About Us

Hellow everybody..this blog belongs to shady and iftesham two small town sisters with bigger or you can say way bigger dreams. we are 23(shady) and 20(iftesham) years old isnt that cute lol. We all know that a blank page is always a good listener so we are hear to write our story. It will be our diary which will tell you everything about our lives. We come from a very conservative Muslim family but we have this dream of finding a way for our-self in the world of fashion. Our parents are very strict and they never support us in things like this. Rather then taking an wrong decisions in depressions we will do what our heart wants and what we need so that we can be happy too. With all of our of strengths we have started this and we will not step back. We were inspired by so many fashion bloggers that we decided to start ours and help girls like us. We were having two individual blog but then we decided to start a blog in collaboration and we are soo excited for this. We write about things we love and like. We love to share everything which goes along in our life. We love sharing things with people and helping them out. Coming from a Muslim family we were criticized a lot and for diverting ourselves from all those things we are doing something which gives us happiness. Being two small town girls we want to help out all the other girls life us and want to give them a vision so that they can easily place their foot in the world of fashion. We want to do something good in our life and we know that we heart fashion so why not go for our dreams. In this blog you will find everything related to fashion, beauty, health, D.I.Y, food and many more things. Its a girl’s world and every girl can find something special for herself here.We have followers that love reading our blogs and we also love writing them and helping them in anyway we can. We are happy with what we are doing and we love making you guys happy too. Feel free to comment below and ask us about anything you want because we are hear to help you out. We would feel soo happy if we will be able to help you out in any way and any field we can. Thank you all. Love you loads…^_^


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hi Iftesham,
    Admirer of the work you are doing. Cheers to your hard work. I also follow fashion trends and it would be great if you could give me an opportunity to contribute to your blog. I also have many ideas which could take your business to next level. I am about to complete my first year at IIM Ahmedabad and have lots of fundae to apply to real world. I also want to start a venture myself. Hope to hear from you soon.
    You can mail me at p15imranh@iimahd.ernet.in


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