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3 Go-To Fall Hairstyles

As the temperature is cooling down and sweater weather is coming up its time to switch up our hairstyles. For many of you, summer isn’t over yet, but I guess fall hairstyles and trends have already arrived. With every season, comes the most trendsetting and cool looks and it becomes hard to stick along with one single style. This time, under #StylesItSaturday section I m ging to post about my “3 Go-To Fall Hairstyles” this post will have some really cool and easy to make hairstyles. If I can make them so can you. There were tons of hairstyles to pick from but I chose these 3 as my current go-to. Don’t be nervous these hairstyles will look good on you as they look on models. I know we normal people can rock these completely right?

Knots Now/ Voluminous bun
Next time you wake up late through your alarm, whip your hair into a high sleek bun just like this. The sleek knot is currently in trend now, I know from intricate twists to messy loops to sleek chignons there are so many kinds of buns and updos to suit every personality. All you need is a little dry shampoo and pulling it up. Twist your ponytail and wrap it around like a bun and secure it with bobby pins, add little hairspray at the end. With your hair up you can even show off your ombre hair color it will look amazing with this hairstyle.


High, Messy Ponytail
The sleek ponytail went into retirement when hairstylist turned to a messy, more relaxed style. So skip the sleek ponytail this season and switch to more casual and a high messy ponytail. Don’t worry you will still be able to show off your bold makeup. Tease your hair at the end for getting a more voluminous ponytail.



Fishtail Side Braid
Coming on braids the best thing about them is there are so many ways to wear them. I like creating a messy fishtail braid for my go-to hairstyle. get creative and try this hairstyle adding your own twist to it. Everybody need a little change so skip that boring 3-strand braid for once. This braid may look complicated but it’s surprisingly easy to make. Rather than diving into 3 partitions you only need to separate your hair into two then start layering a piece from each section over one another from the other side and that’s it.



Rock these hairstyles this fall and do tell me which one is your favorite. Also share what kind of hairstyles you love doing during this time of year. I will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO