead of running away from it.

19. Try and learn new things, you can learn a new skill if you can just try as learning has no age.

20. Always be grateful to God for everything he has given you. Most of us take things and our life for granted.

21. Believe in yourself, you can shine bright like a diamond. Never hustle for your worth. Life can suck sometimes but everything will be ok if you just BeYourself.

22. You don’t need a reason to help others. Do it because it feels great.

23. Adopt animals because it makes them happy. Well, it makes us happy too!!

24. Fight for your rights and happiness, Start now.

25. Live in now, enjoy the journey of life. Stay happy ALWAYS.

That’s all for today’s post people I hope you learned something positive from today. Be sure to like this post if you do and don’t forget to share things that you have learned in the comment section down below. Would love to hear from you guys. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO