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How I Stay Motivated to be Healthy

Once we get into this fitness journey we are mostly attacked by too many questions like How will I stay motivated? How will I stay inspired? How will I keep fired up for my passion? Will I enjoy it? Do I really need to do this? Why m not seeing the difference? M I working hard enough? and I know all these questions can get you overwhelmed easily and you may feel demotivated and confused to even answer them but don’t you worry I m here to share some self-motivating tips to boost you up.

Every Friday I try to come up with some new fitness inspired topics to help you guys stay motivated with me and for today I just wanted to sit back and quickly share these tips I m rambling about over and over again. I m actually in love with staying fit because it not a thing but a lifestyle that I adore living and moreover, I feel you guys kind of like my fitness and health based post more and I love writing them.

As you all know Self-Motivation is the Best Motivation here are some tips and tricks I use to stay motivated to be healthy. Precisely it’s all about staying on track and these tips have really helped me get back on track when I tend to fall off it.

Good Active Wears:  Staying fit is really important for your mental well-being and for you to stay focused all the time but there is something I need you to know as my first tip to stay inspired. I believe it’s essential to have good active wear that you like and feel comfortable in while your workouts. Sometimes I typically wear my workout clothes for the rest of the day instantly. Now the logic is very simple if you wear good workout clothes you trick your mind into doing things to stay fit. I would like to give my own example when I started my fitness journey I was not having proper workouts clothes and it became very clear to me that I m least interested in putting my body to work but then I released I need some good gym clothes to finally get my butt to work. Now that I have more proper clothes I wear them for home workouts and for my evening walk. I love my gym gear so much and I have recently shared about them in my February favorites. If you’re interested go check it out because workout clothes are so expensive these days and it’s really hard to buy good and affordable ones, but I bet you will find something useful from that post.

Get Serious and Have a Plan: So now that I have hooked you up with your cute little workout clothes I want you guys to get serious (well you can get serious before buying workout clothes too) because we are going to talk about some serious shit now. If you want to get healthy you need to get serious about it first, doing things for showing off in front of others or just for fun won’t give you any benefit. Set a mindset that you will seriously put in all your efforts to stay healthy. Just keep on saying yourself “I m going to be the best at what I do” and this will solve half of your problems. Don’t fool around anymore, get serious you’ll see the change the moment you’ll get serious.

The Blame Game: Just be honest with yourself don’t just keep sitting at a place thinking about getting a Victoria Secret model’s body. Think, if you can’t look like that what can you really look like and most of the times it’s not what you see in the magazine or on T.V just stand in front of the mirror yes you see it there, its the better version of YOU. Stand up tall in the mirror see how good your body can be if you move around a little bit. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, start moving now.

Believe in Yourself: If you believe in yourself you can move mountains. Actually, the blame game is really on everywhere. Everybody just loves comparing themselves with the pretty models out there. But sweetheart you cannot be them and they can never be you. You are unique in your own way. Wake up every day and say yourself that you love yourself the way you are and you’re not going to workout because you hate your body but because you love it. Visualize yourself as doing your best every day. All improvements in life began with an improvement in your mental pictures. Be the better version of you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Stay Inspired: Remind yourself of your goals every single day. Remember they should be realistic that way you won’t feel disheartened if you don’t reach them. But keep pushing (not too hard) and challenging yourself as if you will not take challenges you won’t be working hard for your goals. If you will get distracted from your goals you’ll get less motivated. My inspirational board is helping a hell lot to stay inspired for my workout very single day and I have shared this tip before with you all.

Walk, Walk, Walk: Next one is a very general piece of advice but I want you guys to walk at least 100 steps every day, even its just for a grocery shopping or walking your pet. I would not lie but I walk for 30 minutes every day and I m so excited to share that I have started running lately. It’s very important to walk, some days when I m too busy to go for a walk I will manage to go out for at least 10 minutes just to get in that fresh air. Walking daily will really help you stay fit.

Mini Workouts: If your doing some work or have classes one after the other try to utilize your break to do some mini workout. I work from home and when I m blogging or working with my bows I like to take mini breaks to just stretch my body, do some squats, leg rise, push up anything to get freshen up again. I love to keep my body moving while working this way I feel energized to work even more.

Get Around Right People: It’s very important to be surrounded with positive and happy people because they encourage you at every instance of life. Get around some positive people with goals and plans who are working hard in their life to get somewhere. They will truly inspire you. Back away from negative people that complain and whine about everything they face and trust me life is too short to be surrounded by wrong people they will not do any good by being in your beautiful life.

Stay Hydrated: Next and the important tip which I love to include in all of my posts is to “Stay hydrated”. If you’re eating unhealthy or junk food don’t forget to stay hydrated. Water will solve all your problems. It’s hard to resist junk food sometimes but if you will drink more and more water it will help your body a lot to deal with it.

Nailed It: To know that you are heading in a right direction, measure your success, I have mentioned this in a post before. Always keep a track of your body goals and it can only be done if you will measure your different body parts. You can also take photos because most importantly you need to see how your body fits and feels in clothes and do not forget to accept the amazing compliments you are getting.

Rewards: It’s very important to reward yourself and it can come in many different forms, it don’t just have to be a piece of cake. Appreciate yourself for everything you are doing like exercising, eating healthy, staying fit, working hard for your goals. All these things take time and can be very difficult so make sure to appreciate yourself. You’re rewarding yourself because you know you deserve it.

so these were my tips to keep you motivated to stay healthy and I hope they help you and keep you on a track like me. Share with me if you have something that keep you boosted up. Will love to hear from you. Will be back with an amazing post XOXO

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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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Hello my loves, welcome back m so excited for today’s post. It’s Friday and time for an #FitnessFriday post. I love posting under this section, as I have become healthier than before I love reading and writing about fitness inspired topics. For today I will be discussing on “How to start a healthy lifestyle”. I would be sharing some tips that actually helped me get into a healthy lifestyle. I found these tips on Pinterest, applied to my life/routine and could actually see the difference. Everything starts for a reason and fitness is no exception. This kind of things needs a hell lot of courage and patience. You need to stay motivated throughout the journey of changing your life for a good reason. I invested like a year over this to get my sh*t together and as for now, I can finally see the difference I m happy that I gave these tips a try. When these healthy tips helped me to start a healthy lifestyle I decided to share them on my blog. There were many tips available on that page but I will be mentioning the ones worked for me. You need a really good reason to start this else you won’t be able to stay focused and committed. Remove all the obstacles standing between you and your goals, and stay tuned for some exciting tips to change your life.
Things you need to ask yourself before getting into this lifestyle:
How healthy are you?
Do you follow a healthy diet?
Do you exercise daily?
Do you drink 8 glasses of water daily?
Do you sleep enough every day?
I know your answer to most of these question would be a big “No”. Its ok I was in the same situation a few months back but now I can proudly answer to these questions as a big YES. If you want to answer them as yes then apply below tips to your life.

  1. Start loving yourself: before doing anything start loving and believing yourself. Start from today stay happy and love yourself, even more, every day.
  2. Get rid of negative people and thoughts: the second most important thing is to get rid of negative people and thoughts. Surround yourself with positivity and you will start noticing the difference.
  3. Start journalling: write what you feel, express yourself. Journaling has helped me a lot to move on and stay positive in my life. I write about things I want to achieve, my goals, ups and downs to stay more focused in life. I share everything with my journal, its good than keeping your thoughts to yourself.
  4. Set a Goal: a healthy life starts with a healthy mind. Stay focused and be determined. Set your priorities and goals to keep yourself motivated in life. Find the true purpose of living.
  5. Learn to say NO & YES: start saying no for things you hate and yes to things you like. Don’t think how others would react to it just be yourself and do what your heart says.
  6. Get enough sleep: get enough sleep to stay active and healthy next day.
  7. Drink more water: fall is arriving making it difficult for us to stick to our water routine. Read my post on “How I drink 8 glasses of water during fall”. I m sure it will help you a lot. I start my mornings with a glass of water.1479470160738
  8. Keep water with you: whether you’re at your desk or you’re going out keep water close to you. This will help you stay hydrated.
  9. Meditate: As soon as I wake up I like to meditate just before my workout routine. It really helps me to stay focus and inspired. Meditation keeps your soul calm and your worries away.
  10. Breath in, Breath out: sit at a silent place and breath in and out for at least 5 minutes. Oxygen is a vital source of life and believe me we are not breathing properly. A full breath is really important to keep your inner happy and going.
  11. Exercise: I work out for 20 minutes daily, each month I change my exercise to keep my body flexible and toned. Youtube is really our best friend, pick out your favorite exercises and keep going. You can even do yoga or focus on body toning exercises to stay fit and healthy.1479821112516
  12. Get out: go out and meet your friends, interact with people. Visit places you have memories with. Even just for a walk but go out.
  13. Start running/ jogging: do whatever you like but go out for running or a walk even. There are many advantages of running as you may all know. Choose an appropriate hour and start today. I like going for cycling if not running.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  14. Cut on caffeine and soda intake: we know these drinks are not healthy but still, we cannot live without them. Our morning starts with a cup of coffee in our hand how can we think of cutting it off. If you cannot totally avoid it consume less. A great alternative for coffee is fruit juice it’s healthy instead.
  15. Cut on alcohol/ Smoking: Like caffeine avoid alcohol and smoking too. We all know they do no good to our health. With them comes many negative health problems, it can affect major organs of our body badly.
  16. Prepare your meals: instead of eating outside, cook for yourself. I know its hard when you have been working for hours but cook small and cook healthy. You will appreciate yourself one day for this.
  17. Eat more fruits: start your day with healthy breakfast. I like having a cup of green tea with a bowl of fruits as my breakfast. It’s healthy and keeps me full until my lunch hours. Eat antioxidant rich fruits. Eg banana, mango,pineapple, oranges, papaya, apples, watermelons, guava etc.
  18. Eat more veggies: include green veggies to your meal every day. Eat antioxidant rich fruits. Eg cucumber, lettuce, celery, eggplants, tomatoes etc.
  19. Eat small: serve your meal on a smaller plate, it will trick you to eat less. Stop eating when you’re full even if your food is tasty. Complete your 3 meals intake every day. Eating small meals balances energy.
  20. Cut down on processed food: avoid eating processed food as they are not good for our health neither do they have any nutritional value.
  21. Avoid junk food: the most crucial tip is to cut on junk food, they have a high level of refined sugar, salt, fat, and flour again not good for your health.1479820998911
  22. Go for brown carbs: switch on to brown carbs than white as they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Eg brown rice, whole grain, oatmeals, oats, nuts etc.
  23. Cut on salt and sugar: if you cannot totally avoid it, consume less. Go for healthy snacks instead you will feel more satisfied.
  24. Eat low-calorie, low-fat food: there are many alternatives available to choose from just eat healthily and stay healthy.
  25. Brush your teeth twice: brushing twice is a sign of a good hygiene. So brush your teeth Twice a day, rinse your mouth after each meal and floss your teeth at night.

Thats all in today’s post. I will be back with an amazing topic. See you guys very soon. XOXO