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How To:Detox Your Body Naturally

How is it going, guys!! During weekends my body starts feeling little lazy, tired, bloated and heavy. I don’t feel like being my real self. Life goes completely out of sink at least for me I guess because I know I eat a hell lot of crap during these days. So to help many other people in… Continue reading How To:Detox Your Body Naturally

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7 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Hello, people welcome back to my blog, If you’re reading this post you’re really lucky as I’ll be sharing 7 tips on how you can start your finished journey again, yes you hear me right. Today I will share some basic ways you can use to get started with your fitness journey again or start… Continue reading 7 Fitness Tips for Beginners

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Self Love and Self Care

For me, 2017 is going to be all about Self-love and Self-care, this year I will learn how to love and take care of myself better from inside out. Self-love is the key to living a happy life, it influences you to have a healthy mindset to cope with all kinds of problem in your… Continue reading Self Love and Self Care

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3 Favorite Infused Water Recipes

We are all supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day but very few of us can make up to this. One of my new year’s resolutions is to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day although I have been drinking 10 glasses of water since 2016 I m happy to move forward with… Continue reading 3 Favorite Infused Water Recipes

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11 Healthy Morning Habits

Your morning routine can either break or make your entire day it’s up to you what you choose Hello everyone thank you soo much for stopping by my blog hope you all are having an amazing day. Without rambling any further I’ll get straight on point, for today’s #FitnessFriday section I m going to share… Continue reading 11 Healthy Morning Habits

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Fall Fitness Routine

When new year was about to start I was planning and working on my new workout routine, the current pattern I decided to start is a bit different from my usuals. It’s New Year so why not start new things, for today’s #FitnessFriday section, I will be talking about my Fall Fitness Routine, many of… Continue reading Fall Fitness Routine

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Home Workouts for fall

With chillier months coming we can no longer just casually workout outdoors (gym) and for people who love running, it becomes quite an impossible task but as I have decided to stick to my workout routine I will do anything possible to stay into it.  Today’s post is all about #FitnessFriday it’s my first post… Continue reading Home Workouts for fall