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7 Ways to Slay 2017

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog, this post was meant to be the very first post in the new year but due to network issues many of my blog posts are pending to be published but I will post all one them one by one, big big apologize. I hope I m not too late for this anyway happy new year to all, we made it guys we made it all the way to this very day of 2017. 2016 was such an odd, weird, amazing, wild but a good year, that turned my life upside down and taught me so many good things. In today’s #MylifeMonday section I will be sharing my thoughts on “How to Slay 2017”. Slaying in a good, happy and a positive way. I wanted to write a post on what my 2017 resolutions would be instead, I decided to share tips on setting a mindset for sticking to your resolutions in 2017. This post will be more helpful and beneficial to you guys as I have got a lot of information on slaying 2017. We will be discussing on setting ourselves up, close to success and happy for the new year, so with that being said let get straight into slaying 2017.

Tip No 1: Set Sealistic Goals

I personally love setting goals & getting above & beyond my limits. It’s always a great option but at the same time, it’s not as satisfying as it seems. We need to be realistic about setting our goals if we go above and beyond for our goals and dreams and don’t even accomplish them it’s painful. Set goals that are realistic and can be achieved for an eg, I started reading books in 2016 and felt good as I have never read anything other than my school/college books, it was something new I tried, so I thought of bringing this habit with me in 2017. Today I read a chapter from a book daily. If you want to set goals like completing a book or two in a month that’s realistic too. Set goals that are doable than setting imaginary goals m a right or m I right..??

Ask yourself what you want in 2017 and set goals accordingly. As the year started I wrote down things I want to achieve in 2017 in my journal: my goals thinking of the struggle I m going to do or get through to achieve them. Set realistic goals, achieve them, be happy about it and thank god for it. Be ready to face the struggle as you will feel proud of yourself once you get there. Be committed to your goals and that way you’ll not fall off your new year’s resolutions. Enjoy the journey, have fun, make it interesting and appreciate yourself once you reach the destination.
I m a big to-do list maker, it feels so satisfying to check off everything on your list at the end of the day. To keep a track of my goals I keep a copy of my to-do list some place visible like my mirror or near my journal. Who does not love to see themselves in the mirror first thing in the morning I do I admit it because I love myself and so do you so it’s a great option to keep a copy of your goals close to your mirror and see it every day. It will help you know and understand where you wanna be at the end of the day or the year.

Tip No 2: Set a Priority List

Set yourself a priority list, if you wanna change your life you have to create a priority list believe me on this. Sit down and ask yourself, what is important to you? what you actually gonna spend your time on? and create the list accordingly. We regret when we waste a hell lot of our time on things that are not even important to us. It’s a really good opportunity to be real & honest with yourself and know about things you want in life. Put anything on top of your priority list your family, friends, business, health, work anything. Prioritize things based on how important they are for you, you can place your health above family or friends above health or your Instagram followers above your friends there is nothing wrong about it. Just be realistic while setting a priority list and fit it into your subconscious, recall it time and again. Put whatever you want don’t care what others would think about it if it’s important for you just add it.

Tips no 3: Don’t waste time

We all know that humans have created the concept of time for time is an illusion. We created the concept of a new year or a Monday when we back up from the situation for a while we realize that it’s just a concept of illusion. A new year January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2016, is just a concept it’s a passage of few hours. Waiting for a new year or a Monday to organize your life start something new is a stupid mistake. You are wasting time over this illusion start now start today don’t wait for a Monday or a new year. Waiting for a clean slate to change your life and write a whole new chapter doest make any sense to me. You’re gonna fail if you are thinking of sticking to this plan. Life is constantly moving and progressing so why not you? there is no Monday, no set time for doing anything just do it now. I hope m making some sense. All I wanna say is, whatever you want to change about your life change it now. People start falling off their new year resolutions by the time of February or march its because we are following this concept of changing our life, become a new person in a new year. Utilize and live every moment that comes in front of you. It’s you who decides how your life should go from now. Make a resolution of not waiting any other moment because that would be a REAL. Don’t get overwhelmed with too much amount of things to change or achieve in 2017. All this pressure and anxiousness you start facing takes everything away from you, sit back relax breath in and reach out for your goals.

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Tip No 4: Say Yes to More Things

Yes, you hear me right say yes to more or everything in life. I m personally trying to say yes to more things being a moody and choosy person (at everything) it’s quite a hard job but I m ready for it. Let’s face it, its’s no fun staying at home feeling warm and convenient, it’s boring. Say yes to new things, watching new movies, going out with new friends, trying new recipes, reading new books going out of your comfort zone, just say yes to everything who know it might turn out to be something amazing you were scared about. Everyone loves people who say yes and you too will love yourself I guarantee it just say yes..!!

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Tip No 5: Try At-least 5 New Things a Month

Earlier years were not so much fun to me, school college and job everything took my time and interest but now I m finally back to doing things that I love, that interests me and are important in my life. So this year I have planned on trying 5 new things each month, like trying a new language, new food, new book, new fashion trend etc apply this to everything in your life. I m sure I would love the results and it will change lots of things in me and my life. We all ought to experience many new things that we were hiding from. Don’t live a comfortable life step out of your comfort zone and experience new things.

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Tip 6: Be Active

This is something that I have learned in 2016, to stay fit and active, let me tell you it really feels amazing. I wake up daily and follow my workout routine, I have been doing this for last 6 months. The workout has become an important part of my life now also I have promised myself of not letting ME down anymore. I will stick to my workout routine for myself not others. I m not saying that you should get a gym membership right now or get into an intense workout routine, look like a victoria secret model instead I m saying you to set some fitness goals. Being active feels so good, go outside for at least 30 minutes a day and get your blood moving. I work from home and its very important for me to get moving, stretch my body, go for walk, stay fit and active. I have shared my workout routine with you guys and many of you must be knowing that I follow a morning workout routine. If not workout I will go out for a walk at least 30 minutes a day. Do whatever you like but be active start from baby steps not for others but for yourself. Imagine you breathing fresh air god ahh..!! god, it feels soo good. Do something productive for your health instead of watching fitness videos and being back to your old self 5 minutes later.


Tip no 7: Be Real & Love Yourself

It’s super simple, start loving yourself and things will change with a blink of your eyes. There was a time when I was a nonconfident and negative person I used to think of me as not being beautiful at all. Had hell lot of issues with myself but the day I changed my way of thinking and started believing in myself with all positivity life became so super simpler for me. Now I look at my reflection in the mirror as the most beautiful girl in the world and appreciate it. I thank god every single day for making me the way I m. The way I have started seeing life has changed everything in and around me, there is only one you in this entire world and you should aspire to be yourself instead of trying and being someone else. If you wanna try something, follow a trend follow it if you wanna wear a red lipstick during daytime wear it if you wanna let your hair lose just do it. Do whatever you want other people’s judgment is not your cup of tea hold your back and be yourself. Don’t ever waste time thinking what others would feel or say about you just be confident I promise you will feel good. When we say we want to be more successful, more confident, more beautiful more of everything we should stop wishing and start doing. Don’t emphasize things and thoughts too much on yourself else you would start feeling crappier about you. Have a positive mindset every day you wake up and don’t forget to remind yourself of how positive you already are and will be the rest of your life. Pray to god to keep you happier always and don’t forget to thank him for keeping you happy now. Let go of all the negativity and believe in god for he is always there to protect us. Don’t think too much about anything just be real and love yourself.

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Nobody can change their life in one day, our resolutions cannot make our whole new year perfect there is a lot of struggle waiting to be faced, be realistic about life. Don’t clutter your minds with too many things accept yourself the way you are and you will start feeling better. Don’t try to get rid of all bad things at once, face and deal with them and go on with good things further. You cannot start living a perfect life as day 1 January 2017 starts it’s not even real. I m learning you are learning we all are figuring it all out. Just relax and enjoy the journey of Life.