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3 Super Summer Smoothies

Knowing that it’s April and 32 C|F outside I think it’s a perfect time to have a chilled and awesome smoothie for your breakfast. I love to start my day on a healthy note and I think one can never go wrong with a healthy smoothie, as they are such a tasty way to pack in a ton of nutrients at one time. Going through so many healthy recipes I chose to share my 3 fav Super Summer Smoothies for today’s #TriedNewTuesday section also they are my Current 3 favorites smoothie recipes. It’s always good to share healthy stuff with our readers coz I believe in making the world healthier. I consider these 3 smoothies “Basic & Classic” because they are great flavor and health combo that pleases almost everyone plus these are the kind of smoothies that I think everyone knows how to prepare and chances are you’ll find your favorite summer fruits on hand for these.

I m a huge fruit person and summer is my time to get completely crazy for them, with each passing summer aka hot days I m trying to include more and more fruits and veggies into my diet. My 2017 health goal list does include trying 5 new smoothie recipes each month I know it’s the best way to stay healthy, stick to your goals and keep things going. There really is no way you can go wrong making a smoothie, just mix your favorite stuff and YOU’RE DONE!! but I think these recipes are a great jumping off point if the blender intimidates you. I would love if you guys will share your favorite smoothie recipe below.

Before we jump straight into the recipes I want to let you know that the ingredients I would be mentioning below for the recipes serve one full glass for a person. Master these recipes guys so that you can kick off summers well plus you would have an awesome repertoire of smoothie knowledge to tap into anytime you want to fire up your blender. Happy blending!!

Banana-Orange Smoothie

  1. 1 Banana
  2. 1 Cup Orange Juice
  3. 5 Ice Cubes
  4. 1 Cup Milk
  5. 3 Mint leaves
  6. 3 Crushed Almonds
  7. 1 Tbsp Oats
  8. 1 1/2 Tsp Honey

Watermelon-Banana Smoothie

  1. 1 Banana
  2. 1 Cup Watermelon Chunks
  3. 1/2 Cup Orange Juice
  4. 1 1/2 Tsp Honey
  5. 5 Ice Cubes
  6. 1 Cup Plain Yogurt
  7. 1 Cup Milk
  8. 3 Mint Leaves

Mango-Watermelon Smoothie

  1. 1 Cup Orange Juice
  2. 1 Cup Mango Chunks
  3. 5 Ice Cubes
  4. 1 1/2 Tsp Honey
  5. 1 Cup Milk
  6. 1 Cup Watermelon Chunks

Mix Mix Mix!!

There you have it guys my current 3 Fav smoothie recipes. If you want me to post more such amazing and healthy recipes comment down below. I would be glad to share them. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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How To:Detox Your Body Naturally

How is it going, guys!! During weekends my body starts feeling little lazy, tired, bloated and heavy. I don’t feel like being my real self. Life goes completely out of sink at least for me I guess because I know I eat a hell lot of crap during these days. So to help many other people in the world like me I decided to share few things which I usually try and do to detox my body to feel alive and fresh and get back on my health & fitness track under today’s #FitnessFriday section. I just feel good, all those good and healthy vibes around me help me feel like being myself all over again. I have been feeling pretty unhealthy lately but this year as I promised myself to be definitely healthier than ever before I m just giving my body the refreshment it needs, you know flush out those toxins in a natural way.

Drink Hot Lemon Water: The first thing I like to do is drink hot water as soon as I wake up even before I brush my teeth. I will be truthful, this doesn’t happen every single day but I do try to have it most of my mornings. It pretty much wakes up for the day and gives my body a jolt of energy plus keep things moving inside my body. If you know what I mean!! You have to do this right after you wake up before you have anything else like your breakfast. Adding lemon to normal water help with digestion and detoxification plus it also gives that extra boost of Vitamin C to your body. Staying properly hydrated can give you clearer skin and improve your circulatory, respiratory as well as the digestive system.

Foods To Avoid: If you really wanna detox your body there are some food items that you need to stay away at any cost. Otherwise, they are gonna make your body more bloated. Don’t blame me, I m warning you.

  • Dairy
  • Processed Food
  • Sugar

Pretty much anything that falls along those lines just try and stay away from them. I m trying my best to stay from sugar as much as I possibly can but some things are soo soo good especially for me My Frozen COFFEE with ICE CREAM, I basically live for it.

Green Tea: Replace your morning coffee with a cup of green tea. I know many of us are obsessed with starting our day with a coffee sip but consider switching to green tea because it’s so much better for your heath. Green tea consists of healthy antioxidants and gives you a slight caffeine boost without making you feel so wired. So have green tea morning or evening as it’s a great way to relax and detox naturally without doing much.

Meditate or Detox Yoga: Another great way to detox your body is by doing some yoga exercises. Toxins can come in many different forms and stress is a huge one, meditating or doing yoga can help you detoxify your body and mind by the release of stress. Deep breathing also encourages the body to eliminate carbon dioxide, lactic acid, lymphatic fluid and other waste. I love doing yoga, it helps keep my digestion moving, also exercising and sweating a little bit will help your body detox in a better way. And if you don’t like yoga go for any of your favorite exercises, just try and work up a good sweat for like 30 minutes. If you want me to share my yoga routine comment down below I would be glad to help.

Exercise Regularly: Get in a proper workout routine and sweat it all out. Exercising is not just for losing weight it’s also important for body detoxification. When you exercise you sweat out toxins from your body and all these helps with your digestion, circulation and organ functions.  Exercise makes you feel happy and amazing by the release of endorphins. So what are you waiting for work up that sweat and let out those toxins. No matter what I m doing I manage to workout at least 20 minutes a day.

Detox Smoothie: Another great way to detox is with a healthy detox smoothie. Now it’s not important that all smoothies have to be full of sugar, mine is never comprised of it. A great way to drink your favorite smoothie is by having it as your afternoon, evening or mid-morning snack. You can have it anytime you’re feeling hungry. Replace a meal each day with any of your favorite healthy smoothies and I love to start most of my mornings with a hearty recipe. It’s my favorite way to get real fruits and green veggies into my diet. The best part of smoothies is that they are so customizable. You can add whatever you like to give you the kind of boost your body needs. I like to use whatever fruits or veggies I have on hand that day but make sure to use all natural ingredients to get the vitamins and fiber you need for a healthy digestive immune system. A healthy smoothie in the morning will give you great energy and hydration for the rest of the day. Grab a smoothie when you are in need of something to get you through the day. I like to call my fav watermelon smoothie as my morning PICK ME UP snack.

Eat More Fibre: Eat more fiber in the natural form, our digestive track can hold onto toxins and preservatives and other leftover wastes from foods we put into our body. So including natural fiber into your diet can help things moving through your digestive track. All those toxins waste or anything that has build up over time will get a much-needed push out your body. You will feel so much lighter and healthier. Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and whole foods are all sources of fiber.

Drink More Water: Well all of us should be doing this every single day and I keep saying about drinking more water in most of my health posts because it’s something I like to do a lot to keep my body healthy. Drink more water but when you are trying to detox add some lemon or cucumber to it like I do because these things have some good health properties that help flush out all the impurities and toxins out of our body. When I add these to my regular water it feels like I m having a special spa day. One of the real cheap way to detox your body naturally. You’re doing more to your body by spending less. Today there are so many apps available, you can use any of them to track your water intake if you want to be precise.

Get Enough Sleep: The last thing is to try and get enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep your body doesn’t know what to do with itself, it makes all wrong choices and you start eating bad food too. So have enough sleep and your body will finally thank you for it later. I love NAPs, the day I drink a good amount of water and my favorite green tea I m able to take get a good amount of sleep too as I manage to sleep on time.

So these were some of my favorite tips and tricks that make me feel less bloated and not so heavy. Do mention in the comment box below one thing that you try to naturally detox your body. Let’s share the knowledge and get healthy together. Will be back soon with an amazing post-XOXO

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How I Stay Motivated to be Healthy

Once we get into this fitness journey we are mostly attacked by too many questions like How will I stay motivated? How will I stay inspired? How will I keep fired up for my passion? Will I enjoy it? Do I really need to do this? Why m not seeing the difference? M I working hard enough? and I know all these questions can get you overwhelmed easily and you may feel demotivated and confused to even answer them but don’t you worry I m here to share some self-motivating tips to boost you up.

Every Friday I try to come up with some new fitness inspired topics to help you guys stay motivated with me and for today I just wanted to sit back and quickly share these tips I m rambling about over and over again. I m actually in love with staying fit because it not a thing but a lifestyle that I adore living and moreover, I feel you guys kind of like my fitness and health based post more and I love writing them.

As you all know Self-Motivation is the Best Motivation here are some tips and tricks I use to stay motivated to be healthy. Precisely it’s all about staying on track and these tips have really helped me get back on track when I tend to fall off it.

Good Active Wears:  Staying fit is really important for your mental well-being and for you to stay focused all the time but there is something I need you to know as my first tip to stay inspired. I believe it’s essential to have good active wear that you like and feel comfortable in while your workouts. Sometimes I typically wear my workout clothes for the rest of the day instantly. Now the logic is very simple if you wear good workout clothes you trick your mind into doing things to stay fit. I would like to give my own example when I started my fitness journey I was not having proper workouts clothes and it became very clear to me that I m least interested in putting my body to work but then I released I need some good gym clothes to finally get my butt to work. Now that I have more proper clothes I wear them for home workouts and for my evening walk. I love my gym gear so much and I have recently shared about them in my February favorites. If you’re interested go check it out because workout clothes are so expensive these days and it’s really hard to buy good and affordable ones, but I bet you will find something useful from that post.

Get Serious and Have a Plan: So now that I have hooked you up with your cute little workout clothes I want you guys to get serious (well you can get serious before buying workout clothes too) because we are going to talk about some serious shit now. If you want to get healthy you need to get serious about it first, doing things for showing off in front of others or just for fun won’t give you any benefit. Set a mindset that you will seriously put in all your efforts to stay healthy. Just keep on saying yourself “I m going to be the best at what I do” and this will solve half of your problems. Don’t fool around anymore, get serious you’ll see the change the moment you’ll get serious.

The Blame Game: Just be honest with yourself don’t just keep sitting at a place thinking about getting a Victoria Secret model’s body. Think, if you can’t look like that what can you really look like and most of the times it’s not what you see in the magazine or on T.V just stand in front of the mirror yes you see it there, its the better version of YOU. Stand up tall in the mirror see how good your body can be if you move around a little bit. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, start moving now.

Believe in Yourself: If you believe in yourself you can move mountains. Actually, the blame game is really on everywhere. Everybody just loves comparing themselves with the pretty models out there. But sweetheart you cannot be them and they can never be you. You are unique in your own way. Wake up every day and say yourself that you love yourself the way you are and you’re not going to workout because you hate your body but because you love it. Visualize yourself as doing your best every day. All improvements in life began with an improvement in your mental pictures. Be the better version of you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Stay Inspired: Remind yourself of your goals every single day. Remember they should be realistic that way you won’t feel disheartened if you don’t reach them. But keep pushing (not too hard) and challenging yourself as if you will not take challenges you won’t be working hard for your goals. If you will get distracted from your goals you’ll get less motivated. My inspirational board is helping a hell lot to stay inspired for my workout very single day and I have shared this tip before with you all.

Walk, Walk, Walk: Next one is a very general piece of advice but I want you guys to walk at least 100 steps every day, even its just for a grocery shopping or walking your pet. I would not lie but I walk for 30 minutes every day and I m so excited to share that I have started running lately. It’s very important to walk, some days when I m too busy to go for a walk I will manage to go out for at least 10 minutes just to get in that fresh air. Walking daily will really help you stay fit.

Mini Workouts: If your doing some work or have classes one after the other try to utilize your break to do some mini workout. I work from home and when I m blogging or working with my bows I like to take mini breaks to just stretch my body, do some squats, leg rise, push up anything to get freshen up again. I love to keep my body moving while working this way I feel energized to work even more.

Get Around Right People: It’s very important to be surrounded with positive and happy people because they encourage you at every instance of life. Get around some positive people with goals and plans who are working hard in their life to get somewhere. They will truly inspire you. Back away from negative people that complain and whine about everything they face and trust me life is too short to be surrounded by wrong people they will not do any good by being in your beautiful life.

Stay Hydrated: Next and the important tip which I love to include in all of my posts is to “Stay hydrated”. If you’re eating unhealthy or junk food don’t forget to stay hydrated. Water will solve all your problems. It’s hard to resist junk food sometimes but if you will drink more and more water it will help your body a lot to deal with it.

Nailed It: To know that you are heading in a right direction, measure your success, I have mentioned this in a post before. Always keep a track of your body goals and it can only be done if you will measure your different body parts. You can also take photos because most importantly you need to see how your body fits and feels in clothes and do not forget to accept the amazing compliments you are getting.

Rewards: It’s very important to reward yourself and it can come in many different forms, it don’t just have to be a piece of cake. Appreciate yourself for everything you are doing like exercising, eating healthy, staying fit, working hard for your goals. All these things take time and can be very difficult so make sure to appreciate yourself. You’re rewarding yourself because you know you deserve it.

so these were my tips to keep you motivated to stay healthy and I hope they help you and keep you on a track like me. Share with me if you have something that keep you boosted up. Will love to hear from you. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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7 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Hello, people welcome back to my blog, If you’re reading this post you’re really lucky as I’ll be sharing 7 tips on how you can start your finished journey again, yes you hear me right. Today I will share some basic ways you can use to get started with your fitness journey again or start your fitness journey if you’re a beginner. Whenever I do step into something new the most important thing I like to keep in my mind is to research about it and I know many you guys do the same and I believe that’s very good thing to do, trust me with this. If you’re doing a research before starting your fitness journey or someone who’s in need of some fitness tips I bet this post will be helpful for you. Today under #FitnessFriday section I would be posting about Fitness Tips for Beginners which will include questions like:

How to start?
What to do?
How to begin?
What to eat?
How to reach your fitness goals?
These basic tips will help you get on the right track and hopefully stay there only. These tips actually helped me keep going so I thought why not share it with you all.

Get Inspiration

Inspiration is the key to success. Whatever path or carrier you choose it’s very important to stay inspired. Sometimes we get inspired by people sometimes things. All that’s important is to JUST STAY INSPIRED. A quick tip from my side will be to have a “Mood Board”. Create an inspirational board for yourself and look at it every morning. This way you will have something that will keep you going. Put images of workout clothes, healthy foods, girls with good bodies all things that inspire you to work hard for your body. This is by far the perfect way to stay on track for me.

Set a Fitness Goal

The second and most important tip, that you may have heard a thousand time is to have a fitness goal. You need to have a goal, a proper mindset to reach out for things you want in life. Your goal will help you keep track of certain things like what you want? how will you get it? what things do you need to do to achieve it? when you want it? how do you want to look? etc. Your goals need to be realistic, nonrealistic goals are useless to set. False goals like getting abs in 5 days, Losing 5 kgs by tomorrow have no sense in it. Set a goal that is achievable plus it’s relative to you, your body type and your lifestyle. Spend some time with yourself to decide what are your fitness goals. Sit down think about it and write it down on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you can see daily in your room. Goals shouldn’t be rushed ever, writing things down will make it visible and real. Waking up with no goals, no mindset every day will make you ask yourself why are you doing this? but if you have a realistic goal and you keep on reminding yourself of it every day you have the answer to the question why are doing this?


People keep rambling about this one that I don’t have time for the gym or for home workouts, let me tell you none of us have time we have to make it. If you really want to achieve something you will make time for yourself and your body. You will make things work in your favor by waking up early, by completing work on time whatever it might be you will make things happen. Nobody has time for anything in this world but still, they take out and spend time doing things that make them.

Have a workout Plan

I have mentioned my workout plan in one of my earlier post under “My Fitness Routine” you can go check that out. I have mentioned in that post that I do keep taking monthly workout challenges and also change the exercises m doing every month this way I can try tits and bits of everything good for my body. Making a workout plan is the best way to remind yourself of what needs to be done on what time. There is no need to go to the gym if you’re not interested just crack home workouts they are the best. All that’s important is to make yourself a workout plan and stick to it. I hope my fitness routine will help you get an idea on how to plan your workout routine. Plan your routine according to your body type and it should include things like: what days you need to workout, what exercises to include, how many days in a week you need to workout etc. It’s quite simple but try and stick to it to the end.

Eat Healthy Eat Well

I bet this one is the most important out of all. The workout is not everything if you’ll not eat well you’ll not get the results. Lots of people in the world do some exercise but eat whatever they want and still expect to get fit in time, dude that’s not possible. This will not work for anybody out there, you need to fill your body with good fuel and nutritious foods, they will help you stay fit, recover fast, loose weight and your body will even function in the right way. Also staying hydrated is very important, drink as much water as you can.  If you’ll not drink water your body will not feel fresh and will not function the way it needs to. Understand what you are eating and what good it’s doing to your body. If you’re eating too much of processed and high sugar food there is now time to cut them off your life if you cannot avoid them forever at least try and avoid eating regularly. Research the food you’re consuming. Try to eat all green and fresh veggies, fruits and whole foods.

Track Your Progress

Be sure to keep track of your progress always. You can measure your body parts or more simple you can just take pictures of it. Tracking the progress is important so do it anyways you like. Measurements, little fitness tests, and photos are the best ways to keep a track of how your body is performing. It’s also the best way to see the results. It will also give a reflection of how you’ve progressed so far and what more effort needs to be done. Every 4 or 6 weeks take photos of different parts of your body wherever you wanna focus on and look how much you have changed.

Never Ever Give Up

This one is the last and most important tip to keep in mind. Never ever give up, you’re not gonna get results in one day. Things are not going to turn into your favor overnight until and unless you’ll work hard for it. I have seen so many people around me giving up, I would like to give my own example as I too gave up so many times earlier but now the urge to work hard for my body never allows me to give up and m so glad that I m dedicated to my goals. I never go more than 3 days without working out only if I m stuck with some things I miss these 3 days workout. Remember giving up will not give you anything in return but staying consistent, staying focused and staying dedicated will surely give. There will be rough days when your body will feel sore, you’ll feel like shit, you’ll be tired to do anything, you’ll not eat well and you may also not bother to work out but try and follow your routine. Your hard work will pay you off eventually. It’s important to understand that results are not going to appear same way for everyone so keep experimenting. You are an individual and your body will not function the same way mine does. Your body may not get results the same way as mine. Do things for yourself, give your body efforts and hard work it needs. There is no need to give up if things are taking time just stay positive and stay with it to see the results one day.
So that’s pretty much it for today’s post. I bet this quick but useful post will be helpful for you guys. Don’t overcomplicate things ever, keep it basic otherwise you’ll get confused and overwhelmed by the work pressure around you. Remember fitness is never that hard. Will be back with an amazing post. See you all very soon XOXO
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11 Healthy Morning Habits

Your morning routine can either break or make your entire day it’s up to you what you choose Hello everyone thank you soo much for stopping by my blog hope you all are having an amazing day. Without rambling any further I’ll get straight on point, for today’s #FitnessFriday section I m going to share some healthy morning habits that I have been really trying to kind of implement in my morning routine and that will help you put your day together in a better way. You don’t need a chance to follow these habits but instead, you need to get into a habit of doing it. I only miss this morning habit if I m running late for some errand else I do them daily by heart. I have found that when I do these things I have a more healthy and productive day. I think its just a good way to start your mornings and rest of the is spent well too. I have been following these morning habits from a pretty long time I guess. I try not to ever miss them I do take out time every morning to follow these healthy habits. These with my have become a part of my morning routine now as I have been following them every single day since last year and ever since I included them in my morning routine I have had way more productive, happy and positive day than before.

Below are some healthy habits that I like to create for my mornings. I know healthy habits can be pretty hard to follow and if you’re a beginner as I always say start with baby steps you’ll surely see the difference in “how you were” and “how you are” as the days will pass.

Wake Up Early

I know many people keep talking about this one again and again and I m not gonna lie but m still working on this one. Waking up early can definitely change your life we all know that 8-hour sleep is must so just try and wake up early even if you don’t have work next morning. It’s just that you’ll feel much more productive and get done more with the new day. If you wake up early and get few things completed off of your to-do list you’ll get into a momentum to complete others for rest of the day. Set your alarm a little bit earlier, you’ll be in a way better mood the next morning. Try waking up 15 min early then your usual time, your body will eventually get into the routine of waking up on the desired time. Prepare for your mornings in advance like which clothes you’re gonna wear, what breakfast you’ll have, your workout gear, put your coffee mug close to your machine. If you will have the next day planned and things ready you’ll be much more excited to wake up early the next day. Super nerdy but super effective way.


Make The Bed

One habit that prevents you cozying back into your bed and seems simple is to fix your bed first thing in the morning. Fixing up your bed is a great way to go and get started for rest of the day.


Stay Away From Your Phone

I set the alarm and keep my cell far away from my reach so that I would not grab it as soon as I wake up. Not grabbing your phone immediately after waking up will help set your mind free, you’ll be able to do more things in that time span which you’ll obviously waste once you’ll get on your phone. Going through your phone and social medias (which we all love to do) can give you a bit of hectic feeling especially in the morning.


Cleanse Your Skin

The next habit is to cleanse your skin twice a day which becomes hard for me sometimes if I m too stressed during night. The most important thing is to remove your makeup before bed as I don’t wear makeup daily it’s not that hard for me to follow my daily skincare routine. Try and cleanse twice a day, it’s a really good habit to get into. When we sleep our skin builds up sebum and oil at night, the dead skin cells fluff a little bit too so we should wash our face thoroughly in the morning.


Healthy Breakfast

I m not a huge coffee drinker and neither m addicted to it although I love to start my morning with a cup of coffee sometimes and if someday I m not feeling like having it I would go for my favorite green tea with breakfast. My breakfast varies every morning but I do try to start with something healthy like a fruit bowl even if I feel hungry an hour later but at least I had something healthy that got me started. The green tea has lots of antioxidants and vitamins in the fruits keeps me going.


Gratitude Journal

While having my breakfast I would read a book and write things in my gratitude journal m grateful for. I love this habit of mine it gives me so much positive, good vibes and mindset that I need for a healthy morning. Being thankful and grateful to god for everything he has given me has changed my life. Whenever I feel low, writing and realizing what I m grateful for helps me boost my confidence. If not a gratitude journal just write one thing in your notebook you’re grateful, believe me, it will change your life.


Get Moving

One more important one. If your someone working from home like me you really need to keep yourself moving, do anything you like whether it be stretching your body, going to a gym, doing home workouts or going for a 10 minutes walk but just keep moving. I try to keep my body moving as it really makes a difference in keeping me active for rest of the day. I usually do home workouts, stretching, meditation and yoga for at least 30 minutes. You can check out my fitness routine post. M still struggling to go out for a morning walk but m not gonna give up this easily. If I get moving I notice that my day becomes so much more productive plus me being energized. That’s a habit I got into in 2016 happy it’s still a part of my life in 2017. It has really boosted up my energy to another level. If you want a little peace of mind to start your day do yoga or meditation for 10 minutes to have a happy mind.

Oregon, USA --- Group of women working out in fitness studio --- Image by © BUCK Studio/Corbis

Healthy Smoothies

After I m done with my workout (morning or evening) I would have a healthy high protein banana smoothie. It’s actually my go-to snack that has lots and lots of proteins which I really like to have after my workouts. Drinking a healthy smoothie in the morning can be a great start to your day.


Freshen Up

Not optional but the important one is to take shower right after your workout or other morning rituals. I have felt that when I take shower early morning I feel fresh and energized to do more stuff rest of the day. If possible dry brush your body it’s an ayurvedic method that’ll help improve your blood circulation and slough off the dead skin cell.(a dry loofah will work best)


Wear Sunscreen Daily

Another healthy habit is to wear sunscreen daily, by keeping your skin out of the sun you’re really preventing chances of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Protecting your skin from the sun reduces the chances of skin cancer too. It’s again a great habit to get into.

Front view portrait of a woman applying sun cream to her face

Stay Hydrated

First and the most important thing I do as soon as I wake up is to chuck a glass of water. I keep my water bottles next to my bed that way I don’t feel lazy to get water from my kitchen. It’s totally optional but you can drink normal water, cold water, warm water, lemon water, green tea anything you want whats important is to have a glass of water in the morning. Sometimes I do like to have warm lemon water but usually, I go for cold water it wakes me up totally. Drinking water right away is gonna cleans out your body and start your system for the day. It’s really important for us to stay hydrated throughout the day and normal water bores me to death, I have got this new way to drink more water: Infused water. In some of my previous posts, I have shared my story on how “I drink 10 glasses of water a day” go check that out too. Staying hydrated was a task until I discovered this infused water thing “God bless youtube”. You will truly notice the difference if you try it for the longer period plus you’ll get a clear skin too.

pouring water into glass from a bottle, on blue background

So these are some habits that I found really healthy to give a good start to my day and I would like to know what are your healthy habits that keep you healthy and happy. Do share in the comments below. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO

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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2017

Hey, you guys welcome back to my blog hope you guys are having amazing winters. For many of you, it must be getting hard to stick to your new year’s resolution of staying fit in 2017, a little guidance and motivation for health and fitness is always a good option so stay with me for a while. Today under #FitnessFriday section I will be posting about “How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2017”. Many of you asked me about my fitness routine and tips on staying healthy and fit, so I decided to share my tips. Without rambling any further let’s get straight to the topic. Mentioned below are some of mine tips that are helping me stay healthy so far this year.

Get Motivated/Inspired

Go on Pinterest or Weheartit and search out for pictures that inspire you to stay fit, workout more and eat healthy print them out and add it to your inspiration or mood board. I have made one recently and added all kind of pictures that inspires me to reach out for my goals. If you don’t have one create now it’s really really helpful else you can just stick all these pictures on a white or black board and place it anywhere in your room where you can see it easily. There are many different ways you can put pictures be creative and do whatever you like. Long story short basically you have to print out pictures from Pinterest or Weheartit and use them as inspiration. I have found this method really helpful, it acts as a visual reminder of what you wanna do and where you wanna be in life. Look at it every day first thing in the morning for inspiration.


Workout, Meditate and Do Yoga Daily

Pick out anything that you like among these 3. It may look hard at first but the inspiration board will help you get along well. If you wanna choose any one thing it’s up to you but I would suggest doing all 3 of them daily. I workout and do yoga daily during the morning hours, if you are interested in my workout routine you can check that out too. I usually meditate during evening hours after having my green tea and book reading. I guess it really helps me to focus more on my work and feel better. It’s not that I only meditate in the evening I do meditate in the morning after finishing my morning rituals. Meditating in the morning hours helps you focus and concentrate more on your work plus you feel active and enthusiastic after it. Just meditate for 10 minutes a day and you will see the difference. If you are not interested in workout and other stuff go out for a walk at least 30 minutes, go grocery shopping or walk your dog. Just go out for running any errand, breath in fresh air. Try this for 5-10 days and you will eventually get into the habit as I have.

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Eat Healthy/Nutritional food & Plan Meals

Eating healthy is very important if you are diving in this pool of being healthy or starting healthy lifestyle because what good than having healthy meals all time. Being a part of the big Indian Muslim family it’s very difficult for me to eat healthily or cook meals because it’s my mom who preps all the meals and you all know how Indian food is all spicy and oily. So its very very hard for me to eat healthily but the good thing is I don’t eat junk food and other things much. My mom cooks for all of us and we have to eat whatever she cooks. I prepare my breakfast and have an option of starting my day with something healthy. I like to have green tea, coffee, fruit bowls, smoothies, egg bread and others healthy food as my breakfast. If I get late which I obv. do I like to have green tea and food bowl. If you are one who cooks all meals yourself you have hell lot of options on hand. Check out youtube or Pinterest for some healthy food recipes. It’s very important to plan meals in advance a) it saves your time b)you get to try new food. Not all my meals but I do plan my breakfast a day before, it really saves my time and the excitement is overwhelming.

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Research Food and Drinks You are Consuming

If it’s possible, avoid eating unhealthy food and do research about foods and drinks you are consuming because its very important to know whatever is going in your body is healthy for you or not, why should you be consuming it, what good it’s doing to your body. Many of you may not be interested in this tips but believe me, you will be a lot more healthy if you will keep records of things that are going into your body. I do not eat processed and canned food but still, like to know about which veggie, fruit, and others things I m consuming are good for me or not.

Follow a Morning & Night Routine

Next important part of starting and living a healthy lifestyle is to have a good morning and night routine. Being a night person, it was very hard for me but I m not ready to give up and still working on following both my routines by heart. I work from home so it’s not that hard to stay on track for me. I have fixed my morning and night sleep time that is wakeup time: 7:30 and sleeping time: 11:00. We all need to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep to feel fresh next morning. The best trick for sleeping on time which I have been following recently is to cut on technologies after 10-10:30 no cellphone no tv after 10:30. Then after following my skincare routine, I go straight to my bed with a cup of green tea and a book to read. Reading a book before sleep is the best way to force your eyes to sleep. I m addicted to night green tea I can’t sleep without having it and what’s more good than having a cup of warm tea and a good book before sleep.

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Don’t Resist Your Feelings Get Them Out

I have got into this habit of writing daily its a part of my morning rituals now. I have also started writing morning pages, a new thing I learned from LAVENDAIRE, it’s under my February goal list. Writing morning pages helps me get my thoughts out on pages, feelings that I have been resisting to share with others, things that bother me. Its feel so great once you write whatever is going through your mind and have a blank page to start a fresh new day. Morning pages or writing has really helped me grow it’s actually a self-care process I m following. Writing is the best thing in the world if you cannot write 3 pages or 1 page just write one thing about your day one goal to want to achieve. I think it will help you open up to this writing things a bit if you are a nonwriter.

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Drink More Water and Smoothies

I m doing a 30-day water challenge right now, again it’s a part of my February goal list. I need to drink 3 bottles of water a day plus 2 green tea and 1 smoothie. God this challenge is overwhelming but not impossible ehh..!! I m ready to crack this challenge if you are too then start today. Take a before and after picture of you to see the difference. Drinking more water daily and have healthy smoothies for breakfast. It’s a healthy way to start your day and stay fit. Once you will get into this “DRINKING MORE WATER” you will see the difference in your body and gradually will start enjoying it. I wanted to challenge myself so I started this if you are feeling start now because you know it’s now or never and if you think you had enough water drink more.

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Don’t Ignore Your Progress

Take a picture of you daily not for the social medias but for yourself to see your progress. If not for a long term (If you aren’t ready yet) try this healthy lifestyle thing as a monthly challenge this way you’ll be forced to start it. If you start seeing the difference which I know you will try this for the next month and so on start from baby steps I know this method will work and you will not easily get demotivated. If you are doing this as a challenge for a month take a picture of you daily to get an idea on how you are doing, how things are going, is it working for you, what more needs to be done? once you’ll see the difference it will motivate you to work hard and reach the ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t ever ignore your progress if you see you are doing good surprise, pamper, gift and treat yourself buy something new, go out for movie anything. Just reward yourself for the progress.

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That’s it with today’s post I hope these tips will help you get into a healthy lifestyles in 2017. Best of luck, if you have any tips that has helped you please do share it below. Will be back with a amazing post until then take care beautiful people XOXO

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Fall Fitness Routine

When new year was about to start I was planning and working on my new workout routine, the current pattern I decided to start is a bit different from my usuals. It’s New Year so why not start new things, for today’s #FitnessFriday section, I will be talking about my Fall Fitness Routine, many of you have requested me to share it with you guys (this one is the updated version). This one is really working well for me so I decided why not share it and motivate you. I was pretty excited to start this, 2 weeks and I can see the difference already. I have planned my workout routine according to what I do each day of the week as my days are highly scheduled. I have hell lot things to manage in my LIFE, so planning everything in advance is necessary. I have 2 sets of workouts to follow on alternate days that have completely different exercises for toning different areas of the body. If you’re enjoying this post so far, stay with me as I m about to share my workout exercises.

Monday Alternates

For Monday alternates my workout routine contains a total of 8 exercises 2 sets of 30 each. It’s usually a Legs and butt day, (i have listed out few exercises to tone these particular areas). So in total, I do 8 different workouts 2 times each, hope it makes sense. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to get over with it (I workout from home). I enjoy my workout routine, it’s so much fun when you do things that you love to love yourself more. I workout not for others and not because I look bad or something but because I love myself. As I have many tasks to do the rest of the day it’s best to get over with workout during morning hours, it becomes easy to focus further and complete my daily goals. I eat before and after my workouts, I have a completely different post on it if you’re interested, go check it out. I m also thinking to start running and cycling again, at least for 30 minutes a day, fresh air hell yeahhh…!!!

I start my day with these morning rituals:
  1. Having a glass of cold water.
  2. Reading a chapter of a motivational book.
  3. Having a healthy breakfast.
  4. Writing in my gratitude journal.
  5. Reading 10 quotes from MindSetOfGreatness.
  6. Meditating for 10 minutes.
  7. Following a 20 minutes yoga routine.
  8. Follow my workout routine.

My Workout Exercises:

  • Leg Rise 30*2 (each side)
  • Leg Lifts 30*2 (each side)
  • Fire Hydrants 30*2 (each side)
  • Bent Leg Lift with a Pulse 30*2 (each side)
  • Plank with a Twist 30*2
  • Bicycle Crunches 30*2
  • Crunches 30*2
  • Mountain Climbers 30*2

Tuesday Alternates

Tuesday alternates are mine at home cardio training days. They are usually my favorites being abs and arm days. I guess I don’t need arm workout but I love doing my abs workout, though. I do 8 different workouts 30*2 times each just like the Monday alternates. The exercises are all different from Monday alternates and it takes me about 30 minutes to complete it. It was hard for me to get into a morning workout routine being a night girl, it was not my thing but I have worked too hard on it. I guess I m doing the impossibles now but I feel soo much more active and productive when I do a morning workout. I have a hectic work schedule as I have mentioned before which makes it hard for me to workout during the evening and If I happen to miss morning workout session I will do the evening one. I m taking my workout routine very seriously.
I think it’s better to follow a morning session than evening as we have a lot of energy, enthusiasm during the morning hours compared to evening and we usually run out of energy and motivation by the end of the day, which concludes morning sessions are the best.

My Workout Exercises:

  • Reverse Crunches 30*2
  • Scissor Kicks 30*2
  • Russian Twists 30*2
  • Spider Plank 30*2
  • Raised Leg Crunches 30*2
  • Up & Down Plank 30*2
  • In & out Plank 30*2
  • Sit Up with Toe Touch 30*2


I usually don’t workout on Sundays it’s my rest day. I plan my entire week in advance on Sundays and if m not feeling too lazy I would just do my yoga routine and 10 min meditation. Then comes Monday which means we have looped through the whole week, leading me back to the same workout routine. Seeing the results in my body I decided to share my routine, I hope I m being helpful to others. I m not asking you to follow my workout routine to get a perfect body instead try and be active and do whatever exercises you like, find something that works for you and stays fit. Once you will start seeing the results you’ll get addicted to it as I have.

Few things I m working hard on are:
  1. Sticking to my workout routine seriously.
  2. Eating healthy meals.
  3. Drinking more water(i have worked so hard on this habit of mine)
  4. It’s fall and I have been drinking a crap ton of tea and coffee but I m also trying to drink 3 glasses of green tea a day.

That was the general rundown of what my current fitness routine is, I hope you guys will find this post beneficial. Stay fit Stay active. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO

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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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Hello my loves, welcome back m so excited for today’s post. It’s Friday and time for an #FitnessFriday post. I love posting under this section, as I have become healthier than before I love reading and writing about fitness inspired topics. For today I will be discussing on “How to start a healthy lifestyle”. I would be sharing some tips that actually helped me get into a healthy lifestyle. I found these tips on Pinterest, applied to my life/routine and could actually see the difference. Everything starts for a reason and fitness is no exception. This kind of things needs a hell lot of courage and patience. You need to stay motivated throughout the journey of changing your life for a good reason. I invested like a year over this to get my sh*t together and as for now, I can finally see the difference I m happy that I gave these tips a try. When these healthy tips helped me to start a healthy lifestyle I decided to share them on my blog. There were many tips available on that page but I will be mentioning the ones worked for me. You need a really good reason to start this else you won’t be able to stay focused and committed. Remove all the obstacles standing between you and your goals, and stay tuned for some exciting tips to change your life.
Things you need to ask yourself before getting into this lifestyle:
How healthy are you?
Do you follow a healthy diet?
Do you exercise daily?
Do you drink 8 glasses of water daily?
Do you sleep enough every day?
I know your answer to most of these question would be a big “No”. Its ok I was in the same situation a few months back but now I can proudly answer to these questions as a big YES. If you want to answer them as yes then apply below tips to your life.

  1. Start loving yourself: before doing anything start loving and believing yourself. Start from today stay happy and love yourself, even more, every day.
  2. Get rid of negative people and thoughts: the second most important thing is to get rid of negative people and thoughts. Surround yourself with positivity and you will start noticing the difference.
  3. Start journalling: write what you feel, express yourself. Journaling has helped me a lot to move on and stay positive in my life. I write about things I want to achieve, my goals, ups and downs to stay more focused in life. I share everything with my journal, its good than keeping your thoughts to yourself.
  4. Set a Goal: a healthy life starts with a healthy mind. Stay focused and be determined. Set your priorities and goals to keep yourself motivated in life. Find the true purpose of living.
  5. Learn to say NO & YES: start saying no for things you hate and yes to things you like. Don’t think how others would react to it just be yourself and do what your heart says.
  6. Get enough sleep: get enough sleep to stay active and healthy next day.
  7. Drink more water: fall is arriving making it difficult for us to stick to our water routine. Read my post on “How I drink 8 glasses of water during fall”. I m sure it will help you a lot. I start my mornings with a glass of water.1479470160738
  8. Keep water with you: whether you’re at your desk or you’re going out keep water close to you. This will help you stay hydrated.
  9. Meditate: As soon as I wake up I like to meditate just before my workout routine. It really helps me to stay focus and inspired. Meditation keeps your soul calm and your worries away.
  10. Breath in, Breath out: sit at a silent place and breath in and out for at least 5 minutes. Oxygen is a vital source of life and believe me we are not breathing properly. A full breath is really important to keep your inner happy and going.
  11. Exercise: I work out for 20 minutes daily, each month I change my exercise to keep my body flexible and toned. Youtube is really our best friend, pick out your favorite exercises and keep going. You can even do yoga or focus on body toning exercises to stay fit and healthy.1479821112516
  12. Get out: go out and meet your friends, interact with people. Visit places you have memories with. Even just for a walk but go out.
  13. Start running/ jogging: do whatever you like but go out for running or a walk even. There are many advantages of running as you may all know. Choose an appropriate hour and start today. I like going for cycling if not running.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  14. Cut on caffeine and soda intake: we know these drinks are not healthy but still, we cannot live without them. Our morning starts with a cup of coffee in our hand how can we think of cutting it off. If you cannot totally avoid it consume less. A great alternative for coffee is fruit juice it’s healthy instead.
  15. Cut on alcohol/ Smoking: Like caffeine avoid alcohol and smoking too. We all know they do no good to our health. With them comes many negative health problems, it can affect major organs of our body badly.
  16. Prepare your meals: instead of eating outside, cook for yourself. I know its hard when you have been working for hours but cook small and cook healthy. You will appreciate yourself one day for this.
  17. Eat more fruits: start your day with healthy breakfast. I like having a cup of green tea with a bowl of fruits as my breakfast. It’s healthy and keeps me full until my lunch hours. Eat antioxidant rich fruits. Eg banana, mango,pineapple, oranges, papaya, apples, watermelons, guava etc.
  18. Eat more veggies: include green veggies to your meal every day. Eat antioxidant rich fruits. Eg cucumber, lettuce, celery, eggplants, tomatoes etc.
  19. Eat small: serve your meal on a smaller plate, it will trick you to eat less. Stop eating when you’re full even if your food is tasty. Complete your 3 meals intake every day. Eating small meals balances energy.
  20. Cut down on processed food: avoid eating processed food as they are not good for our health neither do they have any nutritional value.
  21. Avoid junk food: the most crucial tip is to cut on junk food, they have a high level of refined sugar, salt, fat, and flour again not good for your health.1479820998911
  22. Go for brown carbs: switch on to brown carbs than white as they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Eg brown rice, whole grain, oatmeals, oats, nuts etc.
  23. Cut on salt and sugar: if you cannot totally avoid it, consume less. Go for healthy snacks instead you will feel more satisfied.
  24. Eat low-calorie, low-fat food: there are many alternatives available to choose from just eat healthily and stay healthy.
  25. Brush your teeth twice: brushing twice is a sign of a good hygiene. So brush your teeth Twice a day, rinse your mouth after each meal and floss your teeth at night.

Thats all in today’s post. I will be back with an amazing topic. See you guys very soon. XOXO

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3 Favourite Fall Green Tea Flavors

Out of all kinds of beverage I love green tea the most. I m not addicted to caffeine as much as m addicted to green tea. Today under #TriedNewTuesday section I m going to post about “3 Favorite Fall Green Tea Flavours”. Being so obsessed with green teas lately, I got my hands on 3 flavors of Twining Green Tea London. I m so in love with this green tea that I can never ever get enough of its flavors. In our grocery stores it hard to find more fall inspired tea flavors so I had to manage with whatever I had. The only option I had was to pick any out of Twining’s section.
Top 3 Twining Green Tea For Fall:

Twinings Pure Green Tea


Twinings Pure Camomile


Twining Earl Grey


All these flavors are so calming and soothing that I feel totally relaxed with a sip of it. I have been drinking green teas from last 3 years. First, I started it seeing others but now I m addicted to it I cannot imagine my life without it seriously. I need 3 cups of green tea a day and it was not like this before, I started with one and now m at three. It was my this year’s goal into 3 cups of green tea any how. When I started drinking it I used to have it with sugar as I was not able to drink it without it I mean it tasted so horrible. I can understand it was also my first time so. For 1 and a half year, I continued drinking it with sugar but later I cut on my sugar intake completely (only for green teas).

Now that would be a long story on how I got into this green tea thing but I actually feel good that m addicted to green tea more than caffeine. Green tea is like a best friend to me on cold chilly fall days. You only need a cup of hot water with your favorite flavor of green tea in it and you’re good to go. I like to have my green tea with my breakfast, during my “Me Time” evenings at my happy place and just before m about sleep.

This post is gonna be very small because I only wanted to share about my 3 favorite Green Tea Flavors for this fall and I have mentioned them above. Twining Of London has become 1 of my favorite green tea brands I love all of their flavors. They are calming, soothing and tastes so good. You need to try their collection because it’s worth it and I know you will love it.

Do try these flavor and let me know which is your current favorite green tea flavor. I would love to try it. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soonXOXO

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How I Drink 10 Glasses of Water Everyday During Fall

Water is one of the best things we can give to our body, its seems difficult to stay hydrated during fall for many of us but believe me it’s not. I will give you some tips on “How I Drink 10 Glasses Of Water Every Day During Fall” so that you can develop a healthy habit of drinking water just like me. Try it yourself and see the difference. I can see the difference in my body already: