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September & October Favorites

Hey guys, I m back with my monthly favorites post and this time I will be sharing my September and October favorites together. Yeah, two months favorites all bunched up in one!! I missed out on both the months I know my fault I m sorry its just work getting in my way I m living a hectic life for a while now it’s not that I hate getting busy but it was an overwhelming experience this time. While I was working on my fall favorites I decided to write a quick post that includes all the stuff that I loved during September & October. So yeah sit back grab a cup of coffee or any beverage of your choice and enjoy this post. I promise I won’t take long, will mention all the stuff and why I loved them that’s it. So let’s just dive right into the post.

It was the rainy season when I picked out these three beauty products and they are working so well in fall too. I have become a bit concerned about getting my hands on new beauty products compared to last year. Also, I m trying hard to keep my skin healthy and nourished no matter what time of the year it is. Its been a while now since I m using these products and I m totally in love with them. They are working perfectly on my skin. Its time now I introduce them. The first product is the Dove Intensive Cream for the body. It’s thick but not oily and good for all skin type, especially for colder times. I like to use it right after I shower so that it can penetrate deep into my skin and keep it moisturized all day long.

Next product is this Garnier B.B Cream I have a little confession to make. I usually do not wear foundation for my daily makeup routine I mostly use BB cream and it’s been like almost 2 years since I m using this one. I was running out of it so picked a new one. Perfect for girls with wheatish complexion because for me finding a good shade is a real struggle. It gets really hard to find products such as foundation, face powder and BB Cream that matches my skin tone. But this I guess was made for me. If makeup could be your soul mate this would be mine definitely. I have tried Ponds and Lakmé BB cream as well but they get a little oily and also a bit darker for my skin tone so totally no from my side.

Next beauty product is this lip cream aka lip balm from Nivea. I personally love Nivea products I can be their brand ambassador if they want me to( Just Kidding!!) All the beauty products I use they are mostly from Nivea it’s such a good brand cheap but good quality. I can trust all of their products eyes closed. They are soo good for all skin types. I feel I got a little carried away sorry let’s get back on track. I was talking about this lip care by Nivea which I picked recently when I was shopping with mum. I forgot to carry mine so had to get a new one from the store. Frankly, when I used it for the first time my lips felt soo good. This one is little different from the ones I have used earlier. It’s got that minty vibe to it. When you apply it stays for a long time plus your lips feel fresh, cool and minty. My fav so far, such a good product to carry when you are on a go. I carry it all time with me in my bag, my jeans anywhere anytime I want. It’s so small in size to fit perfectly anywhere.

So glad that we finally have KAVENTERS in Udaipur. A very well known beverage brand selling out the best milkshakes in INDIA. I was checking out my friend’s profile when I came to know that kaventers is finally here. Was really excited to try it out. Me and mum went to the mall for movie one day we were just chilling and decided to eat something I picked a coffee from Kaventers because I m not a milkshake person at all (to be frank) I decided to go for coffee that day. Was not in a mood of experimenting at all I was so tired after the movie and shopping. The cold coffee was quite cheap plus it tasted amazing which is another bonus for the price you are paying and one more thing it’s actually served in a cool carry jar. So you can carry your milkshakes or coffee with you if you’re on a go. I mean how amazing is that I just love Kaventers for this new thing. Cheap but tasty I mean it had to be amazing because I picked coffee.

I m a sucker for all cute things whether it be a mug, jar or a bottle. If you want to see my collection be sure to comment down below will love to share them with you. So yeah I was on a hunt for a new bottle which I can carry 24/7 with me also when I m out for running errands. I wish to have a bottle which I can carry easily in my bags and it’s really a struggle to find that perfect size. Either they are too small for the water quantity I m willing to carry or they are too big for my bag size. The bottle I m currently using is from CCD I got it when I was out chilling with my friend it’s no shame to carry such bottles you save a lot of your money because these are very cheap and usable. Don’t throw them away you can use these plastic bottles multiple times, just refill them and they are good as new you will definitely save a lot of your money. Do things that can help you save the environment. We are encouraging pollutions by throwing plastic bottles every day. These kind of water bottles are available everywhere in store, airports, railway station, grocery store everywhere just find that one perfect size for you. I have been carrying this for a long time now and trust me it’s still in an amazing condition. So go for such plastic bottles instead by buying expensive ones.

Whenever I get time from work I binge over YouTube, listen to podcasts, watch tv and do some random stuff. I believe in utilizing that free time too. But recently I was looking for something I can chill on totally not thinking about anything work but just having fun. I was going to play store for some game options where I saw this game named Ludo people are going crazy over it. I have seen so many people playing and enjoying it. The rating was high plus everyone is talking about how addicting and cool is this game. I too wanted to give it a try so I downloaded it. Trust me guys it’s really addicting but not in a bad way. Whenever I wanna chill after my working hour I will just play one game online and that’s it. It really helps you get rid of those weird work thoughts and pressure you are getting all day and have fun as a little kid. So do check it out.

Next fav is this black sling aka envelop bag that I got from a local store. It was a random store on street and I was picking some jewelry pieces when I decided to buy this because when I saw it I wanted it badly that’s it. Its an amazing must have, a basic black bag that perfectly goes with every outfit. It’s one of my go-to bag of all time. It was very cheap plus the quality was too good to buy. I was ok to pay the price for such piece. Buying a black sling bag was on my list from so long, I think they look cool when you’re off for running errands too and it has been best so far. That metal thing at the front side gives it more of that edgy and high-end look which I soo soo Love. The size is perfect also it has enough space to carry all my essentials.

I love horror and thriller movies it’s my fav genre of all. I have seen all parts of conjuring and Annabelle so I was really excited for the Annabelle Creation which was out in 2017 I badly wanted to go and watch it in theatre everybody knows how cool it is to watch a horror movie on a big screen. I wanted to have that thrilling feeling and goosebumps all over my body but none of my family members or friends were coming over to watch with me and I couldn’t go alone so I dropped it and later I watched it online. Amazing movie and the amazing concept it is perfectly connected with the first part, if you want to add it to your fall movie list you definitely should. I bet you’ll enjoy it.

Everyone knows how much I love writing and journaling and my love for planners and journals will be forever. I was running out of pages in my notebooks so I picked 2 new notebooks from Archies store. They were affordable plus I loved the cover pages of both. I was very confused between the two so I picked both of them. They are very cute, the pages are good in quality too you cannot ask for more really. The smaller is for journalling and the bigger one is my bullet journal I started bullet journalling recently and thought this would be the perfect size for starting as a beginner. So yeah I love to collect notebooks and these two are my favorites so far. It sleek, its stylish and I love the fact that it has a quote on it which motivates me daily as soon as I pick it for work.

Winter in India calls for a lot of weddings. There were so many for me to attend this season first I went out of town for my best friends wedding and then came back for my cousin’s wedding. It has been such a hectic but an amazing month so far. Marriages really bring out the joy and happiness in families. I met so many people throughout this month did so many amazing things that I will remember forever. Now talking about the outfits I wore for the wedding. Firstly I styled this long dress which I got for my sister’s wedding and it’s one of my all-time favorite dress and perfect for the wedding season. Got it from a local boutique in Ajmer street. I always get lots and lots of compliments on this dress. The length, the embroidery, the colors everything shouts festive vibes. I was also thinking of doing a wedding outfits post. If I get time I will surely post all the dresses I wore this wedding season but yeah this one will always be my fav.

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2017 for me has been all about being healthy, eating healthy and doing more and more workouts. I have tried to be consistent throughout my journey and stay fit. For days when I m running out of my breakfast supplies, I picked Quaker Oats as a perfect substitute for a smoothie. I love having smoothies for my breakfast every day but recently I have started eating oats and they taste so good and are healthy equally. With tasting good they keep me full until afternoon, my lunch hours. They are super easy to make and taste delicious every time I make them. All you need is water or milk, put oast in a bowl, add milk to it, heat and add seeds, fruits, nuts all that stuff of your choice. Well, I like to get creative with my toppings every day so I put different things according to my mood. Having oats for my breakfasts is also one of my October favorites as I m trying to add more and more healthy things to my lifestyle and oats have been such a good food option for me.

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I m not a heels person at all, I cannot even walk straight if you will ask me too. I own 2-3 pair of heels hardly. It doesn’t mean that I cannot walk in heels I do wear them but occasionally or when days I want to add some heights to my outfit. I have been looking for some good wedges and heels everywhere online and offline. So many girls all over Instagram own this gorgeous pair of heels which I wanted so badly. I have been seen girls killing it, styling it in the most stylish way possible also I have seen so many colors and materials available for the same. I was ordering one online from forever21 but then I saw the same in PaylessSourse India. It was made of the exact color and material I wanted so without thinking twice I picked it. It’s gorgeous nude suede heels which I love soo soo much. I wore it for like straight 5-6 hours and trust me it’s comfortable like hell. If needed you can even run in it which is a plus point for me. I m still drooling over this pair its such a beauty. It looks super cute with boyfriend and skinny jeans you can totally dress them up or dress them down. I m sure you guys can pop at Payless any day and find the exact same pair. Also there were many other colors available too. If you are curious mine is in size 5. They are suede, they are nude they are sandals PERFECT. That thick heel is everything I was looking for in a shoe. I love thick heels so couldn’t say no when I first saw it. My wardrobe doesn’t have anything like this so yeah I m happy to add this masterpiece.

I love plain and oversized tees, colors like black, white, grey and navy blue plus all dark colors look so good during fall as well as in summer season. I picked these two from Big Bazaar men section they are in size small if you are wondering. I love the material it’s so comfortable and good in quality. Plain tees are my jam I have all basic colors like black, white, grey, navy blue so this time I wanted to experiment a little with colors and that is why I picked this dark brown tone color and navy blue. I believe brown looks super cute with black jeans. I m looking forward to layering it with some winter essentials. I know I would rock it basic girls life. Basic tees like these are staples for every girl’s wardrobe. I dig on such tees wherever I see them. They are not super long in length and goes perfectly with my height. I tuck it in whenever I wear them. Tucking in is a great option when you have that extra fabric hanging down there.

My last monthly favorites are these jewelry pieces I picked up recently from a local store. Dainty and stylish jewelry pieces are my jam. You show me I will buy it coz I crave for such pieces. Lately, I have been in love with silver jewelry don’t know why I believe I have seen so many people wearing it that now I too want it. But its good thing that I m buying more and more silver pieces because they go so well with my Guess Couture watch. I really don’t own much silver jewelry so I had to get it when I saw them. First I have these two beautiful rings one is in silver with bow shape diamond which is a totally cute thing and the other is golden with a blue stone in the centre which looks adorable and is in fashion now. Both are in size 16. I love them they look soo good, high end and fashionable. Next I have a silver bracelet and a silver necklace. Both are thin and delicate and I personally adore such dainty items. Again I didn’t have any silver necklace or bracelets before these. My first time with silver jewelry and I believe they look so well with my skin tone. So that’s all for my monthly favorite post I hope you guys like it also comment down your favorite monthly favorite. I would love to know and I will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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Plan With Me: December(Minimalist and Christmas theme)

Hello people, I m back with the last plan with me of the year. Super super excited for this one. This “Plan with Me” journey has been so amazing so far. The November set up was good so far I especially loved the spread, overall I had plenty of space for everything also I used the setup so well. As the spread was pretty simple and usable I decided to stick with the same layout and stuff only I added few new things like new habits to my habit tracker and changed the existing weekly log that’s it. I was not planning on doing much for December but going minimalist and Christmasy was my theme. I saw a minimalist Christmas-Wreath kind of thing on youtube which inspired me so so much that I had to try it out plus it was super simple for a beginner like me. I believe the spread should be designed in a such a way that one can stick to it. Trust me I didn’t had any inspiration when I was about to work on my December bullet journal but youtube has such inspirational people you can look forward too. After watching few videos I knew what I wanted and how my December spread would look at the end. I m still working on my calligraphy and lettering skills there is a lot of room for improvement so please don’t judge me, guys. I started bullet journaling in September it’s only been few months and I can already see the progress in my work. As I have told you the theme was quite simple so I started off with the pen directly. So I hope you guys find this month’s bullet journal spread useful as I have kept it pretty basic. I still can’t believe that it looks so good also a I would like to admit that December spread is my favorite so far. OMG, December ended so well in a way for me guys. Once you will see what I have done in the picture down below everything will be self-explanatory. So yeah let’s get straight to the setup.

Ok, guys, we are finally done with setting up for December I know its been quite an extensive setup but I m really excited to use it. I hope you guys liked this post and if you did don’t forget to follow me. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO