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Plan With Me: December(Minimalist and Christmas theme)

Hello people, I m back with the last plan with me of the year. Super super excited for this one. This “Plan with Me” journey has been so amazing so far. The November set up was good so far I especially loved the spread, overall I had plenty of space for everything also I used the setup so well. As the spread was pretty simple and usable I decided to stick with the same layout and stuff only I added few new things like new habits to my habit tracker and changed the existing weekly log that’s it. I was not planning on doing much for December but going minimalist and Christmasy was my theme. I saw a minimalist Christmas-Wreath kind of thing on youtube which inspired me so so much that I had to try it out plus it was super simple for a beginner like me. I believe the spread should be designed in a such a way that one can stick to it. Trust me I didn’t had any inspiration when I was about to work on my December bullet journal but youtube has such inspirational people you can look forward too. After watching few videos I knew what I wanted and how my December spread would look at the end. I m still working on my calligraphy and lettering skills there is a lot of room for improvement so please don’t judge me, guys. I started bullet journaling in September it’s only been few months and I can already see the progress in my work. As I have told you the theme was quite simple so I started off with the pen directly. So I hope you guys find this month’s bullet journal spread useful as I have kept it pretty basic. I still can’t believe that it looks so good also a I would like to admit that December spread is my favorite so far. OMG, December ended so well in a way for me guys. Once you will see what I have done in the picture down below everything will be self-explanatory. So yeah let’s get straight to the setup.

Ok, guys, we are finally done with setting up for December I know its been quite an extensive setup but I m really excited to use it. I hope you guys liked this post and if you did don’t forget to follow me. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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How To Get Your Life Together!!

Hello people how are you all doing? For today’s post I decided to help you all get your life together and why am I posting about it is because I obviously have mine so put together and fine. Well, I m not that perfect but yeah I keep bettering myself every day. Take my advice if you’re truly in need of it. I cannot do well if I don’t really know how things are gonna go for me throughout the day. I just need to have a little bit of organization in my life in order to feel calm and put together. Basically, I love to have things under control. If you’re someone like me who loves an organized life or someone who needs a little organization in their life then keep reading. Now that I have explained enough for the intro let’s get right to the tips. I m not gonna lie but I m at a pretty good spot in my life right now and I feel very on top of this organization game and that is why I m here to share 10 tips that will hopefully help you all get your life together.

Be Honest

Let’s start with tip number one and that is to be completely honest with yourself because if you will not be honest with your life you are not doing any good. It’s really important to find where your problems are. As a human we tend to go through a lot of problems in life which includes feeling uninspired, being unhappy, feeling unmotivated and low. Whatever it is it’s important for you to figure it out. What is the issue? Why are you feeling that way? What is the reason behind you feeling unmotivated? Clear your mind about all bad habits and things like procrastinating, sleeping through your alarms, extending things to the very last day, not working out, not eating healthy etc etc. Best way to make yourself aware of all your bad habit is to just sit down and write about everything (little or big) that distracts you from achieving your goals. If you’re not good in terms of socializing count it in too. If you’re working on improving your relationships with people around you add that too whether it be growing amount of good people in your life or getting rid of the bad ones write everything down. Clarify everything in your mind that way you will understand where are you going wrong, what is lacking in your life and where you need to put more efforts. So sit down close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about what is that you’re working towards in your life and what is actually you need to be doing right now. You will never be able to fix your problems if you don’t define them in your mind.

Get Inspired

After being honest with yourself the second tip that you need to focus on is How to get Inspired? now, this is the most amazing but funniest step to get your life together. If you have no idea where is your life going? what are you doing? why your goals seems to be fading? why everything is falling apart or you are wasting a lot of your time doing nothing its time to get some true inspiration. When you have no idea what kind of life you are planning to live ahead, take a step back and look around you, find people that motivate you. Find that somebody that is living a life you have always dreamt of. Now don’t bring up jealousy into this, there is a huge difference between getting inspired and being jealous of someone. Don’t get envious to live a cool life in a bad way. All I mean is find out who is killing at living an amazing life around you or who do you look at and feel God Damn I wish I had that lifestyle, I wish I was that person doing those things. It could be anyone doing anything, you can also look into social media for some inspiration. There are so many amazing people living happy and content life in this world that you can get inspired by. Just gain some inspiration guys gain it from a person living your next door or from an amazing celebrity over the internet. Find that somebody and get inspired by his or her lifestyle. Set some goals and morals looking at that person. But first, figure out what kind of life you plan and wish to have. The best way to change your life is to write down all the things that you want to acquire in your life. There are two types of people in the world The Proactive and the Reactive ones. Don’t just sit back and watch your life flash before your eyes. Be proactive, go after your life and chase your dreams. Don’t pretend as you have no control over it, react to everything that is happening. Stop making excuses as you can find inspiration in life anytime you want it’s never too late.

Cultivate a Morning & Night Routine

The third tip would be to create and follow routines. I m a routine junkie I love them I love a good morning routine as well as a good night routine. I just love good and productive routines. We as people are creatures of habits so routine is a really good thing to cultivate. I have a very basic morning, evening and night routine that I can stick to regardless of what kind of day I would have ahead of me. My favorite routine though is weekend routine. I have picked two days Sat-Sunday out of the entire week to get all of my shit together and start fresh for the new week. Sunday routines for me are all about rejuvenating and restoring for the upcoming week. I will do laundry, clean my room, plan my meals, do market work, chill out with family, take a hot bath, do a face mask, read a book, watch a movie, plan out the entire week in advance and do everything that can help me get my life together and make a fresh start. Basically, I will do everything that gives my soul joy and makes my day happy. Weekend routine aka GYST day is my favorite of all.

Next thing to focus on cultivating and following routines is to sleep and wake up early. I never forget to include this point in such posts because it’s important anyway. I have noticed that whenever I follow my routine like sleeping and waking up on time I get more stuff done that day. It feels so amazing when you make most out of your time. I hate waking up early the reason being my bed loves me but I still try my best to wake up as early as possible. I feel more productive, more organized, more motivated and more energized when I wake up early. I do all important things plus the ones my heart desire. Getting up early versus late just sets tone for the day. When I wake up early I feel beautiful, the sun looks shiny, everything’s around me looks perfect, I feel like a perfect person and also I get to indulge in one of my most favorite breakfast bowls. It’s obvious for most of us that when we wake up late like around 9 or 10 we start hating everything around us aka we get into this BAD MOOD shit. Most of us feel what’s the point of doing the work we were doing when we have missed that important time slot. I mean half of the morning is gone now what am I left with. I will not do things that I was planning you do, most likely I would start procrastinating and that’s even worse. In order to wake up early, I would set 2 alarms for the morning. One alarm set 15 minutes before I actually need to get up just in case to warm up myself for the beautiful morning routine I have promised myself to follow. And then I will have my actual alarm set at a time I would finally wake up. It’s just a little tip that I use to get myself out of my bed because I sleep through my alarms like anything and most of the time it gets really really irritating. Not a pretty picture right but I m not a perfect person I believe in progress, not perfection. So yeah make two alarms if you need a little bit of help to get up early next morning.

Now that you have cultivated a good morning and night routine its time to cultivate small morning and night bedtime habits it will help you stay more organized as soon as you start your day and when you end it. You can add healthy habits to your morning or night routine whatever suits your soul. Do things like 10 min cleaning before bed, making the bed as soon as you wake up, reading a book before sleeping, having green tea, checking your planner for the next day, maintaining a gratitude journal, moving or rearranging things in your room, setting out your workout clothes for next day etc etc. Little healthy habits like these make your morning and night routine a bit easier and more organised.


Next tip that I would highly recommend you all to start from today and that is Planning. I love planning process it’s basically my favorite part of the day. I can plan the entire year in advance if I wish to but when it comes to doing it there is actually where my troubles come to life. But I have to keep myself motivated by saying “Stop thinking about it, Stop talking about it JUST DO IT”. We all fail at some point in life and get demotivated, the thing we are doing all wrong is thinking and thinking about crazy stuff. Don’t spend too much time thinking try and get more things done.Now I have divided planning into different categories. Obv planning is done for an enormous number of tasks. You plan your day, plan your routine, plan your meals, plan your studies etc etc. To make it short and understandable I have divided planning into 2:

Plan your meals
I live with my family and my mum cooks the lunch and dinner for us all so there is no point of planning out my meals. But I do plan my breakfast because it totally depends on me what I m craving for that day or I would say I want to give my day a healthy start. I plan my breakfast an evening before so that I can also go out for grocery shopping. So yeah I would recommend you all plan your meals in advance. Most people today do meal prep for an entire week and that is also a good thing because you can save a lot of your time to suit yourself.

Plan Your Day and Prioritize Your Tasks
Planning starts with a planner if you don’t own one buy a good one now or you can go for any type of organizational system you like. Planning your day is a key step towards having an organized life. You can use a physical planner or an online one anything your heart desire. Go for something that works best for you. I have dabbled in both for a little bit but I found that the physical planner works best for me. I can note down all the real stuff that is going on in my life on a piece of paper also I can block out time in my bullet journal for it to complete. I love making to-do lists for things that cant really be held accountable for a certain time. If your someone who is comfortable with online calendar google calendar will work best for you. Google calendar syncs with all your devices so you can manage your calendar on any device. If you don’t want to complicate things just maintain a normal calendar (physical or digital). It’s really easy to work on a calendar you are provided with enough space to write your tasks for the day. Start planning mark out important days, write important tasks that you want to complete, write goals you want to accomplish, birthdays to remember. Write anything and everything you want on a physical or online calendar. And that way everything will be right in front of you and under your control. Now all you need to do is focus and get those tasks completed. Making list and prioritizing tasks is the one best way to get most done throughout the day. Everything that is jumbled up in your brain gets it all out on a piece of paper and then figure out what to do with it. Sort it out, prioritize and get them completed. I like maintaining a daily to-do list as I have hell lot of stuff to get done throughout the day. They don’t need any fixed amount of time I can do all of them anytime I like. Its all about basics GIRL!!

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter.

The most popular tip where most of us drop off is decluttering. If you are someone new at this and want to make a difference in your life start with Decluttering. Declutter your life, your room, your wardrobe, your digital devices everything. Declutter all the stuff that is not bringing joy and happiness to your life. Get rid of things that get you occupied and waste your time. There is nothing worse than having a ton of objects around you that you really don’t care for and that just brings your soul down. Chaotic life is a total mess trust me. There may be tonnes of things in your life to declutter. Sit down and make a list of all such things, this will help you get rid of them faster. Just ask a simple question to yourself before getting rid of something. Does it bring joy to your life? Do you use it daily? Is it really a necessity in your life? all those basic questions. If your answer is no for anything just toss it out I guarantee you won’t miss it ever.

Next, clean your workspace. Now your workspace can be anything from your entire room to just even a desk. Whatever you’re working with or working on making sure it’s organized because when you try and do things in an unorganized space and aura you’re gonna get unorganized thoughts. For me when my room is not tidy I cannot things straight so I like to clean my entire room often in order to keep my life together. For me when everything is all over the place I feel physically overwhelmed. I feel as if all this mess is burdening on me. Things like making your bed in the morning are such simple tasks it makes your room look so much nicer and organized. You feel productive a)you woke up early b) you made your bed at least you accomplished something as soon as the day started. That means you are off to a good start.

Self Care Routine

My next tip would be a general life tip and that is to spend less time on your phone and more in your self-care routine if you have 10 minutes to kill in between things you’re doing don’t grab your phone instead read a book, have a cup of green tea, meditate, do a happy dance, light a candle, take a walk and do all those little and big things that make your body happy. We always resort back to our phones any time we are free, Social Media is really a great thing for keeping up with people, getting inspired, learning new things etc etc. but it should not be a distraction for you. We all work hard and of course, we all need to take breaks. If you have accomplished a task than treat yourself with something good. Take a break if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. I know I get overwhelmed easily especially since I make a todo list that carries a zillion of tasks and I get like OH My Gosh!! I don’t have enough time to do this and that. Don’t forget you have enough time to get things done if you start right. Not all work can be done in a day so when you feel stressed out take a break and relax your soul.

Digital Declutter & Break from Social Media

Now I will talk about 2 things in one tip. Digital declutter is as important as physical declutter. Store all the content on your computer into folders. And anything that you don’t need easy access to store it on a hard drive. Don’t forget always always backup your computer, laptop and cell phones this is the most important and crucial tip of all. If I lose my content by mistake I go crazy like insanely crazy. I cannot stress this enough so BACKUP guys.

There are many ways you can take a break from your social media and utilize your phone in a better way. We all have our phone next to us all day long so why not use it for a better purpose. I recommend you making use of the note app and the reminder app. They work as a lifesaver truly. If I think of something that I need to do or need to be reminded of when I m out and about I will make use of a reminder app. And using notes I will write down anything that comes to my mind or any task that I need to get done that day. It’s helpful for me because I get a lot of stuff running through my mind all day. Being a creative person I get a lot of ideas running through my mind and I don’t want to miss any single one of them so I would quickly add them to notes to work on later someday. All I wanna say is use anything productive from your phone to make a better use of it.

Just Do It Attitude

Make weekly goals. Put on tasks and goals that you really want to accomplish throughout the week, it could be learning new things, or bettering the older one. It will keep you motivated and on top of your tasks lists. Setting a goal for the week gives you some motivation to work towards. These goals can be about you, your work, your hobbies, your college, your Job anything. It can be anything from personal growth to picking up a new hobby. Just get more and more stuff done that your heart desires. And everything you are planning will only work if you have JUST DO IT attitude.

Don’t Pressurise Yourself

Don’t ever pressurize yourself with things you are doing. I know if you are a perfectionist like me you may feel a lot of pressure when doing daily tasks and living basic life. But try to take the pressure off yourself be proud that you accomplished some tasks, that you did your best at everything for the day even if you didn’t get every single thing done that was on your list for the day. If you try and manage to get at least one task done throughout the day trust me you had a productive day.

That concludes all of my tips on how to get your life together. I hope you guys will find this post useful and don’t forget at the end of the day it’s all about being practical and applying all these little tips and skills to your life. Just remember practice makes men perfect. Organisation is not something you are born with it’s something that you create within your life and grow with it.

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November:Plan with me

October Spread

Hello people Happy November, for me it’s really hard to believe that this is the second to last plan with me of the year 2017. I started doing it a little while ago and honestly, I m obsessed with it. I get so excited when it comes to creating a spread for the new month, on the other hand, it’s so crazy and hard to believe that the year is about to end but anyways until then let me take you back through the month of October. I want to apologize as I could not post my October spread I was badly occupied with family weddings and meetups so there was no chance I could plan on posting anything other than wedding pictures. Anyways I will take you through the month of October real quick. The images I have shared below will give you brief ideas about how my monthly spread was and how well did I use it. Just trying my best to come up with different ideas and creativity every month. I first started bullet journaling in the month of September and since it’s only been 3 months I m still learning and bettering myself with lettering and doodles so if you think I m getting wrong somewhere please feel free to correct me. Also, comment your ideas below I would love to hear from you guys too.

November Spread

That was for the month of October and with all those things being said let’s move onto setting up for the month of November. I loved my October spread a lot and so decided to stick to the same pattern for November with just a little variation on doodles. I wasn’t particularly following any theme for this month. I wanted to try something different but stay minimalist with everything. I don’t like adding too much stuff on my spread also I don’t like when pages look clumsy and messy. My style is to keep things cute yet minimalist. The images posted below are in same order as they are in my bullet journal for the November spread. You can look into it patiently and learn how I designed each page. I was trying to go with the flow because honestly I was having no solid idea when I started but I was sure that I would do some doodles on each page like I did for the month of October but this time only flowers and leaves. I have used the same notebook I used for September spread also the same black stick and ball pen by LUXOR. For this setup, you don’t need any kind of drawing perfection or lettering skills I have added some random doodles I was liking at that moment. From this spread, you can clearly depict that you can go ahead and literally draw anything your heart desires and that’s what I did basically. No complicated designs and doodles needed but if you feel like you are in desperate need of inspiration check out Pinterest it’s the best way to get your dose of motivation. As I was having little space at the bottom I drew a little calendar on First Page!!

Next comes the monthly log I did it completely different this time. It was so much fun trying out new things. Instead of drawing calendar view that I have been doing lately, I switched it with this pattern. Basically, I wrote down the dates and left 2 spaces for each date to write down events and tasks. On the empty sides, I went on with drawing some flowers. Looks super cute and is also super easy to create. For the entire spread, I pretty much went with a bunch of flower doodles as they are so amazing to work on. I decided to keep all the headers pretty simple as they were going perfectly with the kind of vibe I was going for. Next page is my master to-do list and I decided to split it up into two portions PERSONAL and BUSINESS and also I added some checkboxes. The ones I m underlining are reserved for the most important tasks of the month.

Next moving onto the weekly spread. The weekly spread that I m going to try this month is completely different from the ones I have been doing earlier. Normally I don’t to this big weekly spread and that too in advance but I m gonna be very busy and occupied for November and so I just wanted to make sure that I have enough space for each day to put up tasks and not forget to work on them later also I didn’t want to wait and worry about setting it later. If you will look at the pictures given below you will understand how it works it’s pretty self-explanatory. I have made this for 5 straight weeks. As you can see I have marked down weekdays from Monday to Friday and for the pages with little space, I added weekend too. Leave at least 5 lines for each day tasks you would be needing it. While I was drawing this page I kind of realized that this type of weekly log would work best for me as I love writing down everything and its similar to filling a to-do list only it’s a safer version. I can go back and recall what tasks I missed and completed. I was having little empty space at the end so I added 2 blocks one for Personal tasks and the other for Bussiness purpose.

I love creating the tracker’s page a lot because it’s not too high maintenance and same goes with the expense page. I keep track of bigger purchases so its a lot easier for me to keep up with this style also it does not take too much of my page space. My tracker’s page is usually quite basic Also, I have added doodles with all the headers otherwise it would have looked a bit boring and honestly I m in love with doodling these days so I thought why not. I have added 4 Trackers Habit Tracker, Sleep Log, Social Media and Expence Tracker.

Next page is for the highlights where I will share pictures and thoughts at the end of the month. These pages are super simple to create and easy to maintain. I designed Brain Dump page aka Scribbles page to look like a mess which is what it’s actually supposed to be. Getting all the thoughts and mess I have in my brain straight out onto this page. I used it to write some note and doodles and what not. I switched from Brain Dump to scribble word for this month. I believe it sounds a lot better than the brain dump. Again this page will be quite simple and organic. I will fill it with random things, thoughts and doodles. So this is the page for all that crazy stuff, filled with everything that doesn’t go anywhere.

Next comes the journalling page I have got so much used to it as I love filling a journal. I decided to give myself a little flexibility and left one line space for each day. It’s perfect for when I have super eventful days or when I have nothing to write about. At least there would be something about that day I could use to fill up that line.

And that’s all with this month’s spread. I hope you guys liked it and I m also sure you guys will take a little inspiration from my November spread for your monthly spreads. Weather it be for this month or next. If you guys have any ideas or suggestion please comment down below. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO


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25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years

Hellow everybody welcomes back to my blog so today post is going to be a little bit different but anyways I m excited for it. While going through my list of post ideas (which is quite casual) I decided why not just sit down, grab a cup of tea and share some life lessons with you all. Also, I wanted to post this on my birthday but I couldn’t as I got caught up in few other things. Well, it was my birthday on 8 of September which is already gone I know but I turned 25 this year yayyee..!!! 25 and still killing it. I know for many of you guys it’s hard to believe that I m 25 but hell yeah I m. Every time I talk to someone about my age they are like “Girl Really, You look like 19???” and I m happy that I don’t look all grown up but anyway never judge a book by its cover I m much smarter than I look.
On this birthday I wanted to do something special so I decided to put together a list of 25 things that I have learned in 25 years. Well some of them are serious, some aren’t, some are life tips and rest are lessons and things I learned these past years. But most importantly all of them have a lot to do with me, what I m today and the way I have grown in 25 years as a person. This post doesn’t really serve a purpose unless you’re here to know a bit more of the insight of my life, the way I think and live it. But anyway I hope you guys enjoy reading this and if you do be sure to like this post also don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t already and let’s get started.

1. Do what you love and do it often don’t think about others.

2. Pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings what you think and feel is what you attract.

3. Don’t waste time. Utilise it in the best way possible because once it has gone it won’t come back. Timing has a lot to do with everything.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others you’re beautiful the way you are.

5. Not everyone thinks the same way you think and it’s ok to have different opinions. You can change your thinking anytime you want.

6. Create, if an opportunity doesn’t exist Create it if an idea doesn’t exist Create it. Never say no to new things and new opportunities.

7. Your feelings are always valid don’t be hard on yourselves. Take as much as time you need to heal.

8. Breathe in the FUTURE and Breathe out the PAST. Nothing is gonna last forever time is the best healer, forget about your past and start planning your future. Things will never go back to how they used to be and that’s totally ok as long as you ready to move on.

9. The most beautiful things in life are moments and feelings cherish them.

10. If it makes you nervous it’s worth doing. Explore you’ve got ONE Life.

11. Don’t spend too much time thinking about one thing, Just get it done.

12. Talk to others the same way you want others to talk to you.

13. Focus on positive and stay away from the negative whether it be a thought or a person. Keep yourself busy to stay away from negativity.

14. Know exactly what you want and don’t stop until you get it.

15. Get into a hobby, I m sure you’ll find one.

16. Invest in those who invest in you.

17. You will not like everyone and not everyone is going to like you.

18. Recognise your mistake and work on it instead of running away from it.

19. Try and learn new things, you can learn a new skill if you can just try as learning has no age.

20. Always be grateful to God for everything he has given you. Most of us take things and our life for granted.

21. Believe in yourself, you can shine bright like a diamond. Never hustle for your worth. Life can suck sometimes but everything will be ok if you just BeYourself.

22. You don’t need a reason to help others. Do it because it feels great.

23. Adopt animals because it makes them happy. Well, it makes us happy too!!

24. Fight for your rights and happiness, Start now.

25. Live in now, enjoy the journey of life. Stay happy ALWAYS.

That’s all for today’s post people I hope you learned something positive from today. Be sure to like this post if you do and don’t forget to share things that you have learned in the comment section down below. Would love to hear from you guys. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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Plan With Me : September Bullet Journal

It seems like forever since I posted anything. Anyways hey guys I really hope I m not the only one whose late on sharing the September bullet journal setup. In spite of all the technical issues, I finally decided to post this up because I have worked with all my heart for it.
Before I get right into it I would like to share how and why I started this. I used to work on a planner earlier to fill up my daily to-do list but the second it was full I felt so bored up. I was no longer planning on getting a new instead I realized I should try something different as I was no longer enjoying filling up that planner. I saw many youtube videos on “Plan with Me” for different months I got so inspired by it that I got 2 new brand new notebooks to get started. You can see how excited I got!! I didn’t want to let that enthusiasm and motivation in me to DIE so I worked on it THE next day. By the way, the notebook aka journal I used are from the Archies store, the collection was amazing I got so confused while picking up the two but then I decided to go with the quotes I loved. And also it was my first time with this bullet journaling thing so I decided not to complicate or overdo things and took inspiration from the youtube videos. God, there are sooo many amazing artists working with such an amazing creativity as a beginner it’s hard for me to match their level but then why not try and learn new things. I remember Practice Makes a Man Perfect right!!!. Out of so many amazing artists, I decided to go with MyLifeInABullet’s August edition as my September theme but il mention that I took ideas from many other artists too and you’ll see that below. Her theme is quite simple and cute which attracted me to try. I m not a person who likes to mess up with simple things neither do I believe in keeping stuff boring you know what I mean.
To see how I got inspired from YouTube to work on my very Plan with Me Bullet Journalling keep reading and as I I have shared almost every tits and bits about it now it’s time to get straight into it.

As I have told you earlier my beautiful notebook is from ARCHIES with this amazing and inspiring quote written all over its which says Stay True Stay You. A perfect quote to get me started. Also the pens I m using are classmate and Luxor pointed tip black pens. I m still learning how to use brush pens I decided not to experiment on this journal as it’s my first time. As a beginner, I will just go with simple black gel pens for now.

This theme is simple and super cute but if you guys have selected a theme for September already I would suggest you try this sometime later in future. If you will visit her channel which I m sure you all would because she is amazing, you’ll see I have tried my best to use her theme in my way and still kept everything look put together. Adding my creativity to it was a task but as I was doing it I kind of started enjoying it and got into such a great momentum that everything seemed simple later. The cloud theme which she used is perfect for the summer as it’s not wintering yet in my country. It’s such a great option for people who like to keep things a little-balanced example ME. Not denying I wanted to try something really different until I realized it’s my first time and I should not complicate things better keep it simple. Drawing clouds and paper planes is the best option if you’re a beginner like me as it’s fun to work with. Easy yet cute. Going for a simple design was my ultimate target as I was more focused on the content that I’ll be including into my bullet journal.

Keeping your theme simple and flexible will help you enough to keep up with it otherwise you are more likely to waste a lot of your time drawing or give you would give up or end up just filling in your messy to do list because it’s quicker and practical.

I m starting by drawing a monthly log, keeping it a bit different but also combining it with the standard calendar layout with the vertices version. And you can see this is what came out of it. To be honest with you guys I m not sure how my lettering and calligraphy has gone for this month but I promise to improve it for the next month cause I so badly want to do it. Moving on, my plan was to draw little icons with a different color so that I can see how busy my month is gonna be and what all things are needed to be done in this month. Using a pink highlighter pen I have blocked out some important days that are reserved for one important task. For example, I m going to be celebrating my birthday the next week so I have marked that out too. It will help me to take the time off and focus on one thing only and I did this for all the similar events and the bottom side I have used for a more detailed planning.

On the next page, I have added a To-Do List for the entire month. I will put up all the things that I want to complete throughout the month of September. It’s the best page because I tend to forget things but if I will put that up here I m more likely to keep a track of it. Just recall everything and write it down or you can add things later in future.

For this page, I decided to draw a monthly log with little more space basically it’s the bigger version of the one I made earlier. The reason behind making it this big is I can add a lot of things to it. It will work as my mini to-do list for each day doesn’t that sound great?? Admit it we all need a daily to-do list notebook to add things we need to get done that day and what else can be great if you have one mini added to your bullet journal. At least it’s better than putting work on a different piece of paper and carrying it when it has 100% chance of getting misplaced.

On the next page I was just having fun with my creativity you can do anything your heart desires. Just play with it put up quotes and things that inspire you. You can also put a picture or write anything you like. My point of keeping things simple and cute was to keep me motivated to use my bullet journal.

On the next page I added my habit and mood tracker, trust me I really needed this one. I have no idea how many habits I m working on currently but I will try and put up everything there I can remember. Little scared of how m I going to keep up with them but m so sure this habit and mood trackers will help me a lot to keep track of these things. The quality of my sleep also affect my mood throughout the day so I believe these two are important and connected to each other and that’s why I will need to add both of them.

The following page includes my Sleep and Social Media log. I m working so hard on my sleeping habits these days and this log will surely help me track at what time I wake up and go to bed. Another important reason for me doing this is actually I wanna see the correlation between the headaches and eye pains I m getting and my sleeping pattern. It’s obvious that I m not getting enough sleep but I still wanna give this thing a try as I hope it will help me more sleep.

I will also try and share it with you guys whatever happens in the next month’s bullet journaling. As I have mentioned it’s my first-time with bullet journalling but I will try my best to stick to it keeping it not just a one-time thing and fingers crossed will see how things go.

Next, I needed to add an expense tracker because I have kind of started feeling an urgent need of it to know where my money is actually going?? just adding things I buy throughout the month and I m done that all I need to keep a record of my money. I know I will find this helpful regardless. I have just divided the page into 3 section one for putting dates second to add the product I got and the third one is for the amount I invested. Simple eh??

On the following page, I decided to do a weekly log because I knew that I would be needing it. I added a weekly log, divided it into 5 blocks with different weekly headers, I was left with little space on the right side and I made use of it by adding two more blocks with heading Goals and Don’t Forget. Goals for things to be achieved this month and Don’t Forget for the tasks to be completed this month.

Next, I added the Brain Dump page I know I will use it more often as I have stopped writing my morning pages. This will help me get all the shit out of my brain right on this sheet of paper. Pretty helpful for a person like me. I love writing about goods and bads of life in just a line.

Next, I wanted to make a checklist for all the stuff I will be doing the entire month in different categories. For this, I added 3 different pages for my personal projects like Bow Ideas, Blog Ideas, and Photography Ideas. These pages will truly be used for filling specific details in the following categories, you can put any thoughts or ideas here anytime and work on them later. I really need to keep things all together so that I do not miss anything while I m working on any one of these projects and including all 3 of them into this bullet journal will keep me organized. I always write down things on a random piece of paper and they are most likely to get lost and nowhere to be found so this is the best way for me to keep a genuine record. Also, the best way to use your journal pages for personal projects like these otherwise, we tend to waste a lot of our time flipping through different work notebooks.

Next, I moved on to the journaling section. As I have told you I m not writing my morning pages anymore. I m super busy and occupied by my work for now and it’s not easy to fill up 3 pages about a day instead I thought why not include journalling into this notebook. All I have to do is write one thing about my day and that’s it. I think I liners are the best way one can describe the day. The best way to use each line is to make the summary of the day and put it up here. So that when you flip back through this month you can remember what all did. However, your day is good or bad you will always find something to write about it. Be creative share your thoughts, wishes what all you have been going through, your feeling, anything just get it all out. I believe ist a super safe and cute space to open up.

Lastly to finish off this months bullet journal I decided to make a highlight page nothing fancy or special just a simple highlight page which I will be using at the end of the month and while photographing I noticed that I already filled the page with some highlights that happened so far. I feel it’s ok if you fill it during the month if you are more likely to forget about it.

And with this, I m all done for the Plan With me Bullet Journalling SEPTEMBER edition. This is all what my minimalist bullet journal for the September would look like. I hope you guys like this post and if you hit the like button I would like to create more such post in future. Also, share your bullet journalling tips with me by commenting them down below I would love to try them. Will be back with an amazing post Love you all XOXO

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Gratitude Can Change Your Life


I remember this quote from Pinterest and I love it, I look up to it everytime I see it on my inspiration board. You guys may have known by now that my Mondays are all about BASICS in life, small but important topics we miss talking about because we have all surrounded ourselves with those big and successful career goals, dreams, a luxurious lifestyle we want in future which makes it easier for us to forget about basic happiness that makes our life A LIFE. I particularly love my Monday topics as they help me freely express my feeling about life, my way of thinking and living a healthy wealthy LIFE. I like to pick out topics that have changed my life and by sharing which I can change the life of others. If you are reading this I bet you have a shelter, you have food, you have clothes, you have a family and most people in the world are missing out these in their lives but have you ever been grateful to God for giving you all these?? NO, you may never have but it’s never too late to start something good I m right or I m right?? Some people have stuck in this never ending cycle of getting more and more in life in spite of having so much, so my post is especially to help them out.

Gratitude Heightens Quality Of Life

Gratitude being an absolutely crazy game changer is one thing that has always always been top on my priority list and also one thing that changed my life. There was a time in my life when everything was falling apart, breaking into pieces I couldn’t dare to pick up and secure in one place. I was feeling scared and shattered it’s when gratitude rescued me from an utterly bad period of time. I know it’s not just me in this entire world who deals with bad days but many of you guys out there go through the same shitty things like me because at the end of the day how can we forget this is LIFE. If you’re also at a stage in your life where you want to move away from certain space or you strive for success in future, working hard to accomplish your goals there is nothing wrong in being grateful to God for everything he has given you now and for everything you want from him for your future. Everybody is different in this world some people love believing in God and some don’t but it’s not wrong to reach out to him and thank him for allowing you live one more beautiful day. I m kind of person who thanks God for every single, every little detail he has allowed me to feel in my life because this is who I m and this makes me feel happy and satisfied. I like to start my day by thanking him for goals he helped me achieve also I ask him for more courage to work harder and achieve greater than yesterday. Sometimes I like to end my day on the same note. I have not been like this forever in my life, there was a time when things changed and I reached out for good vibes, attracted all positive things around me and Gratitude was first among those. The day I started doing to now I feel an immense amount of change in my life its hard to believe but gratitude can really and truly change everything and anything in your life. I learned this good habit from many of the YouTubers I follow on youtube. One thing I love about lifestyle YouTubers is that they all like to spread this positive vibes thing because it works and it makes you happy.

It’s almost a year now that I m maintaining a gratitude journal. During first 5 days, I felt like writing than not, I felt too boring to look at it, hold it and share my thoughts with it because reading and writing was never my thing though I loved planning special days. But as soon as my perspective changed about life I started feeling the real change which I obvs. wanted for so long. I released that God is with me he is watching me, watching my steps, answering my prayers and now that I have got so addicted to gratitude first thing I do while enjoying my morning latte is filling my gratitude journal.
5 Things I m Grateful For
5 Mini Goals Prayer

Notice and Appreciate Each Day

Gratitude will change your perspective, how you look at life and how it looks back at you. It will make your everyday amazing rather than being just another boring day. With gratitude, you open your heart, eyes, and mind to all those beautiful things out there in the world, things you already have in your life. You will learn to appreciate small and big things alike, things that fall together to complete your life. You will learn to live a happy, rich and fuller life. You will feel surrounded by positive abundance and with gratitude, you will attract more abundance in your life. One more thing if you will never be grateful to God for everything he has given you now you will never feel you have enough in your life.Sometimes I keep on writing about that one thing which I desperately want to achieve in my life. Accomplishing lots of things in life and looking successful on the outside is not enough it seems useless if you are not having gratitude with you every day, be thankful to God for everything he has given you otherwise you will be left craving for more and more. Once you start feeling grateful for all small and big things you have in life you’re certainly gonna feel you have more and more to be grateful for. It’s basically an expansion of positivity, joy, happiness, love and all good things. Gratitude is all you need to live a happy and successful life. It truly helps you appreciate everything you have and you want in your life. I believe gratitude is enough to make you feel happier and fuller. If you can bring more gratitude to your life you are sure to attract lots of positivity, success, happiness and a good attitude into it. Without gratitude, you will easily attract bad things and bad attitude and most importantly you will never feel happy and satisfied to live a successful life. I think a lot of people in the world have this problem especially the youngsters they want everything fast and now, not to forget about people who never feel like they have enough to live a happy & healthy life. Even though they have a lot they feel like something is missing out in their life and it’s nothing but GRATITUDE.

Practice Gratitude

Sometimes I keep on writing about that one thing which I desperately want to achieve in my life. Accomplishing lots of things in life and looking successful on the outside is not enough it seems useless if you are not having gratitude with you every day, be thankful to God for everything he has given you otherwise you will be left craving for more and more. Once you start feeling grateful for all small and big things you have in life you’re certainly gonna feel you have more and more to be grateful for. It’s basically an expansion of positivity, joy, happiness, love and all good things. Gratitude is all you need to live a happy and successful life. It truly helps you appreciate everything you have and you want in your life. I believe gratitude is enough to make you feel happier and fuller. If you can bring more gratitude to your life you are sure to attract lots of positivity, success, happiness and a good attitude into it. Without gratitude, you will easily attract bad things and bad attitude and most importantly you will never feel happy and satisfied to live a successful life. I think a lot of people in the world have this problem especially the youngsters they want everything fast and now, not to forget about people who never feel like they have enough to live a happy & healthy life. Even though they have a lot they feel like something is missing out in their life and it’s nothing but GRATITUDE.

Live Life

We don’t want to admit it but we really have everything we need in our life it is enough for us but this craving of getting more and more never leaves our body and mind or allows us to rest, on the other hand with gratitude we can have more but with a peaceful heart and mind. There are days while sitting alone you may start feeling you are not yet where you want to be, you have not achieved enough but trust me with this one because I have survived such crucial stage of my life happily by bringing gratitude into my life which today has helped me feel fuller. I just feel a lot better in general and my perspective has shifted to a more positive one. I decided to change my life for better and if you wanna do it too do it now. I want to encourage every single reader reading this post to cultivate more gratitude in their life, mind, heart, words, and thoughts. When you wake up to think about what all things you are grateful for that day. Keeping a gratitude journal has helped me maintain that flow. My morning starts with writing 5 things I m grateful for in my gratitude journal. It’s up to you if you like you too can have a morning or night gratitude period just write 5 things you are truly grateful for. Being a creative person it has helped me explore my creativity as I like to be grateful for the little details of life. I write different things each day I m loving, things that make my day even more beautiful. Constantly writing the same thing can bore you from gratitude which is not right. Gratitude should come from your heart, your soul not your hand. I like to be specific about things I m being grateful for and then I work on my creativity to find more and more things I should be grateful for that day. Don’t forget Gratitude is a part of success, happiness. If you guys are interested I would like to share what all things I like to write in my gratitude journal. Just comment below and I would be glad to help you all.

I like to keep track of all positive details, things that keep me happy, things that I m grateful for, my joy, my achievements, my success, my needs, my surrounding, my health everything that makes me what I m TODAY. Writing my achievements and being grateful for them is how I like to celebrate my victories, my happiness with myself. I think everyone should do it and start doing it right now. Share your creativity with me by writing 5 or more things you are truly grateful for in your life in the comment box below. I would love to read your thoughts but all I need you guys is to be more specific while writing them down. I promise you will feel amazing, you will surely witness a positive change in your life. Other than that I will be back with an amazing post. See you all very very soon XOXO

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How to Stop Being Messy & Lazy

Oh my gosh the weather has certainly got mad in my city. It’s Like someday hot and someday cold. When I m out I can feel my skin burn under the sun but the moment I m  home my skin and lips get dry as hell. But keeping all those things aside I m all focussed on sharing some tips on “How to Stop Being Lazy” under today’s’ #MyLifeMonday section. I m still pretty much working on this one but I do want to share few tips that have helped me save my ass and get my shit together in time. Before we start I have a question for you all.

What do you mean by “Staying Focussed”?

The answer most probably is not being distracted or having a workflow. or when everything seems to fall together instead of falling apart. Well for me “Staying Focussed” means when you’re in the moment you don’t even notice how the time flies by because you are so immersed in what you are doing, the creativity is flowing inside out. Basically, you’re set on fire to achieve your goals.

Below are few tips that have helped me not be lazy or messy and feel productive most of the time:

Time Managment: So my first tip for you all is “Time Managment”. You have to set time for not all but few things to stay organized and not be lazy. Just plan your day according to time in advance, like what work or project you will be focussing on, when will you take a break and start again. For eg say for 2 hours around 4 pm I will be focusing on this piece of work muting everything around me. This way you can mentally prepare yourself for the work you are going to do plus you are not gonna feel stressed out easily. If you will not plan what need to be done at what time, your mind will get surrounded by way too many tasks and you won’t be able to complete one. Scheduling your time will help you know that you have enough time to complete all your work by the end of the day and it will get down your anxiety and stress level to get back to your business again.

Value Your Tasks: When I have lots of things to do on my lists I like to find value in each task that I m going to do. It means to know and understand what is that thing about that work which is motivating you to get it done. If you’re feeling too lazy to go to the gym, wear your clothes and think about the after effects of going to the gym now (eg you will be fitter and healthier) you would get rewards for sticking to this thing now and will be thanking yourself later. So just try and find at least one motivating thing in that task that can make you get up and do it.

Keep Your Head Clear: It’s very important to clear your head before you sit down to focus on something new. When you’re focusing on one thing you should not think about anything else like what is about to happen 2 days later on that project or whatever. Focus on now, go to a gym or local park for a quick walk to just clear your head of all thoughts going on in your mind and get out those stress hormones too. It’s all about clearing your mind before you sit down to work. Maybe you can’t always do that but you can always meditate for at least 5 minutes at the same place your sitting for a peace of mind and body. There is one thing that has changed my life when I feel lazy or start procrastinating I would go out for a quick walk to clear my head, this way I can get back to work easily, on time and feel productive again.

Stay Positive, Stay Focussed: Talk about good feelings when you achieve something. When I decide to do my workout even though I m dying and my muscles hurt or I m sweating I keep going because it feels soo good later. All you have to do is keep reminding yourself of all those great feelings you got to achieve later. All those positive energies you will get when you will put your entire heart and time into your work. You just have to focus on the way that completing tasks makes you feel. There is something really satisfying and relaxing once I get over with my entire to-do list. Always concentrate on the good feelings you get from achieving something it will help you stay positive forever.

To-Do List: As you guys know I m a to-do list freak, also I had shared it on my Instagram page and in most of my motivational blog posts. My list is always always close to me. Preparing To do list is my absolute favorite thing, why because I can get everything out, visualize and see what things I have to do. Another good thing about to-do list is when you have a really large set of tasks that are extremely urgent and overwhelming you can break it down into smaller tasks and that’s why I like to use my todo list often. Smaller tasks seem more achievable and you will most likely start working on it.

Get Rid of Your phone: When you start to work or you’re just trying to be focussed put everything on mute by everything I mean everything your phone, tv, computer, family everything that can distract you. Focus 100% on what you’re doing to see the proper results. I have not shared this with many people but it’s been a year or something since I haven’t used a cell phone. Its a very long story but the positive results are I feel much more active and productive now than I was before. I do not easily get distracted because I don’t have a phone. Well, I m not asking you to get rid of your phone forever or a year but what I m saying is just put it aside when you’re trying to focus on your work.

Eat and Get Going: You need to stay physically prepared all the time. It’s very important to eat healthily and get your body going. If not a proper workout routine just stretches your body or walk for 10 minutes between work gap. Move around your body to not feel lazy. Always have something on your hand to eat like a fruit bowl or your favorite healthy smoothie something that will energize you to work more. When you will eat everything light and fresh you will have more energy to float through all your tasks rather than smashing through them. Eating light and healthy will help you feel more productive plus you will get more work done that day due to your high energy level.

Follow a Ritual: Following a ritual has been an important part of my life. Have something next to you that can motivate you to stay focused. For me, I like to have a cup of green tea or latte, a bottle of water, my to-do list, some old good songs playing, be in my comfiest clothes blah blah around me whenever I m working. It can be different for different people for some they cannot be too comfy while working or staying focused they like to sit up straight while working so suit yourself. It’s just important to get to know yourself to realize what all things you want around you to stay focussed. All this can trigger you to be in your most productive mode. Time and surrounding do matter too. There are a few thing which I need to complete in the daylight and some which I like to work on during night hours.

Train Your Mind and Body: I think when it comes to stop being lazy all we need to do is training our mind and body into thinking that doing things is actually what we want. It’s all about tricking yourself, basically just reminding yourself continuously that this is going to be good for you and make your day more productive. Switch your thinking and shut all negative thoughts. Get surrounded by all positive vibes. Instead of saying I can’t do this say I can do this and then upgrade from I can do this to I will do this and sooner you reach to I have completed this. It’s all about switching from words like I hope and I think to I know and I will because there is nothing impossible in this world for you. You will get all things done, just get into that “I CAN DO IT” attitude.

Don’t Work Late Night: There was a time when I was too obsessed with working late night while everybody else in my family was asleep. I still work at night but not too late though. It is for me that I can concentrate best at night because there is nothing around that could bother or stress me out at night but when we talk about biology on how our minds work its like we are most active under light and we get tired when it is dark. So I guess it’s better to have a stress free nights so that you can wake up fresh and happy the next day. One more thing that I like to do when I know that I have a big day ahead of me is to make sure that I get a good night sleep. Ever since I got the kittens they both wake me up a number of times while sleeping. My sleeping pattern is so badly messed up right now because they keep jumping around the entire house in the middle of the night. Things have been very different for me lately and I have not been having the best sleep of my life from the last couple of months. But I m trying really hard to get a good night sleep and thank goodness I have managed to get a few. I feel so happy and energized the next day plus I feel I can get more things done than usuals.

Thank you guys for reading this post. Tell me your best tips on how to stop being lazy and staying focused in the comment box below. I would love to know all of your tips and implement them in my life. Will be back with a super amazing post-XOXO

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16 Things I Learned in 2016

Forming words to explain how 2016 was can be hard for me, there is no easy way to describe 2016 in few words. I had tits and bits, ups and downs, positive and negative of everything. Hellow you guys welcome back to my blog for today’s #MyLifeMonday section I decided to post about “16 Things I Learned in 2016” it was a much-awaited post from my side, was thinking about writing this long ago but every time I came up with a new #MyLifeMonday topic this one skipped my mind always. I know m kind of late for this but I still wanna let you guys know what 2016 taught me and I will bring all those good habits with me in 2017. I wrote everything down in my notebook so I don’t forget to mention any. There are probably a lot more things I learned previous year but I will only mention the ones changed my life. There is no better way for me to put it in front of you only in few words but it was truly a transitional year. One of the hardest but one of the best year I had so far in my 24 years, my life changed upside down making me a completely different person than I was. I think I needed that push to look at life more clearer. Let me share with you the 16 things that changed my life in 2016:

Positive Mind, Positive Life  &  Believe in God

I don’t know if I have ever talked about this thing before but what better time than this. I was a completely negative person before June 1, 2016, and m not afraid to admit it because I was and it’s the truth of my life. I used to live on a completely different physiology about life. I always said myself, if I’ll say the right things the wrong will happen and if I’ll say the wrong things the right will happen and this way I spent 23 years of my life. I don’t wanna go into details about how I used to think and how things happened to me, no point explaining it but good thing it happened and my thinking changed. I finally understood the power of positive thinking in mid of 2016 because I have gone through so many problems and mindsets, most specifically when the year started I was going through a huge negative and depressed mindset, I was in a really dark place, my life just shattered in pieces, leaving me to feel massively low and depressed. I could not find answers to the question going on in my head “Why all this happened to me?” “When will I get over this pain?” a lot was going on inside of me. I couldn’t figure out why m I not able to get out of this pain. Something like this never happened to me before and I clueless to find a way out. I was just waiting to feel better, waiting to get my shit together. In a case of wanting to get out of this rut, I didn’t realize I was keeping myself in this rut by staying in that negative mindset. You cannot feel better without thinking better. I needed to clear out that junk going in my head and start thinking positive. I needed to attract positive to live positive. It was June 1, 2016, when I fully understood that if you want to live better you need to think better. I saw this movie called “The Secret” I know it’s an amazing book many of you may have heard about it but I saw the movie, the night I was sleeping after watching it I don’t know how and why I was saying positive things to myself I was shocked at first but later I realised I was saying and praying all positive (Good thing for me). I found this book called “Discover the Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale it was like a jackpot I needed that time, I started reading this book to discover the power of positive thinking. Being a negative person it was very important for me to change my way of thinking. With positive thinking I achieved so many things in life eg, I was running this handmade jewelry business, as a beginner I was not getting many orders the reason being my poor photography and other issues but later with all my positivity I prayed to god about it, started increasing my faith in him, I knew he is planning somethings good for me. Later I got a good camera and my quality improved and so my orders. When things were not in my favor I was still thinking positive and I could see the difference of doing it. I m running my brand successfully now and same goes with my blog (my Instagram profile too) and many others things in life. With positivity, I have to achieve so many things so far. Remember a positive mind will give you a positive life. I gave my example to show you how a positivity seed can change your life and we are even capable of growing a huge tree out of it.

You Waste Time, It Will Waste You  &  Stay Inspired

A phrase that most of our school teachers used to say to motivate us but being kids we were we always ignored it but now I can understand the importance of time. I procrastinate a lot, delay things, never get my things done of time and later when I realize that I have a lot of things to do I start getting overwhelmed by the workload. I get anxious and speed through everything which leads me nowhere. Sit down write things that need to be done and try to complete them on time, it’s not necessary to complete all nobody can conquer the world in a day but at least get done with few then none. Stop procrastinating don’t waste your time thinkings about doing things instead use your time and get done with those. Take your time and do things right, make a small to-do list every day and check out everything at the end. Just do things on time so that you don’t get overwhelmed by too much work pressure that way you will end up with a pile of stuff on your hands. You can’t go back and waste more time later having to complete much more stuff than you were to do earlier. I have learned to get my shit done on time in 2016 so that my life doesn’t get disturbed horribly. I will not lie I m still trying and working on it. Its important to stay motivated in live to achieve your dreams and goals. I always stay inspired all thanx to my journal, my motivational books and my inspiration board.

Bad Time Never Last Forever  &  Defeat Bad and Move Forward

No matter how bad things are they never ever last forever, they come and go. Stop making things too bad in your mind because they are never as bad they seems or you think they will be. Stop thinking about it in your head over and over again. The world is not ending the sun will rise, there will be a tomorrow everything will go on as usual and so will your life and within few weeks whatever that is your thinking and freaking out about will leave your life forever. Things are never as bad as they seem trust me I have been through it.

Go minimalist (don’t buy things you don’t need)

This one is the best from 2016, I have wasted a hell lot of money on things I told need in my life neither do I have any idea what to do with them. I used to buy things because they looked pretty and I liked them. Though I don’t earn much I still can’t figure out why the hell did I wasted so much money. But good thing I learn minimalism in 2016 now I only buy things I need to like to keep my closet and life clutter free. It’s good eeh..!!

Be Your Best friend

To have a friend you need to be your friend. If you want people to be around you, you need to be around them. Reach out and make plans with them don’t leave things to everybody else be a part of it too. Try and be more open with yourself and others too, no matter what happens always be on your side, don’t blame yourself for anything you have not done wrong, just believe in god and yourself you get though all bad. Not everybody is going to like you in life but make sure you like you. If you will waste time making everybody else like you or to like you, you will only face identity crises, your gonna loose yourself, your gonna be unhappy about everything because you’re trying to keep everybody else happy. At the end of the day, it only matters who are you on the inside, be a good person and be your own best friend.

If You Want Something, Go Get It  &  Set Goals

This one is a good thing I have learned in 2016 to get what you want, stop thinking about it. I don’t make enough money but I know I m working hard for it, buying things on my own gets really hard but now that I have to stop wasting money on things I don’t need I can buy things I truly want. Go get it attitude goes for everything in your like whether it be buying something or being something. Each day when I wake up I write about things I want on my bucket list and believe me things turn down in my favor and do get what I want sooner or later. This exactly happened when I was planning to buy new shoes and was out of money. I don’t take money from my parents for things I want to buy myself. Stop waiting around for things they will not come to you work hard and get them. If you want something to stop talking about, go out and do it whatever it takes to get it. At the end of the year, I made a promise to myself to talk less and work more whenever I feel talking and sharing things with others I share it with god or write in my journal. I don’t want to sit, think or talk about things I want instead I want to go out and make things happen myself.

Say Yes To Everything

I have mentioned this in my how to slay 2017 tips, say yes to everything in life, to all opportunities life gives you, never say no when they come to you. Even if you don’t feel like accepting it, even if you’re not ready fo it, just keep one thing in your mind everything happens for a reason, opportunities comes to us for a reason god has already made bigger plans for us, so say yes and jump on every opportunity you get.

You Are What You Think

This is something that I love so much from 2016, your perspective is your reality, you are what you think. The way you perceive everything around you is the reality you are creating for yourself. If you think certain things about yourself, you will be that day in your life. You will become what you want and what you think, make sure to keep your mind and soul happy, always.

Never Hold On Things That Aren’t Yours

It may sound a little straight forward or harsh but it’s the truth of life, get rid of all bad things in your life whether it be bad friends, bad habit bad energy everything never be afraid to let go of them because you cannot hold onto things that aren’t yours, they have no place in your life. Don’t hold onto them for a comfort, never be afraid to lose what needs to get lost.

Defeat Bad or Let It Defeat You

When something bad happens in life we only have 2 choices either we defeat it or let it defeat us. You can sit at one place with all those bad feelings and vibes around you and feel bad about it for the rest of your life which I did it at the mid of 2016 and let life defeat you or you stand up, keep your head high learn a lesson from it and keeping moving and pushing forward. Making yourself feel like a crap about all those bad things that happened in your life has no point in it, neither it’s doing any good to your life. Problems are a part of our life we need to defeat them and move forward.

Spend More Time On Yourself

The best one so far, when I got out of that rut I was only working on myself on how to be a better person. I just wanted to invest more time on me and on things that make me happy and no time on things that take my happiness and positivity away. We always have a choice to be happy and keep ourselves that way. When 2016 started and to the mid of it I was only wasting time on things that were destroying me but it’s never too late to realize what’s right for you. I m happy that I m on the right track now. It’s true when you take in bad energy you emit it back on others which make our life even worse. Be proactive and decide what kind of life you want instead let life decide what to do with you.

Wear What You Love, Find Your Style

I was always so concerned about my lifestyle and my fashion sense, it was not that good though I m a human and m still learning. I m working on finding my own personal sense of style. I learn from others and add my creativity to it but I m happy I finally have some kind of fashion sense now AKA my style from 2016. I like to wear what looks good on me my style is a bit casual yet chic. Always remember to wear what you love don’t bother about what anyone else would think about you, just be happy with your style.

I hope these 16 things will help you make your 2017 better. Do mention below what changed your life in 2016. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO

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Set and Achieve Goals in 2017


With the start of New Year we all are trying to make big changes in our life overall but to actually achieve something we need to focus on basics and be very precise about what we want and why. Today under #MyLifeMonday section I will be talking about tips on how you can “Set and Achieve Goals in 2017” so sit back with a notebook and grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s talk about achieving our GOALS. I was working on this post as the year started and finally got the chance to publish it. The new year brings all new opportunities and good wishes for all of us and we should always be ready to utilize every bit of it. We all dream big dreams, set big goals but fail to achieve them because we don’t have a set plan or enough enthusiasm for it. We can set goals at any time of the year but there is something exciting and motivating about the new year, so why not utilize all that motivation to achieve all your goals, get your shit together and live an organized life. We all set goal but the most important thing is how we plan on achieving them.


Advantages of Setting Goals:

  1. We get a clear thought of what we want in our life.
  2. We appreciate ourselves when we achieve our goals.
  3. We work beyond our limits to reach our goals.

I was not a big fan of this GOAL setting thing until the mid of 2016. I would say 2016 has changed a hell lot of things in my life, it’s the year when I started working on staying motivated, being productive, setting goals, achieving them, doing what I love, believing myself, dreaming big, living a positive life and all that stuff. I m so happy to bring this habit of mine in 2017 too as I have become a big goal setting person now and trust me my life has changed a lot after it. We all feel low and demotivated when people around us do not support or believe in us but you will feel amazing when you will achieve your goal and prove them wrong. Many of us are our own worst enemy there was a time when I was too but since I have started working hard on my goals I feel amazing that I have proved myself wrong. I have achieved many fitness goals, career goals, life goals and many others which seemed to be impossible for me and all this happened because I believed in myself and had a clear vision about my goals. All tips that I will be sharing below are my way of setting and achieving goals. Be ready and grab a piece of paper it will be easier for you to keep a track of all things. I will talk about it step by step:

Cut on Negative Thoughts and People: Read positive books and quotes, think and write positive thoughts, meet positive people and block any kind of negativity around you. Say positive things about you, your goals and you will see things turning into your favor.

Read inspiration and motivational book: I know many people don’t talk about it but I want because this thing has worked for me. In the mid of 2016, I started reading a motivational book called “Discover the power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. This book has taught me so many good things and my life has changed a lot since then. For doing anything we need motivation, reading inspirational and motivational books inspires us to dream big and work harder for our goals. Start reading a page or two daily and keep re-reading it once it’s over you only need to stay motivated. The thought of setting goals and achieving them will vanish 5 min after you are done reading this but reading a good book will remind you daily about your goals. In my morning rituals, I read an inspirational book which I got recently named “It only takes a minute to change your life” by Willie Jolley. This way I stay motivated daily to work hard for my dreams and goals.


Take the time: while setting goals sit, relax, take your time and think about things that you actually want to achieve in your life. What achieving it will give you in return? how hard will you work for it? and then write down all those things into your yearly monthly and daily goal list.

Why: ask yourself why you want to achieve your goals? why it is important for you to achieve them? how will it change your life? what will you get in return? how it affects you? You should be very clear about your goals and why you want to achieve them.


Be specific: this is the most important part of setting and achieving goals. Be very specific about what you want and write it down if possible regularly. I write in my journal daily about what I want and I also read it daily. Being specific about our goals help us to focus & work even harder for them. For eg, if by the end of a year you want to visit a country write it down and be specific where you want to go, if you want to lose weight within 5 months write it down how much you want to loose and read it daily.

Write them down: it’s very important for us to write down what we want so start maintaining a notebook from now, as I said earlier it will help you keep track of your work and success. The more you write about your goals that more they will fit into your conscience the more desperately you will work to achieve them plus its a good way of setting goals. Make copies of your goals like your yearly and monthly and keep them at places where you can see them regularly and by doing this you will keep on reminding yourself of what you want and how hard you need to work for them.

Plan and do: planning is the key step for achieving anything in life. You should create a good and working plan for your goals and the best plan is to work daily for your goals. If the year is about to end and you have started working on it during November or December you won’t be able to achieve it as you are too late for it. So make a plan now and start working on your goals today. Start from baby steps and write one by one about all those things that you have to work on to reach your goals.


Divide Your Goals into Categories: Be very precise about your goals and divide it into categories like

  • Year goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Daily goals
  1. Fitness goals
  2. Career goals
  3. Hobbies goals
  4. Love goals etc…

my goals - blank numbered list handwritten with white chalk on blackboard with erase smudges

Now Fill Out Different categories: what are your year, monthly and daily goals. What you want to achieve when the year, month and day ends. Create a goal list for a day and keep doing this for rest of the 7 days and then for rest of the 4 weeks and then for rest of the 12 months.

what are your goals?

Prioritize Daily Goal List: Prioritize your daily to-do or goal list into 3 categories
Most imp task of the day
Imp task of the day
Least imp task of the day
It will be easier for you to focus on your work and achieve your goals in time plus you will be able to complete the most important task of the day fast and so on.

Daily Planning: If you will set goals daily it will be easy for you keep track of what all you have achieved and want to achieve further. Keep doing this every day to reach your ultimate goal.


Set Goals before sleeping/ when you wake up: if there is something new I m working on or I want to achieve A.K.A my goal I will add it to my goal list just before my sleep so that I may skip my mind. I will add it to my yearly, monthly or daily goal list and during morning hours I will read it again so that I can work on it. I read my goals daily before my sleep and as soon as I wake up.


Visualize Achieving your goals: when you’re alone sitting or meditating or even if you are out for a walk, visualize yourself achieving your goals. Instead of thinking about bad and negative things visualize how it feels when you achieve them and how happy you are in that situation. Visualizing about achieving our goals and good things help our conscience to work harder for them and soon we see ourselves achieving them.

Acknowledge your progress: whenever you achieve any of your goals, reward yourself with something good like a Starbucks treat, plan a movie, buy something new. Appreciate yourself on achieving your goals, you will be so proud of yourself. When you are rewarding yourself at every achievement you are preparing yourself for the best to come.

Create an Inspirational board: this is the best, coolest and my favorite part of setting goals, creating a goal or inspirational board. You can DIY one I will be posting about 3 Tumblr inspired DIYs very soon and there will be a DIY Inspirational board too. It was all over Pinterest and Tumblr also it’s the best way of setting goals so I decided to create one. It’s the best and fun way of keeping track of your goals. Inspirational / mood /vision board is a fun way to visualize about your goals or what attracts you in your life. It’s a stress-free way of getting inspired about your goals. When you see your goals daily you remember working hard for them, print or write cool inspiring and goal related things and hang it on your board. Place the mood board somewhere visible in your room this way you will be able to see it daily. Weheartit and Tumblr are the best places for getting such inspiration plus its a coolest room decor piece.


That’s all in today’s post. I hope my way of setting and achieving goals will help you achieve some of yours in 2017. I would really appreciate if you will share one tip that has helped you achieve your goals.

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7 Ways to Slay 2017

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog, this post was meant to be the very first post in the new year but due to network issues many of my blog posts are pending to be published but I will post all one them one by one, big big apologize. I hope I m not too late for this anyway happy new year to all, we made it guys we made it all the way to this very day of 2017. 2016 was such an odd, weird, amazing, wild but a good year, that turned my life upside down and taught me so many good things. In today’s #MylifeMonday section I will be sharing my thoughts on “How to Slay 2017”. Slaying in a good, happy and a positive way. I wanted to write a post on what my 2017 resolutions would be instead, I decided to share tips on setting a mindset for sticking to your resolutions in 2017. This post will be more helpful and beneficial to you guys as I have got a lot of information on slaying 2017. We will be discussing on setting ourselves up, close to success and happy for the new year, so with that being said let get straight into slaying 2017.

Tip No 1: Set Sealistic Goals

I personally love setting goals & getting above & beyond my limits. It’s always a great option but at the same time, it’s not as satisfying as it seems. We need to be realistic about setting our goals if we go above and beyond for our goals and dreams and don’t even accomplish them it’s painful. Set goals that are realistic and can be achieved for an eg, I started reading books in 2016 and felt good as I have never read anything other than my school/college books, it was something new I tried, so I thought of bringing this habit with me in 2017. Today I read a chapter from a book daily. If you want to set goals like completing a book or two in a month that’s realistic too. Set goals that are doable than setting imaginary goals m a right or m I right..??

Ask yourself what you want in 2017 and set goals accordingly. As the year started I wrote down things I want to achieve in 2017 in my journal: my goals thinking of the struggle I m going to do or get through to achieve them. Set realistic goals, achieve them, be happy about it and thank god for it. Be ready to face the struggle as you will feel proud of yourself once you get there. Be committed to your goals and that way you’ll not fall off your new year’s resolutions. Enjoy the journey, have fun, make it interesting and appreciate yourself once you reach the destination.
I m a big to-do list maker, it feels so satisfying to check off everything on your list at the end of the day. To keep a track of my goals I keep a copy of my to-do list some place visible like my mirror or near my journal. Who does not love to see themselves in the mirror first thing in the morning I do I admit it because I love myself and so do you so it’s a great option to keep a copy of your goals close to your mirror and see it every day. It will help you know and understand where you wanna be at the end of the day or the year.

Tip No 2: Set a Priority List

Set yourself a priority list, if you wanna change your life you have to create a priority list believe me on this. Sit down and ask yourself, what is important to you? what you actually gonna spend your time on? and create the list accordingly. We regret when we waste a hell lot of our time on things that are not even important to us. It’s a really good opportunity to be real & honest with yourself and know about things you want in life. Put anything on top of your priority list your family, friends, business, health, work anything. Prioritize things based on how important they are for you, you can place your health above family or friends above health or your Instagram followers above your friends there is nothing wrong about it. Just be realistic while setting a priority list and fit it into your subconscious, recall it time and again. Put whatever you want don’t care what others would think about it if it’s important for you just add it.

Tips no 3: Don’t waste time

We all know that humans have created the concept of time for time is an illusion. We created the concept of a new year or a Monday when we back up from the situation for a while we realize that it’s just a concept of illusion. A new year January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2016, is just a concept it’s a passage of few hours. Waiting for a new year or a Monday to organize your life start something new is a stupid mistake. You are wasting time over this illusion start now start today don’t wait for a Monday or a new year. Waiting for a clean slate to change your life and write a whole new chapter doest make any sense to me. You’re gonna fail if you are thinking of sticking to this plan. Life is constantly moving and progressing so why not you? there is no Monday, no set time for doing anything just do it now. I hope m making some sense. All I wanna say is, whatever you want to change about your life change it now. People start falling off their new year resolutions by the time of February or march its because we are following this concept of changing our life, become a new person in a new year. Utilize and live every moment that comes in front of you. It’s you who decides how your life should go from now. Make a resolution of not waiting any other moment because that would be a REAL. Don’t get overwhelmed with too much amount of things to change or achieve in 2017. All this pressure and anxiousness you start facing takes everything away from you, sit back relax breath in and reach out for your goals.

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Tip No 4: Say Yes to More Things

Yes, you hear me right say yes to more or everything in life. I m personally trying to say yes to more things being a moody and choosy person (at everything) it’s quite a hard job but I m ready for it. Let’s face it, its’s no fun staying at home feeling warm and convenient, it’s boring. Say yes to new things, watching new movies, going out with new friends, trying new recipes, reading new books going out of your comfort zone, just say yes to everything who know it might turn out to be something amazing you were scared about. Everyone loves people who say yes and you too will love yourself I guarantee it just say yes..!!

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Tip No 5: Try At-least 5 New Things a Month

Earlier years were not so much fun to me, school college and job everything took my time and interest but now I m finally back to doing things that I love, that interests me and are important in my life. So this year I have planned on trying 5 new things each month, like trying a new language, new food, new book, new fashion trend etc apply this to everything in your life. I m sure I would love the results and it will change lots of things in me and my life. We all ought to experience many new things that we were hiding from. Don’t live a comfortable life step out of your comfort zone and experience new things.

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Tip 6: Be Active

This is something that I have learned in 2016, to stay fit and active, let me tell you it really feels amazing. I wake up daily and follow my workout routine, I have been doing this for last 6 months. The workout has become an important part of my life now also I have promised myself of not letting ME down anymore. I will stick to my workout routine for myself not others. I m not saying that you should get a gym membership right now or get into an intense workout routine, look like a victoria secret model instead I m saying you to set some fitness goals. Being active feels so good, go outside for at least 30 minutes a day and get your blood moving. I work from home and its very important for me to get moving, stretch my body, go for walk, stay fit and active. I have shared my workout routine with you guys and many of you must be knowing that I follow a morning workout routine. If not workout I will go out for a walk at least 30 minutes a day. Do whatever you like but be active start from baby steps not for others but for yourself. Imagine you breathing fresh air god ahh..!! god, it feels soo good. Do something productive for your health instead of watching fitness videos and being back to your old self 5 minutes later.


Tip no 7: Be Real & Love Yourself

It’s super simple, start loving yourself and things will change with a blink of your eyes. There was a time when I was a nonconfident and negative person I used to think of me as not being beautiful at all. Had hell lot of issues with myself but the day I changed my way of thinking and started believing in myself with all positivity life became so super simpler for me. Now I look at my reflection in the mirror as the most beautiful girl in the world and appreciate it. I thank god every single day for making me the way I m. The way I have started seeing life has changed everything in and around me, there is only one you in this entire world and you should aspire to be yourself instead of trying and being someone else. If you wanna try something, follow a trend follow it if you wanna wear a red lipstick during daytime wear it if you wanna let your hair lose just do it. Do whatever you want other people’s judgment is not your cup of tea hold your back and be yourself. Don’t ever waste time thinking what others would feel or say about you just be confident I promise you will feel good. When we say we want to be more successful, more confident, more beautiful more of everything we should stop wishing and start doing. Don’t emphasize things and thoughts too much on yourself else you would start feeling crappier about you. Have a positive mindset every day you wake up and don’t forget to remind yourself of how positive you already are and will be the rest of your life. Pray to god to keep you happier always and don’t forget to thank him for keeping you happy now. Let go of all the negativity and believe in god for he is always there to protect us. Don’t think too much about anything just be real and love yourself.

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Nobody can change their life in one day, our resolutions cannot make our whole new year perfect there is a lot of struggle waiting to be faced, be realistic about life. Don’t clutter your minds with too many things accept yourself the way you are and you will start feeling better. Don’t try to get rid of all bad things at once, face and deal with them and go on with good things further. You cannot start living a perfect life as day 1 January 2017 starts it’s not even real. I m learning you are learning we all are figuring it all out. Just relax and enjoy the journey of Life.