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11 Healthy Morning Habits

Your morning routine can either break or make your entire day it’s up to you what you choose Hello everyone thank you soo much for stopping by my blog hope you all are having an amazing day. Without rambling any further I’ll get straight on point, for today’s #FitnessFriday section I m going to share some healthy morning habits that I have been really trying to kind of implement in my morning routine and that will help you put your day together in a better way. You don’t need a chance to follow these habits but instead, you need to get into a habit of doing it. I only miss this morning habit if I m running late for some errand else I do them daily by heart. I have found that when I do these things I have a more healthy and productive day. I think its just a good way to start your mornings and rest of the is spent well too. I have been following these morning habits from a pretty long time I guess. I try not to ever miss them I do take out time every morning to follow these healthy habits. These with my have become a part of my morning routine now as I have been following them every single day since last year and ever since I included them in my morning routine I have had way more productive, happy and positive day than before.

Below are some healthy habits that I like to create for my mornings. I know healthy habits can be pretty hard to follow and if you’re a beginner as I always say start with baby steps you’ll surely see the difference in “how you were” and “how you are” as the days will pass.

Wake Up Early

I know many people keep talking about this one again and again and I m not gonna lie but m still working on this one. Waking up early can definitely change your life we all know that 8-hour sleep is must so just try and wake up early even if you don’t have work next morning. It’s just that you’ll feel much more productive and get done more with the new day. If you wake up early and get few things completed off of your to-do list you’ll get into a momentum to complete others for rest of the day. Set your alarm a little bit earlier, you’ll be in a way better mood the next morning. Try waking up 15 min early then your usual time, your body will eventually get into the routine of waking up on the desired time. Prepare for your mornings in advance like which clothes you’re gonna wear, what breakfast you’ll have, your workout gear, put your coffee mug close to your machine. If you will have the next day planned and things ready you’ll be much more excited to wake up early the next day. Super nerdy but super effective way.


Make The Bed

One habit that prevents you cozying back into your bed and seems simple is to fix your bed first thing in the morning. Fixing up your bed is a great way to go and get started for rest of the day.


Stay Away From Your Phone

I set the alarm and keep my cell far away from my reach so that I would not grab it as soon as I wake up. Not grabbing your phone immediately after waking up will help set your mind free, you’ll be able to do more things in that time span which you’ll obviously waste once you’ll get on your phone. Going through your phone and social medias (which we all love to do) can give you a bit of hectic feeling especially in the morning.


Cleanse Your Skin

The next habit is to cleanse your skin twice a day which becomes hard for me sometimes if I m too stressed during night. The most important thing is to remove your makeup before bed as I don’t wear makeup daily it’s not that hard for me to follow my daily skincare routine. Try and cleanse twice a day, it’s a really good habit to get into. When we sleep our skin builds up sebum and oil at night, the dead skin cells fluff a little bit too so we should wash our face thoroughly in the morning.


Healthy Breakfast

I m not a huge coffee drinker and neither m addicted to it although I love to start my morning with a cup of coffee sometimes and if someday I m not feeling like having it I would go for my favorite green tea with breakfast. My breakfast varies every morning but I do try to start with something healthy like a fruit bowl even if I feel hungry an hour later but at least I had something healthy that got me started. The green tea has lots of antioxidants and vitamins in the fruits keeps me going.


Gratitude Journal

While having my breakfast I would read a book and write things in my gratitude journal m grateful for. I love this habit of mine it gives me so much positive, good vibes and mindset that I need for a healthy morning. Being thankful and grateful to god for everything he has given me has changed my life. Whenever I feel low, writing and realizing what I m grateful for helps me boost my confidence. If not a gratitude journal just write one thing in your notebook you’re grateful, believe me, it will change your life.


Get Moving

One more important one. If your someone working from home like me you really need to keep yourself moving, do anything you like whether it be stretching your body, going to a gym, doing home workouts or going for a 10 minutes walk but just keep moving. I try to keep my body moving as it really makes a difference in keeping me active for rest of the day. I usually do home workouts, stretching, meditation and yoga for at least 30 minutes. You can check out my fitness routine post. M still struggling to go out for a morning walk but m not gonna give up this easily. If I get moving I notice that my day becomes so much more productive plus me being energized. That’s a habit I got into in 2016 happy it’s still a part of my life in 2017. It has really boosted up my energy to another level. If you want a little peace of mind to start your day do yoga or meditation for 10 minutes to have a happy mind.

Oregon, USA --- Group of women working out in fitness studio --- Image by © BUCK Studio/Corbis

Healthy Smoothies

After I m done with my workout (morning or evening) I would have a healthy high protein banana smoothie. It’s actually my go-to snack that has lots and lots of proteins which I really like to have after my workouts. Drinking a healthy smoothie in the morning can be a great start to your day.


Freshen Up

Not optional but the important one is to take shower right after your workout or other morning rituals. I have felt that when I take shower early morning I feel fresh and energized to do more stuff rest of the day. If possible dry brush your body it’s an ayurvedic method that’ll help improve your blood circulation and slough off the dead skin cell.(a dry loofah will work best)


Wear Sunscreen Daily

Another healthy habit is to wear sunscreen daily, by keeping your skin out of the sun you’re really preventing chances of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Protecting your skin from the sun reduces the chances of skin cancer too. It’s again a great habit to get into.

Front view portrait of a woman applying sun cream to her face

Stay Hydrated

First and the most important thing I do as soon as I wake up is to chuck a glass of water. I keep my water bottles next to my bed that way I don’t feel lazy to get water from my kitchen. It’s totally optional but you can drink normal water, cold water, warm water, lemon water, green tea anything you want whats important is to have a glass of water in the morning. Sometimes I do like to have warm lemon water but usually, I go for cold water it wakes me up totally. Drinking water right away is gonna cleans out your body and start your system for the day. It’s really important for us to stay hydrated throughout the day and normal water bores me to death, I have got this new way to drink more water: Infused water. In some of my previous posts, I have shared my story on how “I drink 10 glasses of water a day” go check that out too. Staying hydrated was a task until I discovered this infused water thing “God bless youtube”. You will truly notice the difference if you try it for the longer period plus you’ll get a clear skin too.

pouring water into glass from a bottle, on blue background

So these are some habits that I found really healthy to give a good start to my day and I would like to know what are your healthy habits that keep you healthy and happy. Do share in the comments below. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO