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3 Tumblr Inspired DIYs

Rustic home/room decor is so in right now, it doesn’t even matter where you live, you can still go for this beautiful decor type all by yourself. While browsing through many DIYs on Pinterest and Tumblr I came across these beautiful projects that I will share it with you today. I could see ropes everywhere on Tumblr, so many new creations using a simple thing: ROPE. All types of ropes offer a nautical, rustic and rural charm that makes us want to use them for our home decor purpose in different ways. It’s an inexpensive material that can give your place a whole new expensive look. The versatile nature of this product really helps to create an incredible and inspiring DIY projects. It’s time now to be really creative and think outside of the box and use this not only for your home decor but for your wardrobe too. (Due to my Net problem all these pending posts are getting published today sorry for the delay)

It’s been a while since I have got my hands on any new DIY project. I m creative person and love to try DIYs that are aesthetic, minimalists and easy to create. Recently while watching many YouTube video I came across few YouTubers who were making some cool Tumblr inspired DIY projects. You guys know how much I love creating new things out of olds. While watching all these videos one thing was very clear to me, all these people were trying one or the other Tumblr inspired DIY so I directly went on Tumblr and listed out some cool projects to try on. I was soo happy to try these, as all these projects took less than 10 minutes(individually) to prepare. When DIYs are easy and authentic we kind of enjoy creating them. Long story short today¬†under #TheDIYThursday section I will be posting 3 quick and easy Tumblr inspired DIY projects that will help you give your home that rustic look. I hope you will really enjoy creating them as much as I did. DIY projects are a great way to turn boring things to more presentable one. Enough said, now let’s get straight to the project. All things for this project can be found at any art and craft store( even your home too). All these 3 projects were so easy that I completed them in less than a day. New Year is here and these can be a perfect gift idea to give to your family and friends as they take no amount of time in their creation.


1 Project: Rope Storage Box

Things You Will Need:

  • An old shoe box
  • Rope
  • Glue gun

That’s it guys I know it’s unbelievable to create a project using 3 things but believe me the end product is worth making.


  • Take the shoe box and pick one thing either the lid of the box or the storage part.
  • Next take you glue gun and rope, by starting from any point start gluing the rope on the ¬†box.
  • Cover the outer as well as inner portion.
  • The final product will look like the image above.

2 Project: Twig Candle Holder

Things You Will Need:

  • A glass jar
  • Glue gun
  • Twigs


  • This is the easiest DIY you would have ever seen. If your garden or yard is filled with twigs and small branches this project is just perfect to use them. All you need is to hot glue those small twigs to your glass or plastic candle holder to create a beautiful rustic home decor piece. Once you have them all in place and secured with hot glue, tie a lace or satin bow around to make it special(optional).
  • Take your glass jar, I m taking my candle jar here and glue the wooden stick on the jar. It’s that easy keep doing until you cover it completely. That’s it and you will get a beautiful rustic candle jar.

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3 Project: Rope Coasters

Things You Will Need:

  • A jar lid or a wooden piece.
  • Glue gun
  • Rope

(I’m using a wooden piece here. Found it lying somewhere in my house and finally decided to use it for a purpose)


  • This is a super easy DIY project that only requires a glue gun, rope and jar lids ( I m using a round wooden piece) and about 10 minutes of your time.
  • Wind your rope around the lid or wooden piece, gluing as you go in a circular motion. Make sure you cover it completely.
  • Glue down the end of the rope to keep it in place. There you have it.
  • I mean who wouldn’t love to have these decor pieces to put their jewelry and drinks on.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you will love these super cute and easy diys. Do try them and let me know how they look. Will be back with an amazing post. See you soon XOXO